1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Power Steering Pumps and Hoses

    SoCal Shipping extra at cost 1991-1992 Pump with pulley $125 (3FE) 1991-1992 High Pressure Steering Hose $75 (3FE) 1993-1997 Pump $85 1993-1997 High Pressure Hose $60 No leaks, squeaks, rumbles or squeals.
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale PS pump from 92 (3FE engine) includes reservoir

    SoCal Good condition, no leaks, good seals, DOES NOT FIT 93-97 $125 including shipping within USA. Pulley is not available.
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Steering Cooler (fits under radiator/bumper) Pump also

    SoCal Not rusted or leaking or any issues of any sort. 2 available. $96.24 includes shipping. They are long and take up a large box. Local Pickup, save $45 on shipping. This is for Left hand drive steering with steering box on Driver Side. May not fit diesel models, not sure. PS pump in...
  4. L

    Wanted Fj40 ps pedestal

    i am looking for a fj40 after market pedestal for a mini truck power steering box to fit on my 1979 fj40 Thanks
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Power Steering Pump, High Pressure Hose, and steering cooler

    SoCal All factory parts in good condition, for 1993 - 1997 Toyota Land Crusier. Send Personal Message for price and shipping quotes.
  6. LBridges

    PS Pump noise

    I have some power steering pump noise that I don't understand. The noise is louder than normal if the wheels are straight ahead; vehicle parked, or in drive/reverse while going straight. Pump gets a lot quieter (about like I remember "normal") when the steering wheel is turned off center...
  7. erics

    Wanted patina'd freeborn red PS fender apron

    Anyone have a weathered passenger side fender apron that would be a good replacement for this blue one to generally match the patina of the truck?? ideally would trade but willing to buy... truck is a 66 lpb - I don't know that the year really matters, just thinking a patina driver thanks
  8. 4

    Wanted Late model PS fender OEM

    ISO a late model PS fender in excellent condition, I have a restorable fender just looking for a perfect fender, no aftermarket
  9. 4

    Wanted Late model FJ40 PS apron

    ISO a late model apron , no rust
  10. arcteryx

    For Sale 55 OEM Power Steering setup

    Very rare setup, this is a OEM FJ55 power steering setup from a 1976. I only have one of these due to it's scarcity. Comes with pump, gear box and misc lines although the lines are not guaranteed age can be seen/bought here 55 Series, OEM Power Steering Setup
  11. MDarius

    3fe PS pump pulley bearing is wobbling

    Can I rebuild the PS pump, or do I need to just replace it?
  12. MDarius

    Wanted PS pump for a 92 LC

    Looks like my Power Steering pulley bearing is going out. Does anybody have what I need?
  13. Charles4x4

    4Runner PS Pump / Gearbox Leak?

    This is the final final issue I've found on my new-to-me 4runner. Looks a leak at the gearbox or pump. Think it is worth repairing given I plan to do a SAS or will it make it a few months with just adding fluid every few weeks/months? Thanks!
  14. cbw4466

    For Sale FJ80 PS Window Motor

    It turns out I needed a new rubber track on an FJ80 I sold, not a motor. Off of a '92 FJ-80. $20 OBO
  15. B

    Saginaw PS Pump Troubleshooting Help

    Wanted to start a new thread as I'm not sure if the old Saginaw thread is getting a lot of views. Finally!!!! Saginaw PS pump conversion kit for FJ60s!!!!! So a little back story decided to replace my PS pump and put in the Saginaw conversion. Install went smoothly no issues however on the...
  16. kcobourn

    Water leaking into PS a-pillar during rain storms

    Has anyone run into a scenario where you have a water leak that only happens when your car is parked? What did you do to correct it? And did you find any rust if you had to pull out the glass? I've checked the sunroof drains, ran a hose across the windshield / sunroof / roof rack with no luck...
  17. TeCKis300

    LX570 Stock Frame Under Armor

    As I spend more time under the LX570, I start to notice things never talked about in this 200 forum. This under armor is probably unique to the LX570. Always nice to see real substance in the sister model. One of the interesting things is the existence of some seriously beefy AHC system...
  18. Lexonroids

    PS Rebuild Thread Link

    Guys, I have been searching for an old thread I found forever ago. It was on how to rebuild your PS unit in an FZJ80. Mine is worn out and I want to go ahead and rebuild it while I have the front end torn down. Can someone give me a heads up on the link, or if it has perhaps been ejected...
  19. Cougar Cruising

    Difference between Mini-truck PS boxes

    I'm gathering parts for a mini-truck ps conversion and I'm looking for a ramanned ps box. I found this parts supplier on ebay and I found them selling two supposedly different mini-truck boxes. One says it's a 79-80 and is far cheaper than their 81-85. All the research I've done on mud has led...
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