1. Classic85

    For Sale  Oil Catch Can - stainless (Illinois)

    For sale; Oil catch can built for HDJ80R 1HD-T 4.2 L turbo diesel I6 and HZJ80R 1HZ 4.2 L diesel I6 A must if your going to cool down the turbo with a intercooler. Condition is 9/10 *SOLD*
  2. sunrk

    Different versions of genuine Toyota diesel oil filter for 1hz/1hdt/1hdft ?

    Hmmm. So there is what seems to be a genuine made-in-Japan oil filter 90915-30002, and a genuine not-made-in-Japan oil filter 90915-30002-8T (made in Thailand). No prizes for guessing which is the cheaper one. For anyone in the know, does that also mean the quality is significantly different...
  3. T

    AC temps not as cold and temps fluctuating

    Last weekend, I made a foolish mistake trying when removing my alternator. I couldn't move what i now know to be the ac compressor far enough out of the way so I disconnected the tube going in to the top of it, result in the ac venting nto the air on my 1990 hdj81. This weekend I rented a...
  4. platypusREX

    Oil pan damage and repair suggestions.

    As some know I am changing my oil and the PO had "gooked" up the oil pan plug with Permatex and a Toyota gasket. I removed the plug and Viola! there is a dent at the six o'clock position where the gasket goes. I am planning on using JB weld to level the dent out. Is there a better product or...
  5. platypusREX

    Changing oil right now..a tale of two filters

    Hello guys, I am changing my oil and bought a Toyota oil filter 90915-YZZD3 and it is tiny compared to the Napa 21515 filter. The Napa filter looks like it goes on a Caterpillar bulldozer and the Toyota is literally "cute" next to it. The seal looks to match but the capacity is way different...
  6. J

    POLL: AMSOIL engine oil flush??

    Was ordering oil for an upcoming replacement and came across this: Engine and Transmission Flush Does anyone have experience with it? Any risks? 2003 LX470 with 130,000 miles
  7. BakerFJ

    1FZFE Oil Level Sensor Block Off

    I've been toying with this idea in my head for a while now, I know that there are businesses that produce oil level sensor block off plates for the USDM 3SGTE (for those who don't know, it's the engine from the MR2, JDM doesn't have an oil level sensor). I've seen this block-off plate from...
  8. P

    Oiled air filter + Paper filter = ??

    Hey fellas, so I stumbled on this question when I picked up a paper air filter for my 12H-T 'Cruiser: Long story short, I have a thin Unifilter (read: oiled) foam sleeve that slips right over the paper filter. I figured it would be nice to have two levels of filtration. Is this approach...
  9. T

    Info request related to low oil pressure

    Ahhhh hello all, I’m a 1988 FJ62, engine rebuilt a year ago, my 2 quick questions first: 1. Does anyone have a link to the FSM that includes the lubricant system? 2.Does anyone know the torque setting for the bolts on the connection rod near the top left of this image below. Imgur: The most...
  10. V

    Oil Change on the Pig

    I have a 1972 Fj55 and am going to do my own oil change. Wondering if anyone could recommend what type of oil I should use! Thank you!!
  11. David Hollenback

    no oil pressure

    ok guys, i installed engine and did everything correctly. i went to turn over and it runs. however the oil pressure is zero. before i time it do i have to prime out pump or should it automatically read when turned on and running.
  12. Bluegrass40

    High oil pressure and oil blowing out by filter after B-12 in crankcase and oil change :/

    Here is what happened... It's unfortunately a bit of an 'I told ME so'. It was time for an oil change on my 78 with a stock 2F. I was debating if I should try to clean up the crank case a bit with sea foam or B-12. I was leaning toward no, but then decided to do it. I used less than...
  13. fwtx

    Help Wanted  Field Landman - TX

    I'm looking for some contract field landmen to work on some upcoming prospects predominantly in West Texas & New Mexico. We have a well established client base with a lot of work continuing to come in. Some Permian title experience is preferable, but we are also open to training some newer grads...
  14. Southbound

    how often to change oil if I'm replacing a bunch already?

    Kind of a random question, but here goes. I drive my cruiser very little lately, maybe 1000-2000 miles a year max, just camping adventures and the like. I have a pretty bad oil leak - I have to put in a quart every 1000 miles or so. So question is, given these parameters, how often should I...
  15. skillsforchrist

    A442F Oil Pump

    Any of the Aussie guys have recommendations for a oil pump kit? Thnx.
  16. P

    Oil pressure sender

    I've just changed the oil in our new (to us) 78 FJ40. Changed the filter as well and now the pressure gauge is reading nothing (way below the L so you ant as the arm). Engine sounds fine, looks like fresh oil in the top. The old oil was very black, is it possible something in the sensor got...
  17. Racer65

    Wanted  Oil Cooler Hose

    Looking for this hose that runs from the water pump to the oil cooler on '76 to '80 FJ40 with oil cooler. It's part 15777 in the diagram.
  18. Katsarata

    Oil Leak

    Hi Guys I have a drop of oil at the junction between box and bell housing any thoughts ?
  19. redfj

    oil pan part numbers

    So I'm confused by all the oil pan part numbers out there. I have a '71 with the original F motor. According to toyotapartsdeal.com I need part number 12100-60060 which has been replaced with part 12101-61013. BUT, when I search the newer part number, it seems like that one is for later 2F...
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