1. C

    Where to start with an oil leak, dripping from red circle area of picture

    This car drips oil from the red circle spot, it seems to be collecting at that location based on the picture. I don't know what the source would be based on the collection/drip point but my first step is to degrease and clean the engine compartment. Based on some research, it could be from the...
  2. ChaserFJ60

    Oil PSI / Coolant temp Ohm values

    I'm doing a little pet project and I need to be able to calculate the Coolant temp per Ohm and Oil Psi per Ohm of resistance and im having a hard time finding values for the stock FJ60 sending units. I found the water temp sensor values to as such WATER TEMP CELSIUS RESISTANCE OHMS 50 226...
  3. D

    1KZ-TE oil

    I've been told that mineral/semi-synthetic is better than full synthetic for a 94 1kz. With EGR deleted would JASO DH-1 be better than JASO DH-2, as with the EGR removed there isn't any other exhaust treatment device? Also, I'm having a tough time finding JASO certified mineral oil in Canada...
  4. S

    Oil pressure gauge not working

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the oil pressure sensor wiring, I have recently purchased a 100- series landcruiser and noticed that the oil pressure gauge is maxed out, upon inspection I noticed that there were no wires connected to the oil pressure sensor located on the engine, i have...
  5. Spino

    Oil change rookie mistake

    I changed the oil on my ‘84 Fj60 yesterday. Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever changed the oil in any car. Not to pass the buck or anything but the Haynes manual neglected to say anything about replacing the drain plug crush washer (same in FSM, FWIW). So I reused the crush...
  6. ch26

    What Gear Oil is everyone running in 2020

    I can not seem to find a recent thread on what gear oil and ATF fellow 80 series owners are running in the recent years. Thanks in advance for everyone's suggestions. --Chase
  7. yodathegreen80

    Possible Rear Main Seal Leak

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to get a second opinion on a leak between the transmission and the engine. I have noticed the leak might be getting a little bit worse after I repaired the valve cover gasket and the distributor o-ring. The photos attached don't show much oil leaking because I wiped the...
  8. B

    GM  Oil Pressure sending unit ohms

    I have a 1970 FJ40 with a small block 350. I’m not sure of the year of the motor. I’m trying to find out the operating ohm range for the oil pressure sending unit. I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere. I’m new to the mechanic game so over explaining is welcomed. 😁
  9. COphotog

    Oil Pressure Issues in my 1983 FJ60

    So after reading around on some of the other threads I thought I would post my own just to get some opinions as I am still new to the Landcruiser life. I have a 1983 60 series with somewhere around 220k or more (odometer/speedometer cable needs replaced) on the original 2f and have owned it for...
  10. ChaserFJ60

    FJ60 Main oil gallery expansion/welch plug fix (the other one)

    This is for the rear main oil gallery expansion or Welch plug thats on the block of the FJ60, i think it was in 1985 that Toyota started doing NPT Hex plugs instead of these silly expansion plugs.... If your 2f engine is 1984 or older it will have this plug. Anyone who calls it a freeze plug is...
  11. aviafx

    Low oil pressure after oil change?

    Hey mud, Thought I’d try the Mobil 1 15w50 Synthetic from a couple threads here, oil pressure gauge reads low after ten minutes of idling. Any ideas? I cleaned out the connector on the sending unit, took the new yzdd3 oil filter off to verify it has oil...the gauge usually hangs out at the 2/3...
  12. 8

    Fj80 3fe

    Hey there everyone! I have just bought myself a Fj80 3fe cruiser, Was doing a couple of google searches and stumbled across this website, Awesome Info on here! I am new to the cruiser scene and am after some help, First of all I am curious of what oil I should be using and how much? Also the...
  13. Taco2Cruiser

    Oil mist issues with ARB Air Lockers in a 200 series

    This is more of a “learn with me” than me asking for help. As some of you, I like to real world test just about everything, so I’m going to change how I talk about stuff, and try it this way instead. Make it less about me or theory of products, and more about actual results. Air Lockers. I...
  14. ridgeback rig

    Oil all over engine compartment of '93

    Last week we were driving and the oil light came on, the engine started tapping, and when I looked there was oil all over the engine compartment and it looks like it was coming from the cylinder cover seal. Had it towed into a shop and they replaced the seal. Drove it home and about five miles...
  15. Kschep

    Burning major oil warming up / Choke on to stay on / not staying on at stops

    ok I've moved on to the next issue :) So my engine is gulping oil due to me yanking the choke when I fire it up. I assume because I'm "choking" the engine, it is burning more oil as it should and is meant to do. My issue is the friggin car won't stay lit. It wants to rumble out every time I...
  16. offroadvegan

    The Math isn't lining up

    So when my oil light comes on, I am just about exactly 1 Qt. low. Oil light has not been on in a long time. Dipstick looks good (although sometimes it reads waaay over F). Just completed an oil change, and decided to measure the amount that came out of the pan. According to this pic, I only...
  17. Bambusiero

    Front Differential Oil Capacity

    FYI - Documenting what I couldn't exactly find a number for. Just changed the front diff oil after 6 1/2 years and 35k miles of mostly low stress road use. Measured the drain out - right at 4 quarts of nice thick dark gray/green iridescent diff soup. I'd say it was about like a melted...
  18. s2kutah

    When to change oil on a new car?

    Need your help. Picked up a 2019 Subaru Ascent the other day and owners manual says first oil change is 6 months or 6,000 miles. My plan is to change the oil at 1,000 miles to clear out all the oil after the break in period. At 6,000 miles I'll change it again to stay on schedule so I don't...
  19. sunrk

    Same or different gear oil for manual box and transfer case ?

    That perennial question 8-) I currently run Caltex VMX-M in both the 5-spd manual box (with Nulon G-70) and part-time transfer case (with no additive) of my 80. Looking to try something else. I've had recommendations to firstly not use the same oil in both and secondly to go with Redline MT-90...
  20. mrjordann

    Wanted  Anybody know where I can get an oil pump for a 1973 FJ40?

    I believe Aisin is OEM, am I correct? Anyways I can't find a new one anywhere on the internet. If you could point me to someone, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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