1. C

    For Sale  Rock Warrior Wheels - Spares

    I bought these for a spare, and I have 3 left. One wheel is excellent, 1 has a small ding, and 1 small ding and a scratch. All center caps are faded. All are in good shape. All have TPMS. Local pickup $200 Shipped $250 Roanoke, Virginia Call or Text 540 330 8262
  2. Markuson

    SOLD  TRD Rock Warriors (4)

    Very nice set of 4. San Diego. $1100 I have new center caps on the way, which you can add at cost ($70) if you like. Without new caps: Here is how they look if you want new caps: Others will look like above, but here they are with existing caps. On this wheel, you can see a slight blemish...
  3. Markuson

    SOLD  *NICE* Rock Warriors

    (Available with or without tires) These are as nice a set of Rock Warriors as I’ve ever seen other than new in box. -3k miles only, then garaged since. -Brand new center caps (cost $70 & are included) -Brand new ring screws ($100+ & are included) -BFG KOs in 285/70/17 so few miles they have...
  4. Krusty Krab

    High Rock Canyon Run in June

    Trail: High Rock Canyon Trail leader: Mark This will be a trail ride North of Gerlach. We plan on going through historic High Rock canyon along the Applegate Trail. Some are camping Friday night at the Hot Springs southwest of Soldier Meadows. We will be starting at the Soldier Meadows side...
  5. chris777

    My article about the Hole in the Rock Trail in Toyota Trails

    my article about my trip to the Hole In the Rock Trail, in Utah was published in Toyota Trails magazine, page 28. Check it out! Toyota Trails - May/June 2017 Issue
  6. Cruiserhead05

    For Sale  TRD Rock Warrior Wheel - One

    I have one single 17'" TRD Rock Warrior Wheel for sale. Perfect for someone who bought a set of four and needs a spare or someone who needs a replacement. Wheel is not new but in good condition with no curb rash or scratches. TRD red lettering is slightly faded. $250 + Shipping.
  7. ga12r1

    Lug nuts for TRD Rock Warriors

    I'm getting ready to order lug nuts for my Rock Warriors. I don't really want to drop the coin on the TRD lugs. Found these on amazon, does anyone know if they are what I need? Gorilla Automotive 26143HT Small Diameter Duplex Acorn Chrome 5 Lug Kit (14mm x 1.50 Thread Size) - Pack...
  8. Cruiserhead05

    For Sale  TRD Rock Warrior Wheel (s) for sale - Individual

    I have three Rock Warrior Wheels I am interested in selling, individually. Wheels are in good shape with no curb rash. Red lettering of TRD caps is slightly faded. $250 + Shipping. Price is for each wheel.
  9. K

    5 Rock Warrior Wheels

    I have been trying to buy 5 Rock Warrior Wheels for my stock 2001 LX 470. The seller is willing to ship and he says they came stock on his truck and he took them off after his first 25,000 miles. They come with the Stainless Rings, Caps and TPMS. 1.) Does anyone know of the part number to...
  10. K

    TRD Rock Warriors replacement wheels?

    I love the look for the TRD Rock Warriors but, I don't like the idea of wheel spacers and the way they are not producing the Rock Warriors anymore, so spare wheels will be harder to replace in the future. So I found this website and wanted to ask opinions on which wheels should I get? I have a...
  11. 4

    Wanted  Recommendations on rock sliders

    I have been looking around for a decent set of rock sliders. Looks like they are mostly Aprox 1000+... Any recommendations on ones that may be good but cheeper than that?
  12. TnTnola

    For Sale  Tundra Rock Warrior wheels

    I have a set of 5 17" Rock Warrior wheels. Four BFG KO2 285/70R17 and the fifth spare is 285/70R17 Goodyear Duratrac. The BFG tires has about 5k of tread left. The spare has about 80% tread. Comes with black spline lug nuts with key. Will fit newer tundra and 200 series. Spacers will be needed...
  13. TeddyBoy

    2M Rock Garden Apr 29

    Would make a good alternative or Plan B to AOP ride on 4/22. Just sayin it's close to home, cheap and makes for a great day ride. Frankly I'd be less likely to break something at this place (I think). %7D]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D"]2M Rock Garden Open Ride.
  14. 97 40th

    Wanted  TRD Rock Warrior Wheels (4-5)

    Looking for a nice set of TRD Rock Warrior Wheels. PM me if you have a set. Thanks in advance. JW
  15. G-Cat

    craigslist  TRD Rock Warriors (Tundra/100/200 Series) ATL GA

    Not my ad: Tundra Rock Warrior wheels 4 for $800
  16. cruisermatt

    Hard Rock March 18th

    Doing a day trip just for the Saturday. There's going to be some buggy rock racing to watch and I'd like to hit some rock piles. Who's in?!
  17. Steve569

    Little rock AR

    Anyone in the little rock area? That could lend a hand? I need some trouble shooting help to get my low power issue sorted. I am in the air force and have orders to move, so its fix it or sell at this point.
  18. snr

    Wanted  Single TRD Rock Warrior

    I am looking for a single rock warrior wheel for sale in the NM, AZ, UT, CO (4 corners area). If you are willing to split up a set and ship from elsewhere please let me know but only if the price is reasonable.
  19. slo60

    Hutchinson Rock Monsters and stripped bolt

    I picked up a set of Rock Monster wheels and new Wrangler MT/r's the other day. Got around to mounting the tires tonight and had one of the nuts strip when bringing the torque up to 100 ft lbs. I hand threaded all the nuts and tightened with a ratchet wrench (did not use an impact gun) before...
  20. D

    For Sale  78 Fj40 set up to rock crawl

    5.3 LS, 4l60e, Orion gearbox, longfield axles, six shooter knuckles, warn winch, 37" BFG red label crawler tires on race line true bead locks, iron pig rear tire carrier and bumper, 5 point harness seats, west Texas off-road hydro assist steering, 4 link rear and sprung over front. $15,000...
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