1. mti88m3

    For Sale 2000 Range Rover Expedition Vehicle - Noblesville, IN, US

    You won't find a more aggressively spec'd P38 in the US. This example is equipped for overland expeditions - it's been to Moab Utah, many trips in the Sierra Nevadas, Death Valley and King of Hammers as a support rig. It's a custom made vehicle and has a few scars to prove it. Features include...
  2. gomez268

    First Time Land Cruiser Owner

    Hi Everyone Well after many years of research and reading threads I finally pulled the trigger and got myself a Land Cruiser. This is my first time ever owning a Land Cruiser and for that matter an SUV period. I spent about 2 years researching what SUV to get. The contenders were Land Cruiser...
  3. thehumaneraser

    Overlanding in the Southwest?

    I'm thinking about doing an overland trip this winter starting from LA. I was originally looking at Baja California but due to the political climate I've decided to stay in the US. Considering the Mojave Road, Death Valley, maybe El Camino del Diablo in Arizona, perhaps making it all the way to...
  4. Corey

    Show Me Your Chuckboxes/Camp Kitchen Setups

    Looks like one of the other threads has some missing pics, no doubt from Photo Buckets move to charge members $400 a year to post on forums. After we got back from vacation up at Mount Rainier National Park the second week of August, I began the hunt for a smaller/lighter chuckbox. I did not...
  5. Tareq

    Starting my North America trip tomorrow!!

    Ok guys, this is the reason why I bought an SUV, a 100 series, it is for an overland trip that I have always wanted to do! :) Originally I wanted to go from Dubai to Mangolia using my dad's Y61 Nissan Patrol, but didnt workout as I wanted. So I decided to do this trip instead. Thankfully I...
  6. TNFJ80

    For Sale RTT - CVT Mt. Rainier Roof Top Tent Like New - $1,850 Knoxville, TN

    Craigslist Add with photos: CVT Mt. Rainier Roof Top Tent - RTT - SOLD Selling my Mt. Rainier Roof Top Tent. Used 8-10 times. Looks brand new. Stored in a warehouse when not on vehicle to be used for a weekend. This tent is rated for 3+ adults. I bought this to use taking my kids camping and...
  7. Tareq

    Roaming Rally 2017 videos

    Hello, These are 2 videos of the Roaming Rally 2017 here in Ontario Canada. More videos to come, enjoy!! :) Part 1 Part 2
  8. worldmir

    For Sale Overlanding Drawers, Water Tank and Fridge Slider LC100

    Built this system about two years ago for our big drive around the world. Well, we did the trip and learned some things along the way. We ended up driving from California down to South American and then from Korea to the UK. We are currently near London and would like to sell the complete...
  9. G

    Wanted Looking for an Overlanding Rig with under 100k miles

    I am looking for a LX570 or LC 200 series with some modifications already done to it like the following: Roof Rack Lift Rims and Tires Storage Sliders Looking to stay under 40K. Located in Houston TX.
  10. cosmo

    For Sale FJ40 Overlanding Trailer FS

    I have for sale a custom made FJ40 trailer crafted from an '81 tub and frame. The tub has been rhino lined. The original tank to locking door flap in intact allowing for additional 23 gallons of fuel. Tail lights are wired. Forward storage area makes for a great cooking surface when open. Oregon...
  11. Tareq

    New Overlanding LX470 owner!!

    Hello all, First, I would like thank this community for the wealth of info they share on this forum. I like sport cars, but always wanted to try offroading, overlanding to be specific. I used this forum extensively in the last 4 months of research. I have considered 3rd and 4th gen 4runners...
  12. alia176

    Utah overlanding trip, Lockhart Basin 4/28-5/1 with Pics

    It's time to do another camping in the backwoods of UT. This time we'll be doing the Lockhart Basin trail from south to north and end up in Moab. We'll depart ABQ on Fri and return on Mon. Some folks will peel off and attend the Cruise Moab event that week. Lockhart Basin Mildly modified...
  13. SNLC

    For Sale 2000 UZJ100 heavily built to the max for Overlanding

    I purchased this truck in November of 2015 after searching for over a month. I was looking for a West Coast Cruiser, in particular a SoCal truck and I found one in Portland, Oregon that spent almost it's entire life in SoCal before being sold at auction and ending up in Oregon. When I purchased...
  14. Travelin2gether

    New T100 to the Forum, Driving Through Central America

    Hi all. I have been driving my truck (1995, T100, 4x4) with homemade camper through Mexico and Central America for the past 9 months. My wife and I started in California and are now in Nicaragua. We plan to make it down to Panama and turn around in a few months. Then We'll be making our way...
  15. SirJester

    Time to upgrade.

    Just sent this email to Slee asking for their feedback, but I thought I should ask you what you guys think. Note: 1997 LC80, 160,000 miles, factory locking hubs. ...... On a road trip last week my father was driving my 1997 Land Cruiser that I was planning on building into an overlanding rig...
  16. DancesWithMutts

    Hidden storage for an overlanding build.

    I'm just getting going on a HDJ81 overland build for a South America adventure. I'm going to start a build thread soon but I've been super busy and have a vacation coming up. Anyway, I keep reading that I want some hidden and lockable storage on my rig somewhere. Large enough for electronics...
  17. lgrt

    my FJ Cruiser just fit... kinda video

    Video of our off-road trip across the Cascade Mountains on the Natch Wagon Trial. It was all fun and games until (at the end) we decided to explore a new to us 4x4 trail section that did not have the fat ass FJ Cruiser in mind :) FJ Cruiser Overland travel across Washington's Cascade Mountains
  18. txoutdoorx4

    Gear from Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City

    If you haven't heard of or been to the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City it's THE event of the year for outdoors gear and since many of us use our vehicles not only for 4x4 travel but to also access destinations for hiking, mountain biking, etc I thought I'd share this here. Our Gear...
  19. txoutdoorx4

    Cooper Discoverer STT PRO - Deep Look

    If you're looking for the next great mud-terrain tire, view our "deep look" at Cooper's newest Discoverer STT PRO. This is most likely the most extensive review of these tires anywhere online and is featured in our latest print issue: Cooper Discoverer STT PRO - Looking Deep - OutdoorX4
  20. OptimusPrime

    Most Affordable Li-Ion Mini Jump Starter for the V8?

    All, I'm trying to gear up for a mini overlanding/Red Rocks pilgrimage trip to Denver in a week and a half and this is another purchase decision that has been giving me headaches. I want a mini-jump starter for piece of mind when I'm out in the middle of nowhere, and so far I'm seeing the...
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