power loss

  1. K

    Random lose of engine power at +70mph

    Do too a medical emergency for a family member, I have been driving my 2001 LX a lot on the interstate for the past 3 weeks. I have noticed from at random times at 70mph or more the engine feels like it suddenly loses approximately 25% of its power. When it loses power, I feel no shuttering, no...
  2. Hurleyburly

    Power loss '91 3-FE

    Well, I tried to revive the thread below and nobody bit, so maybe a new one will grab a few bites ha. After searching and reading a bunch of threads I found this thread that describes my issue to a T. Weird intermittent power loss ...but nobody ever posted a fix. I'm including the video...
  3. starclassic

    Lost power to head unit, 12v outlets, and antenna

    So I'm driving along in my 1999 LC when [boop], I lose power to my head unit (Kenwood DDX6704S). After investigating further, I confirmed I have also lost power to the cigar outlet and 12v outlet as well. And, the radio antenna (still stock) went down and also seems to have lost power (motor...
  4. sxphj61

    HJ61 12ht Idle Pulse/Shake

    Hi guys, new to the forum, here's a little background info: I inherited my grandfather's 60 series with a 12ht (auto) and 230,000km, always serviced every 10,000km at CMI Toyota since new. Nearly immaculate, always garaged and very well looked after. Now I don't know much about diesels and...
  5. TheWhitefox

    3FE Discouraging tale (valves, oil galley, and knocking)

    So I want to hash out the tail of the past year from the beginning to get feedback on where you all think I should go next. I have learned a lot about this truck and this engine but I'm lost as to what is happening in my engine that is causing the problem. Thanks for all the help thus far! Big...
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