SOLD Omaha NE 1986 Toyota FJ60 Land cruiser

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  1. 60 Series
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I am the second Owner of this 350 Powered 1986 FJ60 Landcruiser
I inherited this truck from a previous employer in Wyoming, in October 2021, where the truck lived all it's life. He swapped the 2F at 124,372 miles for the 350ci Ramjet and 5 speed H55F for freeway driving/towing. The odometer shows 165,790 with the 350ci Ramjet at 41, 518 miles on it. It now lives in my garage in Omaha, NE. I've given it some attention (money) and much needed TLC. I have put about 5,800 miles on it, with no issues, only enhancements.



It is the original Copper Metallic 4.00E+08, 4E8 paint color finished with tan leather seats and brown carpet interior.

Equipment includes - 16″ steel wheels, manually-locking front hubs, an ARB front bumper, full Old Man Emu suspension kit and springs, OEM spare, OEM front bumper and hook, new steering box, hoses and pump, freshly repacked front wheel bearing seals, new tires, new windshield, windshield wipers, new cabin light cover... and fixing what I can as we go.

The only rust present on the truck are two coin sized bubbles above the passenger side rear wheel well, and at the bottom of the driver side door jamb. Small dent and chip on passenger side door. Nothing porous, solely cosmetic and surface level.

It has been driven all over the last several months. I am a resident of Illinois, clean title in my name, living in Omaha, NE. Truck lived entire life in Wyoming until October 2021, then it moved to my garage - the vehicle is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Please drop questions in comments or message me - if I don't have an answer right away, I will make a call and find the answer out.

Mud price: $23,000 USD

Family ties in Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco. Can deliver, upon negotiation, malleable on price.

VIN: JT3FJ60G3G1134405

Pros - Check out the truck and videos -
Cons -
Installed ARB bumper one notch too high to clear the OEM headlight sprayers
Cracked dash - none in stock on retailers right now (lmk if you got a lead)
Air/Heat operable when vehicle is in motion, not stationary.





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Will you repost the Craigslist link — the link above is to manage the ad.

How much are you asking?
Thank you for pointing that out @utahFJ60. I updated the post description!

Asking 27,000 publicly but Mud folks 23,000 and lets talk - this site/community has helped me heaps over the years. It helped with my last FJ60, heaps with this one, and my old tacoma. I have always been more of a lurker than a poster but I value this forum and I think the vehicle deserves a good home. I am Negotiable in regard to price.
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Craigslist shows it at 27,500 but the tags say it’s out of Illinois.
@LuvCruzer Depending on when you viewed the craigslist link, it may have said 27,500, I posted it a brief amount of time ago and re-used the cached post craigslist had saved for me, hopefully it's updated now or soon. As stated in the post, I'm an Illinois resident, living in Husker country.
PM Sent
looks really nice and lots of good things added to it. You could probably get 30k for it on Bring a Trailer!
looks really nice and lots of good things added to it. You could probably get 30k for it on Bring a Trailer!
Well shucks @MTBGUY I sure wouldn't mind that kind of dough. I'll have to see. The whole Bring a Trailer crowd is an interesting bunch...did you know it's only a group of four who review and make the final submissions each day? They respond to folks with things like "Vibe wasn't right." and "Not a good fit." with no additional feedback or details. I got a buddy who's a BMW nut and he had a real nice one from Europe get "denied" for reasons listed above... Kinda leaves a sour taste in my mouth.... Maybe she'll end up there in the next week or two, who knows.

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