1. Socalbadger

    For Sale  For Sale: 2012 FJ Cruiser Army Green, custom built by Chitown4x4

    I'm selling my 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser in Army Green - excellent condition, fully babied / toyota dealer maintained, with lots of upgrades. Rare rig with even rarer upgrades, all professionally installed. Location: Madison, WI and title is in my name. Mileage: 134k Year: 2012 Color: Army Green...
  2. Frkens

    The Sandwich

    So after having bought FJ62 in Los Angeles, and having driven it from there to Buenos Aires (putting through a lot), I have shipped it back to Denmark where I can fix it up. And it needs it! I'm not a skilled mechanic. I'm a Navy officer with an engineering degree, so bear with my work. I have...
  3. S

    For Sale  1994 FJZ80 Central TX

    $5000 245,050 miles "Beast" has been our family vehicle since 2011, but when our third child was due last summer we decided we needed air conditioning in the back and got a Suburban. We always dreamed of restoring and converting to diesel, but it just isn't where our family is right now. No...
  4. jfmaillot

    A US-French rig aka Toy Soldier

    Hi everyone, I've been following you for years and this forum have been a real inspiration for me! I've owned 4 80 series : a 1991 turbo diesel, 2 1997 FZJ80 on gas and my last baby :) So, what about the name : I'm a soldier, she is a US veteran I wanted to have an universal 80, capable of...
  5. G

    Wanted  Looking for an Overlanding Rig with under 100k miles

    I am looking for a LX570 or LC 200 series with some modifications already done to it like the following: Roof Rack Lift Rims and Tires Storage Sliders Looking to stay under 40K. Located in Houston TX.
  6. Boston Mangler

    2014 Tundra 4x4 Expedition Rig Build Write Up

    Hey Fawkers Its been a Lonnnnnnnng time! Well.... I am back to the Toyota world and just about done my Tundra build. Had it about 2 years and about to hit the 50k mark, and every single one of those miles has been trip related! Fawk yeah! Here is the build: Tundra Build
  7. RFB

    For Sale  Fj80 expedtion rig

    This isnt mine,nor do I have any affiliation. But damn It makes me love mine even more. I paid 40 less and have everything if not upgraded. :steer:1996 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay
  8. nickinportland

    Lag in Ignition and starting up

    Starting to see an intermittent problem in the way my truck has been starting for the past couple of weeks. The basic issue is that I turn the key over and the engine doesn't attempt to turn over until after a couple of seconds. This happens when the truck is hot or cold and it doesn't seem that...
  9. razorback06

    is this a mud member rig by chance

    found these by accident , hope they made it out alive 77 year model
  10. cruiseroutfit

    Customer Rig Gallery - Post Yours Too!

    Martin's new Bandeirante turned out fantastic, now sporting an Old Man Emu suspension :cool:
  11. RFB


    I think with all the info collectively on this entire forum or what I call the offroad BIBLE, we need to start a how to keep your rig rolling thread. Ill start: ALWAYS keep your fluids clean and topped off. And always grease your U joints tie rods and other zerks Always carry spare belts,plugs...
  12. jdcascio1

    New guy introduction

    Firstly my name is Jordan. I live in Hickory and today while at the gas station I saw a RHD FJ80 leaving the same gas station and start driving down HWY 321 in Hickory just before the bridge over Lake Hickory towards Lenoir. I caught up to him and he told me to come check this place out! I...
  13. woytovich

    PTT / VOX rig for Baofeng (etc) HT radios

    Anyone using a PTT/VOX set-up for a handheld ham radio? Amazon.com: Coodio KHS9 Kenwood 2 Way Radio Earpiece 2 Pin VOX/PTT Surveillance Security Headset Bodyguard [Covert Acoustic Tube] Microphone For 2-Pin Kenwood Jack Handheld Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio - Pair: Sports & Outdoors or one of...
  14. RFB

    For Sale  Anyone familiar with this rig

    1993 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 Its a long haul to Cali any heads up would be appreciated Richie 5087188253
  15. fj62max

    I finally got a hdj81!! Help getting familiar with my rig

    Need has much knowledge. Always good to hear from other hdj81 owners. I just changed the oil and oil filter, and diesel filter. That went easy. Where is a good place to order parts in the us? I was looking under and saw this and wanted to know what's this part?
  16. wileycoyote


  17. peterbozeman

    Using fob with rig running?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use the fob to lock and unlock the doors with a '95-97 FZJ80 running? I want to be able to start the rig. Hop out, lock it with the fob, let it warm up, come back, and unlock with the fob. There are a bunch of wires going into the control box under the...
  18. 70Cruza

    For Sale  1964 FJ45 NOT MINE :( CALI rig

    So, have you guys ever run across a Cruiser on the Web, and thought THIS IS THE ONE I have been waiting for????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The price seems right and the rig LOOKS clean. I love my 80 and I love my 40, but I needs me a truck real bad. And there is no other truck I want then a 45...
  19. B

    For Sale  4in lift sr5 2001

    2001 Toyota 4Runner sr5 4in lift done by slee off road with a kn air filter, rear end was just rebuking with recites to give call 3039015646 for pics and more info
  20. B

    For Sale  FJ60 wagon for sale

    Toyota Land Cruiser 4 Door Wagon 4x4
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