1. ItsBavid

    Time to vent (Solved and completed!)

    Because of vent...ilation. I love my 80. I HATE how every single job, even tiny ones, are way harder than they should be. I'm doing the PCV replacement and the damn grommet is harder than diamonds. I'm flipping off those guys that said it took them ten minutes. You know who you are. I got angry...
  2. fumetsu

    For Sale  (MI) - 100 Series - CV Boot Kit (2x); PCV Valve (1x); Transmission Oil Pan Gasket (1x); Heater T Hose Pipe (1x)

    Hi everyone, I no longer have my 100, so looking get sell genuine, new, OEM parts that I bought but never ended up using. (2x) CV Boot Kit 04427-60120 --$50 each (1x) Transmission Oil Pan Gasket 35168-60010 -- $16 (1x) PCV Valve 12204-50020 -- $5 (1x) Heater T Hose Pipe 87248-60460 -- $8 I...
  3. Chachi254

    There are two ventilation ports on the valve cover, a PCV port and ????

    What is the other port/hose on the top of the valve cover that routes to the intake? I have been experiencing a TON of smoke upon acceleration from stop after long drives without stopping. I have an oil-catch device between the PCV and the PCV port on the TB but there's no oil being collected...
  4. 96TrailSurfer

    1KZ breather question

    For the techies, can someone explain why the 1/2” breather tube on the 1KZ vents to the turbo inlet, rather than to the intake manifold (post IC) like the EGR. What’s the benefit of compressing the blow-by gasses, gumming up the turbo and the intake? My theory is that this facilitate gas...
  5. 96TrailSurfer

    1KZ-TE PCV Valve

    Can anyone post p/n for the PCV valve on 1KZ-TE? I am likely going to do the breather mod with 12229-54070 (Toyota 4WD Surf Owners • View topic - Toyota fix for oil consumtion and oil in air ducts), but I want to replace the PCV valve at the same time.
  6. Tony_Farson

    Silly Question #2 - Where the Hell is the PCV Valve?

    Hey Folks! So the PO stated that there was no PCV because the valve cover had no provision for one... Right. I THINK I found the hose for the PCV, but I do not see a bung for it anywhere. Was the PO correct? Do I need to tap a whole? Please forgive any ignorance I am showing in asking this...
  7. A

    PCV location

    As I'm doing regular maintenance on my LX, I ordered a new PCV valve to replace the old one, but I can't find anything online to tell me the location of it. Anyone have any incites for me?
  8. westwardCruiser

    PCV Valve - How Tight?

    I found a couple threads on changing the PCV valve one mentioned it was on very right. My question is how tight should it be? I just changed the PCV on my 2006 corolla and it goes flush against the block. When I took the current one off the cruiser (04) I noticed that it was not flush. I...
  9. TroutFJ

    PCV Vacuum hose '87 60

    Hey folks, Some of you awesome people have already helped me a ton with getting Babe back on the road. As some of you read I got her home last weekend from the shop and definitely have some work to do including a mystery fuel leak coming from around the new pick up unit. But that's not why...
  10. shack

    No. 1 & No. 2 PCV Hoses

    Looking for part numbers for the following two hoses. Or, alternatively the sizes so I can just find them 3rd party somewhere. Thanks!
  11. E

    PCV hose? RTH needed!

    I'm trying to replace the PO's K&N with a stock box. After getting the stock piece installed, I found that one hose and nipple did not seem to match up. The nipple is way too big for that hose. Could anyone verify I'm trying to connect this correctly? If so, what am I missing?
  12. 65swb45

    OE PCV hose variations

    I have several places in my shop that are the dismantler's equivalent of the fast-food grease pit: I toss 'like ' things into the pile with the intention of sorting through it 'someday.' Well, in case you haven't noticed, circumstances have conspired to make me tidy up the shop to get a lot more...
  13. Jules

    Black Smoke and Heavy Oil Use after engine rebuild

    HI I have just had quite a major Engine rebuild done on my 1979 BJ40. New pistons sleeves, new piston rings, new head, (ground) all new gaskets and seals. New pre-combustion chambers. All new pipes for the cooling system. And anything else that was worn or used was replaced. Since getting it...
  14. Iceaxe

    Anyone know what size of hose our PCV hose is?

    I'm asking because I'm going for an oil catch can, but they come with different hose sizes.... Thanks in advance!!
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