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  1. mrjordann

    OME lift kit, or DELUXE OME lift kit?

    Hey all, I've decided to lift my 40. I want Old Man Emu because I've heard their the best. I found [this site here], and they offer two OME lift kits. Here are the two listed... OME Suspension: Includes F&R Springs, F&R shocks, F&R bushings, Steering dampener Deluxe OME Suspension: Includes...
  2. F

    How do I get my 01 LX470 back to stock height?

    Hi, Longtime reader, first-time poster. I just bought a 2001 LX470. Seller is not a car person and isn't the first owner, and he doesn't know why the rear rides so much higher than the front (see front). I guess someone replaced the rear air suspension with lift-kit rear springs, but didn't...
  3. mcgaskins

    Builds  mcgaskins' 2013 build thread - Palladium

    tl;dr: If you don't like long rambling stories or cool pics and boring videos, this is not for you! 😆 BACKSTORY It wasn't that long ago that I thought I had left the 200 indefinitely, but here I am just a few short months later. I like the 200 platform quite a bit, and this is somehow...
  4. Larry Haun

    Best tire size for FJ80 stock wheels on a 2” OME lift?

    Installing a two inch Old Man Emu lift kit on my 1997 FJ80 and want to keep the stock wheels. Planning on going with BFG A/T tires. Any suggestion on the best size tire? Don’t want too big but don’t want too small either. Want it to look proportional. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  5. TinoFJ40

    Spring Over Mistake on 74 FJ40

    ‘74 FJ40 A few years ago I wanted to redo the suspension and add a little lift to my 74. A friend had his done by Brian at BTB in ‘97, back when they were still in San Jose. I convinced myself I wanted the same setup: reverse shackles, spring over, Rancho RS 9000’s, etc. I had the work...
  6. G

    For Sale  2013 Land Cruiser - Grey

    I purchased this 2013 Land Cruiser in May of 2018 from the 2nd owner. It's the best car I have ever owned. No issues, amazing to drive. VIN: Jtmhy7aj6d4011532 2" Old Man Emu Medium Kit 35" Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires & Method Roost 308 20" Wheels VPR Side Rails and VPR Front Bumper Warn Winch...
  7. F

    For Sale  NEW*ARB Old Man EMU Front +Rear Shock Absorbers +Coil Springs Set For Toyota 4Runner

    I purchased these for my Toyota Prado in Costa Rica. When I tried to take them, Southwest Airlines would not allow them to be shipped. By the time I tried to return them to the Ebay seller, it was past the 90 day window so now I'm stuck with them. My loss could be your gain. I paid $889.27...
  8. TGJ80

    For Sale  SOLD - ARB Old Man Emu set of 4 Coil Springs. Almost New. Medium Lift. 2851 and 2860

    I just bought these ARB OME 2851 and 2860 medium lift springs on September 30th, but they were still too high for what I wanted so I switched them out yesterday. Please see attached photo of sales receipt. They have been mounted to my vehicle for the past month while I was waiting on my new...
  9. js0k

    SOLD  Texas: FJ60 OME 2-3” Wanted

    Howdy y’all, figured I’d put a feeler out to see if anyone has a used OME 2-3” lift kit for an FJ60 sitting around before I spring for a new one. I can’t stand under my 60’s hatch but 2-3” and some 33’s should fix that! Thanks!

    Hi guys! I'm new here. Quick Q about new springs!

    Hey everyone! Super excited to join the forum! A few months back, I purchased a '92 FJ80 Landcruiser. Very nostalgic! I've loved these things since I was a kid! It currently has an 2.5" OME lift w/ med springs. I just ordered a front winch bumper + rear tire carrier bumper (NW Trail...
  11. B

    For Sale  2005 GX 470 Sport Trim KDSS Central Illinois

    2005 GX470 Sport Trim w/ KDSS 180k miles PRICE DROP! Asking $8750 Florida Car with zero rust Excellent service history Rear has been converted to OME Springs The bad: Front seat leather isn’t in great shape Paint isn’t great in a couple areas Timing belt done at 120,000
  12. J

    For Sale  OME 2862 Coil Springs

    Hey guys, I've got a set of 2862 coil springs that will work with an 80 series or a 100 series. Still in the box, never used. Asking $150 and open to offers. PM if interested.
  13. A

    For Sale  100 Series 3" Lift Kit From Cruiser Outfitter

    Hi, guys. I'm trying to sell my lift kit which I bought from cruiser outfitter 2 weeks ago. I'm selling because I change my mind and want to lift my old jeep instead. Never open the package and I will give you as cruiser outfitter shipped to me. I located in central Pennsylvania and can meet 3...
  14. Moriarty

    BJ40 video karachi Pakistan

  15. ahiskydiver8

    For Sale  Denver: Old Man EMU shocks fj40 sold

    New shocks that were mounted but never driven or used. They were on the vehicle x 1 week just to get measurements (reasoning this happened is the importer for the vehicle needed shocks on the vehicle to get measurement for the radflo shocks, I am not sure why but I plan to make a post about...
  16. robstercraw

    For Sale  DELETE

    Sorry posted twice
  17. S

    For Sale  SOLD!! Sonoma/Oakland, CA OME 865 coil springs $180 shipped in US

    Hello Mudders, Tried an experiment and it didn't work. Put these OME865X coils in the rear of my LX470 w/AHC to see if it would work...and it was too much of a lift, effectively taking all the load off the AHC system. BOING BOING BOING...Went with stock height King Springs instead to maintain...
  18. Nathan King

    80 Series Build --- Mods I have made

    This has been a labor of love and it continues to be. Thanks to everyone on ih8mud who posts their builds and are willing to take the time to answer questions from people like me. My 1996 Land Cruiser currently has 389,000 miles with the original engine and transmission. Upgrades done so far...
  19. Eric Kirchner

    For Sale  1976 FJ40

    Selling my 76 FJ. Here is the link to the Craigslist Ad. Feel free to DM me with any questions. 1976 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser
  20. DoubleNickels

    Cruiser Outfitter's 55-Specific Suspension Kit - Advice Please

    Piggers A few weeks ago I purchased the 55-specific suspension kit from Kurt @ Cruiser Outfitters. The kit is comprised of Old Man Emu spring packs and shocks, along with goodies such as anti-inversion grease-able shackles and bushings. Good stuff. The kit requires moving the rear hanger back...
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