1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Birfields with ABS rings in SoCal and FRONT AXLE SHAFTS

    SoCal Recently I got an overlander/expedition set up Cruiser that came with lots of spare parts. Found four new Birfields and both front axle shafts new. They are not Chromeolly. They were packed in cosmoline to prevent rust. No brand, box or markings found. Birfields with ABS rings are...
  2. OneLessThing

    Stealth Overlanding

    I recently picked up a '17 LC that is my combo company / personal vehicle. For work purposes, it is important to keep the vehicle looking as stock as possible...but...we'd (Me + Wife) like to use the LC for a series of roadtrips. Think Atlanta > St Louis Arch > Badlands > Yellow Stone > then...
  3. Ice cold

    SOLD  Olathe KS, LX470

    Very clean and well maintained LX 470. This is my wife’s daily driver, we have owned it since 2014. We bought it from Hendrix Lexus with only 69,000 miles, has 133k now. Timing belt done around 90k. Non smoker. Must see to appreciate this land cruiser. $20,950.00 Call Jason at 913-406-1245...
  4. paj262

    For Sale  Missouri - SOLD - 2004 Lexus GX470 - 147,000 miles

    The time has come to part ways with a vehicle, we have one too many hanging around the house. After much discussion we have decided to build the wife’s 2013 GX460 and put Hooty up for sale. Hopefully, he goes another caring home. This is a special GX 470. We named it Hooty, it has been very...
  5. Elessey

    SOLD  Front Runner 80 Series Land Cruiser Roof Rack w/ extras

    Decided to switch to a hard shell tent so I’m offloading my tent and rack + accessories. Everything’s in good working condition. I think the rack was refinished at some point. Included is: -Front Runner Slimline roof rack for 80 Series Land Cruiser, standard height -Extra cross-bars -Quick...
  6. T

    SOLD  Los Angeles, California: 2010 Lexus LX570

    Here's my story: I bought the car approx 2 months ago. I have added wheels, tires, rear spot lights, light bar, and roof rack. I honestly LOVE this car. I personally am selling it only to buy a newer one. I have my eye on a good deal and would like the cash to go and buy it. There are 0...
  7. Burley

    SOLD  Nampa, Idaho: 1997 Lexus LX450

    1997 Lexus LX450 Triple Locked $15K Located - Nampa, ID Factory triple locked! The vehicle is set up for overlanding/weekend camping. The suspension is Old Man Emu 2.5" lift heavy coil springs with Slee 25mm spacer in the front to level out the ride. OME nitro shocks and steering damper. Delta...
  8. mmorgan24

    Intro: 2013 in MS. Both feet in overlanding mode .... heading out West next week.

    Purchased this LC200 in Albany NY from the Yoda dealer's wife - a CPO with about 50k miles on it in Oct 2016. I did nothing except replace the tires with some 285/65/18 LTX A/T2 Michelin's - until a few weeks ago. Now ARB drawers, barrier and sides, ARB 47L Fridge, FrontRunner SL2, FR 2M...
  9. mti88m3

    For Sale  2000 Range Rover Expedition Vehicle - Noblesville, IN, US

    You won't find a more aggressively spec'd P38 in the US. This example is equipped for overland expeditions - it's been to Moab Utah, many trips in the Sierra Nevadas, Death Valley and King of Hammers as a support rig. It's a custom made vehicle and has a few scars to prove it. Features include...
  10. gomez268

    First Time Land Cruiser Owner

    Hi Everyone Well after many years of research and reading threads I finally pulled the trigger and got myself a Land Cruiser. This is my first time ever owning a Land Cruiser and for that matter an SUV period. I spent about 2 years researching what SUV to get. The contenders were Land Cruiser...
  11. Hojack

    Builds  Project Snowball❄️ 85 FJ60 4BT Cummins/ NV4500/ SOA/OVERLAND/ Crater Lake Property

    PROJECT SNOWBALL❄ 4BT/SOA OVERLAND BUILD https://youtu.be/cXqrr717LUM January 10th, 2018 Fellow FJ60 Cummins diesel enthusiasts. I've followed IH8MUD for a couple years dreaming of one day beginning a diesel conversion in my 85 Landcruiser. I've been searching long and hard for a suitable...
  12. thehumaneraser

    Overlanding in the Southwest?

    I'm thinking about doing an overland trip this winter starting from LA. I was originally looking at Baja California but due to the political climate I've decided to stay in the US. Considering the Mojave Road, Death Valley, maybe El Camino del Diablo in Arizona, perhaps making it all the way to...
  13. Corey

    Show Me Your Chuckboxes/Camp Kitchen Setups

    Looks like one of the other threads has some missing pics, no doubt from Photo Buckets move to charge members $400 a year to post on forums. After we got back from vacation up at Mount Rainier National Park the second week of August, I began the hunt for a smaller/lighter chuckbox. I did not...
  14. Tareq

    Starting my North America trip tomorrow!!

    Ok guys, this is the reason why I bought an SUV, a 100 series, it is for an overland trip that I have always wanted to do! :) Originally I wanted to go from Dubai to Mangolia using my dad's Y61 Nissan Patrol, but didnt workout as I wanted. So I decided to do this trip instead. Thankfully I...
  15. TNFJ80

    For Sale  RTT - CVT Mt. Rainier Roof Top Tent Like New - $1,850 Knoxville, TN

    Craigslist Add with photos: CVT Mt. Rainier Roof Top Tent - RTT - SOLD Selling my Mt. Rainier Roof Top Tent. Used 8-10 times. Looks brand new. Stored in a warehouse when not on vehicle to be used for a weekend. This tent is rated for 3+ adults. I bought this to use taking my kids camping and...
  16. Tareq

    Roaming Rally 2017 videos

    Hello, These are 2 videos of the Roaming Rally 2017 here in Ontario Canada. More videos to come, enjoy!! :) Part 1 Part 2
  17. worldmir

    For Sale  Overlanding Drawers, Water Tank and Fridge Slider LC100

    Built this system about two years ago for our big drive around the world. Well, we did the trip and learned some things along the way. We ended up driving from California down to South American and then from Korea to the UK. We are currently near London and would like to sell the complete...
  18. G

    Wanted  Looking for an Overlanding Rig with under 100k miles

    I am looking for a LX570 or LC 200 series with some modifications already done to it like the following: Roof Rack Lift Rims and Tires Storage Sliders Looking to stay under 40K. Located in Houston TX.
  19. cosmo

    For Sale  FJ40 Overlanding Trailer FS

    I have for sale a custom made FJ40 trailer crafted from an '81 tub and frame. The tub has been rhino lined. The original tank to locking door flap in intact allowing for additional 23 gallons of fuel. Tail lights are wired. Forward storage area makes for a great cooking surface when open. Oregon...
  20. Tareq

    New Overlanding LX470 owner!!

    Hello all, First, I would like thank this community for the wealth of info they share on this forum. I like sport cars, but always wanted to try offroading, overlanding to be specific. I used this forum extensively in the last 4 months of research. I have considered 3rd and 4th gen 4runners...
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