1. jamesurq

    Carolina Relic Run 2020 - POSTPONED TO JUNE 4-7th

    Held in the fantastic Uwharrie National Forest in the mountains of North Carolina, this annual event invites all Toyota 4x4 owners (TLCA Open Event) and extends a special welcome to those "Relics" - defined as build dates of 1989 and prior. The "Relic Run" involves a car show and prizes for...
  2. jamesurq

    ONSC - Merchandise

    ONSC logo merchandise is now available through Reefmonkey.com Profit goes to ONSC, which makes periodic donations to various charitable organizations. Click here and scroll down to see the current available ONSC collection...
  3. roadstr6

    ONSC Kids

    Adulting isn't always easy but from what I've seen, ONSC parents have pretty much nailed it. Are you the parent of an awesome child? Here's a place to share your children's latest accomplishments or to talk about the things you enjoy doing together with your kids. I'll start: Nathan and Ava...
  4. JToobe

    Hurricane Creek Ride, June 2-4 2017 with ONSC and LCLC clubs

    @GLTHFJ60 and @Beau Diddly have both posted up on their clubs sites so time for me to get this up! We talked about having a ride with up to 6 vehicles from each club and coordinate camping and dining together! This is an Expo style trip in which self-reliance is the subject: Limited/no...
  5. tstepp920

    ONSC Vehicle GEar

    Does the club sell a spare tire cover or "Trasharoos" with the ONSC Logo on them?
  6. erymer

    ONSC meet and Greet March 10-12

    Did not see it cross posted yet so here's the link. 2017 ONSC Meet and Greet - March 10-12
  7. pkniland

    ONSC Logo

    If its allowed, would someone be willing to share the ONSC logo with me at pkniland @ gmail
  8. slceso

    KISS Drawer Group Buy (kind of) xpost from ONSC

    KISS drawer kind of group buy Later!
  9. slceso

    KISS Drawer Group Buy (kind of) xpost from ONSC

    KISS drawer kind of group buy LAter!
  10. jdayment

    ONSC Pelican Case Group Buy

    Updated with new auction 28ea Pelican/Storm type cases, approx OD: 22" x 17" x 9". Qty does not match manifest. GL will tailgat... 28 cases in the lot the last time we tried there were 23 cases in the lot and it sold for $640 after fees it came to the equivalent of $31 per case. I think to make...
  11. GLTHFJ60

    2017 ONSC Meet and Greet - March 10-12

    Hello everyone!!! The Meet and Greet is upon us!! ONSC's Meet and Greet is March 10-12 this year!! We are going to have a Uwharrie workday on Saturday the 11th and get a barn workday in on Friday. I'm going to work with Kenny to see if we can get up their Thursday night to be ready to work...
  12. jdayment

    ONSC Website Freshen Up and Facebook Page

    I have volunteered to help freshen up our webpage and we have also launched an official Facebook page Olde North State Cruisers | Facebook that we will use to advertise events and meetups to help grow the club as well as get better communication. I have a few ideas that I am going to do on the...
  13. the gimpey one

    Onsc in 4 wheeler/ with UC in attendance

    Toyotas Tackle Uwharrie: Crawling With The Olde North State Cruisers
  14. Onur

    ONSC in 4 Wheeler....

    .... Nice job Dudes.... Toyotas Tackle Uwharrie: Crawling With The Olde North State Cruisers :clap:
  15. 77 KROOZER

    HAMOM - Saturday August 20th (Asheboro)

    FJ'ers, Wanting to put an Old Man EMU lift on my new 60 and thought having a few extra hands might be nice. If any ONSC'ers can make it down/up to Asheboro, I promise not to work you too hard. We have a nice 3 car garage with AC to turn wrenches and listen to music. I have most everything we'll...
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