1. charlieblues

    Just Inherited a Land Cruiser - Repairs and Body Work Needed

    Let's just say I am a noob times a million. I've just inherited a Land Cruiser that was sadly very neglected in a driveway outside for years, but still running okay despite all odds. I have dreams of making this a daily driver as I am without a car now. I've received a quote for the repairs, and...
  2. FJ Noob

    FJ60 #2....Rust Bucket Restoration

    *EDIT - SKIP TO PAGE 5 TO SEE THE WORK BEGIN Pages 1-4 are mostly chit-chat and pontification about what to do with this thing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think I may have a sickness.... I took...
  3. ColinGreene

    78' FJ55 Rebuild. What have we gotten ourselves into.

    So, I am new to the forum and to anything offroad. I currently work directly for the owner of this cruiser. Ill be honest I dont know anything about the cruisers or the cruiser world. That said this forum consistently comes up and offers helpful threads with great info. I thought that it would...
  4. vegas

    Best place to restore an '81 BJ42?

    Hi everybody, I live in Vegas and just bought a 1981 BJ42. It's a truck that was manufactured for the Canadian market and I'll be importing and shipping it back to Vegas in a few weeks. I'm looking to restore it and was looking for advice on the best place to have it restored. I'm not...
  5. c2dfj45

    1963 FJ40....restoration but maybe modification build....

    Stumbled upon this cool little 1963 FJ40 with the factory hardtop in one of my late night searches somewhere near the end of the internet......she arrived yesterday from to say Florida is probably the furthest it has been in its life. Neat truck....very complete. This truck was...
  6. Matt1260

    Tips to restore a horn button?

    Does anyone have any tips or pointers in restoring a horn button off of FJ40 steering wheels?


    I'm pretty far into this build to be starting a build thread but I have admired so many others stories that I feel obligated to make one too. I bought this project a right before getting married in 2014, bad timing to start a project. The wife's jokes to "train me" were the origin of the...
  8. Humaro

    European companies to restore your J40 series.

    Hi, I am Looking for good places to restore a BJ42 at Europe, preferentially at Italy or Spain but any good place at Europe is fine. Any help is welcome. Thanks.
  9. U

    UValue's '69 FJ40 rebuild and restore

    I've followed along and learned a decent amount on this forum for a few years now. I figured it's probably time I start my own thread in case it could help someone else out. I'm far from a mechanic, though I know and learn enough to be perhaps be called proficient. The background: I...
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