1. Raultlc

    Wanted  Looking for a brake master cylinder for a '91 fj80. HELP!

    Hi you all! I'm new on this place and I'm really not visit with frequency, just to read and learn hehehehe. I'm having a problem with my old lady Fj80 (non abs), I'm bleed the brakes due that sometimes I felt (and still filling) and irregular pressure on the brake pedal (a lack pressure being...
  2. T

    1fz-fe manual flywheel options

    I have this fascination with a manual 1fz in my cruiser. While browsing the Internet, I stumbled across this offering from Fidanza. It's states it's compatible with the 1fz-fe in a 97 landcruiser. Were there some changes made between 96-97 that I'm not aware of? Would this be a viable option...
  3. S

    Wheel options for the 80?

    What are some good wheel options for the 80 which are direct fit? I am going 265 75 16. So far I have found the scs wheels & limited options from level 8. Any others ?
  4. pillguy

    steering rack replacement options

    Hey Guys (esp. Dan) I searched mud and did not see much. Was at the dealer for an oil change (80k miles) and they said, torn rack boot and leak. Needs replacement of entire rack and a hose. $$$$$$ Anyone attempt this before?Boots leaking? Steering Rack(Rack and Pinion) Replacement DIY - Club...
  5. S

    More options more problems? Choosing between two 100s to buy

    I have my search narrowed down to two vehicles, both have 160k between $10.5K to $11k good inside and out (havent seen underneath yet) but they are on two ends of the spectrum and looking for advice beyond the obvious inspection and history variables. One is a pretty straight foreword 02 LC...
  6. Strait Cruisin

    Radio options

    Hey all, Whats a good off the shelf radio replacement for the dash hole? It'd be good if it had input from Bluetooth or just a mini input plug and perhaps switchable output to an intercom system. Speakers are a nice novelty too but are really just there for looks when you're whining down the...
  7. B

    1992 land cruiser vx blown motor options

    I am buying a 92 land cruiser vx with a blown 1hd-t. I am a newbie to these vehicles so please excuse my ignorance. I am just trying to decide my best option for my money 4bt swap, 6bt swap, i have done a bit of research on the different engines would another 1hdt be a good option or is there...
  8. 2fpower

    locker actuator options

    This is news to me, found that dorman makes front and rear replacement actuators. Dorman part 600-460 and 600-442 $300ish.
  9. B

    weather tech digital or all weather floor mats? any other good options out there?

    I'm looking for floor mats for my LC and trying to decide what kind i should get... I thought the all weather weather techs were knock offs but it appears the digital and all weather are made by weather tech... I figued I'd post here first to see if there are any other great mats out there... I...
  10. JayM

    What you need to know about 100 series aftermarket wheel options

    Hey Hundyheads! I've been getting a good amount of questions about aftermarket wheel fitment, stance, and tire size options. This thread will share all of the information I have through my research and first hand experience. I will address in a general way wheel sizes, offsets, and tire options...
  11. BBQ BOY

    FJ55 Power Steering options

    I am getting close to pulling the trigger on PS. I found a rebuilt factory gearbox with the pitman arm and lines, but no pump. Is it best to go the factory route or opt for a FJ60 conversion? I am running 33" tires, BTW. I was told that the factory option still has the potential for a lot of...
  12. R

    New key options

    So I purchased and drove my new to me '06 back from Tampa last night (more details/pics in this post New member looking for first LC if interested) and, of course, the dealer only had the valet key. Yes, I've used the search and read the other key related posts that I could find. However, I...
  13. lumbee1

    Paint options

    My paint is slowly but surely fading away. The clear has deteriorated so badly on the hood I can wipe it off with my hand. I still have a paint layer underneath that is holding up well but I am looking for a long term cheap solution. Here are the options so far: 1) Monstaliner - they offer a...
  14. S

    Exhaust routing options

    Sorry, couldn't help but post this.... it's on Craigslist
  15. Tireguy87

    Early heater questions.

    My truck is a '67 model and I've always wondered what the story was on the heater or lack thereof. I've got what appears to be an aftermarket unit that the PO installed. It has the Nippondenso logo and part number stamped on the side but I can't find any info. I'm wondering if my truck came from...
  16. B

    Suspension replacement without lift

    Anyone have brand/vendor recommendations for rebuilding the tired suspension on an 87 with as little lift as possible?
  17. budharris

    Top Hoisting Options

    Was just wondering what people where using to remove their hardtops, other than a couple of buddies and some beers? I have done the buddies and beers thing but now that I have a dedicated section in my garage for my cruiser, and with summer coming up, I want a way that I can remove and store my...
  18. M

    Garage or carport options for FJ40 in So-CA weather

    I'm not really sure this is a "tech" question, but I didn't know where else to post this. I recently moved from Las Vegas, where I had two huge garages, to San Diego, where my garage is much smaller and taken up entirely by my business. So now my 40, which was a desert truck for as long as I...
  19. E

    Running board options

    Other than OEM, what are some cool running board options for are truck? Please post pics and where to buy if you have it. Thanks in advance, Eric
  20. 4Cruisers

    Options for OEM (or OEM Style) Pull Switch for Manual Carb Cooling Fan?

    I'm getting ready to install an FJ60 carb cooling fan in my '76 FJ40. I was going to keep it simple and operate it manually using a switch on the dash. I'm thinking it would look better to use an OEM or OEM style pull switch instead of a toggle switch. Any ideas?
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