1. TravelswRusty

    Glass-out paint job question

    I'm working on ordering everything I need for my upcoming paint job- those of you who have done it, did you replace all window and door seals, rubber gaskets, weatherstripping, body trim, window felts, emblems etc? Can any of it be reused? I know cuiserparts sells a weatherstripping kit, but I...
  2. Cartertsp

    Can't find a place to finish '76 FJ40 restoration (Phoenix, ARIZONA)

    Long story short: Purchased the FJ40 over a year ago. I'm 22 and have invested 1500 hours, and 15k+ in brand new oem parts, restoration tools, etc... Took it apart after driving it twice thinking i could restore it quickly. Took longer than expected. Was working on it outside my parent's house...
  3. Richfj60

    Looking for a painter in NW WA

    Hey Mudders, I am looking for someone to repaint my 85 FJ60 up in the Mount Vernon/Burlingon area. Not looking for Picasso, this isn't a show vehicle, but looking for someone that is willing to strip down and do a repaint. Might be some minor metal work, don't know for sure. Any suggestions?
  4. Accessmark

    Fixing rust bubble on top of windshield $1500!

    2000 Series 100 LC. Denver, Colorado. 180k I need some advice. I have a small rust bubble, about the size of a dime at the moment, at the top center of the windshield where it meets the windshield gasket. The last time the windshield was replaced the Safelite guy sanded and painted a small...
  5. B

    Looking for good-quality, Atlanta-area paint shop

    Any recommendations for a good, reasonably priced Atlanta-area paint shop for a respray of my 1997 FZJ80. It's 20 years old, just passed 100K mileage, and has been well-maintained. It's my daily driver, and I'm hoping to get a durable paint job to last another 20 years without mortgaging my...
  6. 2thdoc

    New to painting (obviously)

    Sand blasted my front and rear diff housings, cleaned them up inside and washed with soap/water and they flash rusted as they were drying. I should've known better (and actually I did). What's the best way for me to get rid of the rust? Blast again? Scrub with steel wool? I'm going to be...
  7. Brad6260

    What's a reasonable cost expectation for painting my 80 series ?

    Other than typical bump and bruise type body and paint repairs over the years I have never had an entire vehicle painted so I have no idea what a realistic expectation might be to do a very basic repaint my 93 80 series. What I'm looking for is an affordable repaint done in the same color...
  8. WaTrout88

    Painting OEM Roll Bar Pads

    I figured I would post a couple of pictures for those that are interested in cleaning up their roll bar pads and giving them a fresh paint job. The PO had about three different colors that had over-sprayed onto my pads. My guess is that they will work for lower dash pads as well but I have not...
  9. luke27617

    Painting calipers

    I found only couple comments from someone who painted calipers yellow. I am going to powder coat lx wheels (yes going from 18 to 20 wheels) and as part of their special they will paint calipers for free. Didn't think about doing it since it is an SUV but since it is free, it is tempting...
  10. L

    pre paint questions fzj80 refresh

    hey everyone, so trying to get back to the land cruiser. Any advice would be appreciated. I am thinking it would be best to remove and replace the weather seals versus masking and painting around them, i could barely get a fingernail under them and they are pretty dried up with the florida...
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