1. D

    For Sale  78 Fj40 set up to rock crawl

    5.3 LS, 4l60e, Orion gearbox, longfield axles, six shooter knuckles, warn winch, 37" BFG red label crawler tires on race line true bead locks, iron pig rear tire carrier and bumper, 5 point harness seats, west Texas off-road hydro assist steering, 4 link rear and sprung over front. $15,000...
  2. G-Cat

    craigslist  ATL: Rock Warriors

    Not Mine trd rock warrior wheels $550, Morgantown GA
  3. Fulmar

    Rock Warrior Rings

    I picked up a set of 4 RWs, but they don't have rings. Looking for a set to purchase. Thanks!
  4. Fulmar

    Wanted  Rock Warrior Rings

    Looking for a set up 4 rock warrior "beadlock" rings. Email me at brady dot tim at comcast dot net. Thanks!
  5. raevenzero

    MUDShip  Empty 18' Flatbed trailer from Augusta, GA to Moline, IL

    18' flatbed car trailer and empty 8' truck bed. Heading up to pick up some things from my other house and bring them back to GA. If you have something near Augusta or along the way, please let me know what and where. We'll working something out. Leaving February 24th and arriving on February...
  6. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  Rock Crawler Wheels (Set of Five) 15 x 8 - Sold

    I have a brand new set of five - Pro Comp Rock Crawler Series 51, 15x8 Wheel with 6 on 5.5 Bolt Pattern - Black 51-5883R2.5. These are 15x8 with a 2.5" backspace. I opened one of the boxes to take the attached photos, but they have never been used or mounted. They list new for $69.99...
  7. DeckerT4R

    For Sale  (2) 17" Rock Warriors

    I couldn't find a single rock warrior for a spare for less than $400. Soooo I bought another full set. I am keeping 2 for spares, and selling the other two. I am thinking $250 a pop + shipping or I can meet anywhere around the north side of Atlanta. They are not perfect but in good shape. I...
  8. DeckerT4R

    Wanted  1 Rock Warrior for spare

    Looking for (1) 5 lug rock warrior to have as a spare. Let me know..
  9. 2

    Anyone running Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels?

    Are any of you Atlanta-ish guys running Hutchinson beadlocks? I'd like to buy them, but Hutchinson has less than helpful and I have concerns that they won't clear the front brakes on a '16 200. If anyone has those wheels and is willing to let me try to fit one of their wheels to the front of...
  10. firefight

    Wanted  Hutchinson Wheels 6x5.5

    Just missed out on robustbambi wheels he had for sale on here. Looking for a set of Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels for the 80 series, 6x5.5. I have a photo of his wheels he just sold. Looking for the same ones. Thanks, Sheldon
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