1. Fj moneypit

    FREE  Fj80 running boards

    i have fj80 running boards off my 97. Free to whoever can pick up this week. I'm in Pasadena CA.
  2. L

    Wanted  WTB Running F or 2F

    Hi, Looking for a strong running 1.5F or 2F for sale. Up to 200 miles from 06830 (Greenwich, CT) Thanks
  3. A

    Knock Sensor CEL Woes, Running like crap

    I have been at this for a week and a half and still can't get my truck running right. Here's what I did: 1. PHH 2. While I was doing that I accidentally broke off knock sensor entire connection 3. Installed new knock sensor, but sketchy old connector, Code 55 and no power 4. I soldered in a new...
  4. A

    Code 55 Knock Sensor causing really rough/weak running

    I broke off the knock sensor during PHH as stated in previous thread, knew one on the way. I temporarily glued the broken one. Drove on the freeway today <10 miles after new radiator, PHH, thermostat, and heater valve. As soon as I got on it started running really rough and really weak, very...
  5. W

    FREE  running boards - 2000 LC (NorCal)

    These have never seen dirt and are in solid condition. They are still on my LC at the moment, but can be taken off with a days notice. Located in the SF South Bay Area. Color looks silver, but is technically champagne. First $120 cash takes them if you come to my area to pick up.
  6. B

    For Sale  Running boards 04

    Grey Running boards from my 04 LC. Great shape. Pm me and I can send pics. Can't figure out how to on this damn site yet. Thanks
  7. N

    Wanted  Lighted running boards 06 LX470, silver

    Only need passenger but will take both if you're selling......
  8. R

    Any problem running ethanol blended gasoline?

    I have a place I usually get my regular non ethanol gas. Ran into town and misjudged this beast and it's gas guzzling and had to put on some gas w10-15% ethanol. LC is a 2000. Any concerns?
  9. S

    Anyone running Level 8 mk6 wheels?

    Looking for some pics and comments for those running level 8 wheels please
  10. Pantingfish

    Replaced radiator and thermostat now engine running hot?

    So I'm new to all this, I just replaced my radiator and thermostat today, I went to "burp" the air out, took the radiator cap off and heat defrost full blast, Ran the truck for about 30 min, never saw any bubbling coming out of the radiator at all, but thermostat gauge started going up and up...
  11. F

    Wanted  1995-97 lexus R/F fender flare and connector to running board, Fred, WI

    Wanted, R/F fender flare and connector to running board for a 1997 lexus 450. Fred, WI
  12. cmil1

    Wanted  1980 Fj40 Right Side Running Board Step

    Looking for Right Side Running board step for 1980 FJ40. Wanted to try here for just the right side before I buy a pair.
  13. Saito

    S/C running ethanol questions . . .

    I'd wanted to make an introductory post before I really got active here. Unfortunately, I do most of my reading from my phone(which I hate doing) and I'm wondering if an image hosting site is necessary for the pics to show(vs a link) ? Which site is preferred ? Anyhow, on to the topic. I have...
  14. A

    For Sale  FZJ80 Running Boards and flares for sale

    Pulled from a rust-free 1997 FZJ80. Full set of running boards and flares for sale. In great shape. All screws/bolts available also. Located in Upstate South Carolina. Pickup only. $250 per running board. Flares $50 each.
  15. txnight

    FREE  2001 LX 470 parts

    I'm pulling the running boards and roof rack off a '01 LX470. The roof rack is in good shape. All hardware included. Running boards are complete and undamaged, all hardware included. Paint code UCA46 Light Grayish Beige Metallic. Here's the deal. Mud has been invaluable to me. In the last 30...
  16. jakerudy

    FJ-60 sliders or running boards

    My 60 just got a 6BT conversion and I couldn't be happier with it. It required about a 5" lift to fit the Cummins so she sits a little high. I've looked for running boards or sliders that would provide a step for my wife & daughter (just had ACL surgery) but haven't had any luck. My Dodge...
  17. Idtect

    anti- freeze running out of my exhaust

    Just had my fj40 towed to garage to check this out. Water was leaking between my header and flange to muffler. All ideas welcomed.
  18. fj62max

    Anyone running a transmssion cooler with fan?

    About to change my transmission fluid and wanted to add a transmission cooler. Looking into a cooler with fan. Should i leave the stock cooler into the radiator and also run the other one? Any info will help. Thanks
  19. Tezmac

    Wanted  FJ40 Stock Running Board Stay...

    **edit** All taken care of, thanks everyone! I need to get a hold of a single running board stay for a 1970 FJ40. Doesn't need to be beautiful, but does need to be straight. Preferably with the cushion and single vertical bolt, but not required. Price shipped to 87111, thank you!
  20. T

    For Sale  Fj80 part out complete running truck with extra body panels

    I recently purchased this 1983 fj60 going to use the drivetrain engine transmission transfer case for my 79 fj40 project everything else is up for grabs I also have a perfect condition fj60 Hood and about three sets of perfect rear doors and at least one set up perfect front doors and to some...
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