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  1. Rear Heater

    Rear Heater

    rear heater
  2. J

    Wanted FJ40 Rear Heater

    I am looking for a working FJ40 rear heater (1977). I prefer something with decent sheet metal. I am not concerned with paint quality. Jeff
  3. J

    Wanted FJ40 Rear Heater Top

    I am looking for a rear heater top like the one pictured below. I just need the top portion. Thanks! Jeff
  4. Pete

    Wanted FJ40 rear heater motor and fan

    I have the heater core, pipes and tin but need a motor and fan. My rig is a 10/78 production so I think I need the motor and fan that fits 9/73 - 1/79. Could also use a clip or two that holds the top on. Pete
  5. Mr Tibbs

    For Sale JDM take offs, I WANT THEM GONE!

    I have a bunch of stock take off pieces that I have removed from my JDM HJ61 that I want gone. They are sitting in my basement taking up space and I'm done with them! Lol The tipping point was when I tried to dig out the Xmas stuff today and they were in the damn way, again. Nothing to...
  6. ridgeback rig

    Rear heater fan turning slowly

    the rear heater on my 93 is heating but not blowing air. With the seat removed you can see the fan turning slowly. What would be causing this? Trying to get the whole unit out now. Any advice about how to do that?
  7. ridgeback rig

    Rear heater problem

    The rear heater on my '93 is not blowing. If I stick my fingers in the vent I feel heat and the fuse looks fine. What do I need to do to fix this?
  8. A

    For Sale FZJ80 Rear Heater SoCal $50

    Complete working rear heater unit pulled from a '94. $50, pick it up in 92708 Fountain Valley CA
  9. T

    For Sale Rear heater

    For sale Non-stock rear heater. Says GM on it. No leaks. $40 p/s from Buffalo, NY
  10. wngrog

    For Sale 1977 FJ55 Rear Heater

    Im not sure if it works but everything I have worked on in this Pig has been fine. I don't need it. $100 plus shipping
  11. A

    Taking apart rear heater minus hoses for cleaning ?

    My Cruiser has years of French fries, coins, etc built up under the rear heater from the PO. I want to take apart the rear heater as much as possible save for the heater pipes. Sometimes I use it to dissipate heat. Has anyone done this, can I just start pulling things off until I get to the...
  12. tstepp920

    1980 FJ40 / What date did rear heater change

    I have a 5/80 FJ40. The console is missing. The heater for the rear is missing. I understand that rear heat was an option. Below are some photos of the existing piping at the firewall and into the front heater. It appears original. What are your thoughts? Did my 40 ever have a rear heater? If it...
  13. tstepp920

    1980 FJ40 Rear Heater Photos

    Someone please post photos of the correct location of lines & hardware (clamps and brackets, etc.) running from the firewall back to the rear heater for a 1980 FJ40. And the mounting location of the heater itself. I can't seem to find the mounting point. Thanks
  14. wngrog

    For Sale Sold

    $100 plus a $20 ride
  15. David1947

    For Sale FJ40 Rear Heater w/Switch-SOLD

    Used rear heater ready for rebuild and installation. The switch works and was installed in my 40, was removed recently to free up dash space. The rear heater works but I believe there is a pin hole in the inlet. I don't drive the 40 that much in the winter and so far the front heater has been...
  16. 65swb45

    For Sale Good used rear heater, CA

    Held water when I pulled and shelved it 25 years ago. Just tested fan motor and got dusted! $250 plus the ride from Burbank . No PMs please.
  17. 1973Guppie

    eBay FJ40 Rear Heater

    posted in ebay, $100 start, auction, please see here: FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser rear heater COMPLETE | eBay
  18. tstepp920

    Converting a 24v rear heater to 12v

    Can it be done? at what cost?
  19. R

    Rear heater hose fix

    Hey guys quick question. I removed the rear heater lines because there was a leak. I though i could easily find some tubing to replace them, but no. I've been reading about a rear heater by pass, nut since the lines are already out can i just put a "U" in the spot shown in this picture? Thanks...
  20. blossett

    Rear heater paint code

    Does anyone have the paint code for the rear heater cover for a 76 fj40?
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