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  1. grandlake80s

    Websites to buy a rear differential rebuild for 80

    I need some good websites to find a rear differential rebuild for an FJ 80 series Land Cruiser. I’ve been doing some research, but have been having trouble finding a reliable website. Thank you in advance!
  2. TexYoung

    Clunking in rear end in reverse

    1973 stock FJ40. I am getting a clunking noise coming from the rear diff when in reverse. No issue at all going forward. I put it up on jackstands and ran it in reverse and I guess because there was no weight on the axle it didn't make the noise. I drained and replaced the diff fluid and...
  3. Alex Neumann

    Rear Diff Lock Actuator Control: Suspension AHC controller interaction

    Hi There, I replaced my rear diff lock actuator (old one badly corroded and useless) after replacing the auto height control (AHC) suspension with "dumb" OME springs and shocks. When replacing suspension, we unplugged the plugs from the sockets on the suspension AHC control module under the...
  4. melmwood

    My ZUK Story: Rear Diff Rebuild Stops the Whine

    About five months of ownership under my belt now, and the number one concern and issue I had with my 97 FZJ80 w/ 171k is finally resolved: the whine is gone. Let me explain... I've spent the last five months trying to internet-diagnose all the possible sources of my LC's whine on acceleration...
  5. R

    Rear diff lock activates by itself

    Hi Folks, Coming back from Mexico, the rear diff started engaging randomly. Pretty strange when you're going 60 mph. The central diff. does not come on. Just the rear. I had to stop at the shoulder and turn the center diff and rear and front buttons on then back off and it went away. Did it...
  6. new45

    Loosing Rear Diff oil

    Hi all, I just wanted to double check that I am on the right track before I spend money and pull my rear end apart. (HJ47 fully floating rear) Im loosing rear diff oil somewhere, about 1L over a 2,500km trip. Its not coming out of the pinion (no oil marks) or the breather (again no oil...
  7. Zdeech

    Leaking rear diff 1,350 miles after regear - install issue related?

    I had my truck re-geared to 4.56 in late August last year. I followed the break-in procedure for the first 500 miles, and everything has been fine (happy with the ratio with my 3FE on 33"'s driving around +5k feet). Anyhow, I was crawling around under rear of the truck doing a test fit on a new...
  8. WarWagon

    Rear diff motor housing......

    Anyone have the correct part # for the rear diff motor housing? Mine is rusted and torn apart. Who else has had to replace this? Thx
  9. V

    Adjusting the rear diff

    Hi Everyone, Recently I took my SUV to the mechanic to further diagnose the famous cluck sound coming from the drive shaft. Surprisingly my mechanic said that there was a excessive free play in my rear diff. Of course I wanted to see for myself and found that he was correct. every time the...
  10. Bodda

    100 Series Rear Diff on an 80?

    So long story short, I destroyed my rear diff while wheeling last weekend. It leaked all its oil, and the rear wheels wouldn't spin at all. I couldn't move the truck in 2WD, and had to engage 4WD, essentially running on the front wheels only. This is because I have a part-time 4WD system from...
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