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    Wanted  OLD MAN EMU FJ60 HEAVY

    Hi, I am looking for anyone that will sell a heavy Old man emu suspension full kit for a fj60, new or used Thanks

    Wanted  Heavy Duty Old Man Emu Suspension kit.

    Hi Everyone. I am looking for a full old man emu suspension for my fj60 Thanks
  3. heckler

    Wanted  Old man emu 863J

    Just like the title says. I am looking for a set of OME 863J springs.
  4. savirc

    For Sale  EMU 866 coils

    For Sale 866 EMU coils. These are 1.5" over stock heavy springs, for a leveled look. Used a little over a year on a 100 series. Prefer to sale local to Houston, TX but will ship at buyers expense. $80 bucks plus ride. Thanks!
  5. lechnito

    My OME lift kit install [pics]

    Greetings from Portland, Oregon! This is the 1990 FJ62 with 202k miles that I've owned for the last 2 years. According to carfax, my FJ62 was originally purchased in the Boise area where it spent most of it's life until it finally made its way to Oregon and was eventually sold to me. I've...
  6. Rock40

    Old Man Emu Shackle Length Question for install, need some help

    OK, I'm beginning the OME install on a 66' FJ40. It would appear that the OME shackles have somewhat changed recently as they are no longer just triangular in shape for the "anti-inversion" feature. OME is great, but the directions as we all know completely stink. This 2.5" kit has two...
  7. Indygbd

    Where to Buy new old man emu Suspension

    I am looking to purchase a new old man emu suspension for my 1972 FJ40. I have been on this forum for a while now, and wanted to purchase from a member/vendor on mud. Do you know which active users are vendors that deal in old man emu? I have purchased from cruiserparts.net in the past and...
  8. LN106

    Old man emu installation

    Can anyone explain how to fit these steel plates? I'm reading the instructions they gave but it isn't clicking. Two FK10's came as part of the suspension kit for a front solid axle.
  9. Cruiserhead05

    craigslist  Old Man Emu (OME) 80 series coils

    Moved to a bigger spring. Selling these. Shipping is not very economical so would prefer local pickup. Old Man Emu OME lift springs land cruiser
  10. Jarhead0802

    Saginaw gear box clearance issue with greasable shackles

    While correcting one of the many short-cut modification done by the previous owner, I noticed that the Saginaw power steering box frame placement seems a bit off i.e., top greasable shackle is blocked by the steering box. On my last rig, I installed a mini-truck steering box so my Saginaw...
  11. W

    For Sale  White 1992 FJ80 3" OME lift - 33" BFGs - NY

    Hey guys - Just listing my cruiser for sale as i am going to need the space for summer. It's originally from Texas, lived in PA then came to New York and has only been here from what i can tell a couple of years. i bought the truck because it is rust free. body / frame / tailgate / door sills...
  12. hoser

    For Sale  Old Man Emu rear springs 865/866 for 80/100 series

    Everything SOLD. Nearly new Old Man Emu (OME) rear springs for 100/80 series 866 rear springs. Zero miles. Only test fitted and removed. Fits 80 or 100 series. Typical application: 100 series, Heavy Load, 1.5" lift. Shipping weight 39 lbs. 865 rear springs. 200 miles. Test fitted and...
  13. OptimusPrime

    Replacing 215k OEM Shocks - New OEM or Bilstein/OME?

    So my 215k mi 1999 100-series is in the shop for repairs (Help Please - 'Broke' 4-High During Extraction from Snow Bank). So while its in the shop's hands, I want to take the opportunity to address the aging suspension and at the very least, replace the desperately-in-need-of-replacement...
  14. dahlmaker

    For Sale  FJ62 Leaf Springs - Los Angeles, CA

    I've got front and rear leaf springs and U-bolts that just came off my 1989 FJ62. They are in good shape. No broken leafs. Truck was all stock and lived most of it's life in Arizona. $100 for everything. SOLD!
  15. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

  16. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

  17. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    My wonderful fiancee who, even though she drives a wrangler, has the same love for the cruisers as I do!
  18. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

  19. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

  20. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

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