1. rj95lss

    Factory Rubber Floormats anyone??? (RHD)

    So @beno needs a few more of us on his list so make an order for factory RHD floor mats. Who's interested? I've been trying to get a set for months now!!!
  2. A

    For Sale  LOW MILEAGE 1986 LJ71 SX5

    Hello all. Up for sale is my '86 Land Cruiser with 43k original miles. This truck is a JDM model and was imported to the States a couple years ago. Supposedly it belonged to one of Toyota's lead engineers in Japan and was purchased from his estate sale. A "major" service, which included timing...
  3. Bonznfc

    For Sale  1992 LJ78 Prado SX RHD USA California

    SOLD 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SX $10,000 OBO Japanese imported legally and US registered in FL. TURBO Diesel 2LT-E EFI Engine 20+ MPG Automatic 211,000 kilometers (132,000 miles) Tan and Brown two tone original paint Locking Diff Push button 4WD clean interior stereo with USB and aux input...
  4. Pumpkin Troopy

    SOLD  RHD Power Steering Box And Idler

    SOLD .. I recently installed a 4 Link on my troopy and as part of that moved to Hydraulic Ram and had to replace the factory power steering I had this rebuilt before i realized it would not work, It does have a non factory pitman arm currently installed This is just the Steering Box and the...
  5. amaurer

    For Sale  1985 BJ73 RHD Colorado

    This truck is practically a 'mud celebrity at this point... for sale is our beloved BJ73, "Moose." Asking $10,000. I bought Moose from Ratpuke back before I had a wife, a house, or a child... now that I have all three my transportation priorities have changed and he needs to move on...
  6. Webster77

    For Sale  1991 JDM, RHD land cruiser

    Toyota Land Cruiser Has factory rear air, pretty cool...
  7. K

    Thinking about selling my RHD 86 FJ60 Diesel

    I love the thing but need to get something with better fuel economy and may sell the 60. It has the 2H engine so its not that quick and it smokes (black). Its in good condition for its age and is registered in California. If anyone is interested inbox me.
  8. unfortunately

    Wanted  HJ61 driver's seat (RHD) and drivers's side door card in brown

    As the title says, looking for an HJ61 driver's seat (RHD) and door card in brown. Don't need to be pristine. The closer the Portland, Oregon the better, as I'm sure shipping would not be fun. MudShip is worth trying, though.
  9. C

    For Sale  '91 RHD diesel 80 series land cruiser

    Just spotted this on Craigs list.... '91 LAND CRUISER DIESEL RHD
  10. H

    For Sale  AZ: 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81 113k miles

    Selling my RHD diesel 80 which was my daily driver for a few years, but I've been using it less and less. Not a perfect show truck by any means, but still gets the thumbs up! Original Japan import to Canada, currently registered in Alberta and located in Arizona, includes USDOT, Customs and EPA...
  11. MrZo

    For Sale  1991 RHD FJ80 Landcruiser Arizona US

    62,000 Miles!!! 1991 Right Hand Drive FJ80 Land Cruiser VX Limited imported with current Arizona plates and title. Passed Emissions with NO issues. This thing is Solid and in Excellent condition all around. RHD makes driving fun again! Message me for more pics. Let me know if you have any...
  12. 1derer

    For Sale  1979 HJ47 RHD Diesel - CA

    1979 HJ 47 Troopy Located in Northern CA H diesel 3.6L 4spd Manual Jump Seats (no belts) Runs, drives, stops Needs some rust repair Currently not titled, will be working on this soon if I do it price will go UP! Must pickup with trailer from San Jose CA Dog not included! Video going...
  13. ukangr79

    BJ70 All the way from Borneo, Sabah

    Greetings to all mudders! Here's my humble corroded BJ70 which has been idling for 3 years and recently resurrected :D... Well basically she has not gone through any modification yet. Year of made: 1986 Engine: 2L-T Standard suspension Plans (short term): (1) Get her inspected in order for...
  14. rideglobally

    Air condition on HJ 47 RHD

    i have the oem air conditioning unit on my rig, 1983 HJ 47 RHD. when it is working it is great, however i have had issues with it every year...... last year it was the evaporator leaking...etc. i am trying to figure out if i rebuild or replace it. i did a search i know there are aftermarket unit...
  15. 73FJ40

    For Sale  ACCELERATOR CABLE - Fits 11/84-1/90 BJ70 RHD DIESEL

    NOS Specter Off Road part no. 042-04HA Let me know if you have an interest, and I can send pictures and dimensions.
  16. Onur

    RHD 6X Series Front Wiper Upgrade

    Figure I would share some research that proved fruitful. Thanks to @heidtman79 for allowing me to fix my mistake. ;) The 4Runner wiper upgrade works great on LHD 6x series trucks. This upgrade does not work for RHD iterations. As we are seeing more RHD 6x vehicles, it's become apparent...
  17. K

    Insurance for RHD Vehicles in Ontario

    Just bought a 1990 Prado SX, it is a RHD (Japanese Import) , but I have been unable to get insurance for it, I have checked with "SEVERAL" insurance companies but no luck, any one has any ideas / suggestions
  18. hiluxlover

    For Sale  1989 Hilux Low-miles RHD JDM Diesel

    1989 Toyota Hilux Diesel RHD LN106
  19. david lacle

    Does a RHD tierod fit a LHD FJ73 cant find a LHD tierod online

    Trying to buy some new tierod for my fj73
  20. G

    For Sale  1990 Hilux Surf 2.4 (2L-T) 5spd [Squamish, BC]

    Howdy folks! Selling my trusty Surf. It's had all the work done that needs to be done on these engines to make them decently reliable. All major work was performed by ATEB (RHD diesel specialists). The list includes: 50000kms ago: New head 2.5" exhaust K&N intake Timing Belt 25000kms ago...
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