1. houstonfj40

    SOLD 2F oil cooler NOS 15710-61010 - price update

    As pictured, NOS 2F oil cooler - ADDED the additional NEW o-rings, gaskets, hard and rubber lines as pictured below $300 plus the shipping from Houston TX
  2. 63FST

    Gauge Decals (OIL,Temp,Batt.)

    For anyone interested in customizing your project -- I have a series of gauge/dash decals available. Search 'ISO' on my website or PM and I can answer questions. Black or White colors available -- - Mo
  3. 63FST

    ISO Batt/Oil/Temp/Diff Temp Symbols (Decals)

    These decals are made for gauges and I can you can use them to customize your project. Search 'ISO' on my website or PM and I can answer questions. Black or White colors available -- - Mo
  4. mrjordann

    Oil line broke! How can I fix this?

    Pics say it all. What are my options? Does anyone remember where the bottom of this line goes? I'm dreading taking my lifter cover off... I really hope I don't have to pull the motor to access it. Any help is very appreciated!
  5. mrjordann

    Is there a gasket for the distributor shaft?

    Hey, I believe my rig is leaking a bit of oil where the distributor goes into the block. It's just metal on metal. Is there no gasket for this part? Thanks
  6. H

    1989 Land Cruiser FJ62 dipstick length

    I recently inherited a FJ62. I had all the fluids changed at the dealer and it pretty much sat for the next 6 months. When I checked the oil this morning it was way past full, so I assumed they over filled it. I dumped all the oil and pulled the filter then did a refill. At 7 quarts it is...
  7. HTXgearhead

    First oil change since purchase

    Hey everyone, I want to start changing my own oil. With the exception of the oil and the metal cap removal adapter, am I missing anything needed for an oil change? Is the factory recommended 5,000 mile interval with full synthetic the way to go? Anything I need to look out for? Finally, what...
  8. D

    1995 Landcruiser with an Oil Light Fault

    I have a low oil pressure indicator dashboard light that is coming on when the pressure gauge is normal (see attached). So I suppose either the light is a false-positive, or the gauge is wrong (although the gauge seems to behave normally - drops on low revs and rises at higher revs). Any...
  9. claudiosalva

    What Differential oil and how much to use on 92 FJ80

    Hello, It's been a while since I haven't changed the differential oil from my FJ80 for a couple of years. Recently checked the oil and it's due. Any recommendations when changing it? What kind of oil and brand should I choose? I always try Napa autoparts. Thank you!
  10. MudSlider80

    Metal shavings in oil pan?

    I’m in the process of changing my oil pan, and I faintly noticed tiny metal shavings in the pan that did not appear in the oil change. You can also see sludge and a little bit of coolant residue that was from a bad oil cooler gasket which I replaced already. My issue is not knowing what to do. I...
  11. Honger

    2F Motor Oil Roundup

    First, a poll. This is for the F/2F folks specifically. Pick all that apply... oil weight AND Dino vs. Synthetic.
  12. ErfanFj45

    Fj45 Oil Bath Air Cleaner

    Hello Everyone Actually I have replaced my 2F engine with a 1HZ and put 2F's oil bath air cleaner for it. But the problem is the oil in oil bath goes to the intake manifold and then goes to the cylinder. The result is that oil burns and white smoke comes out from my exhaust. Does it have any...
  13. M

    Burning 5L of engine oil in 500km (no smoke) 1985 2H Diesel Troopcarrier - Advice Welcome

    Hi All First post, unfortunately not the question I hopped to be asking but glad all the same to hear all your advice!! We brought our troop just before we went back into lockdown (Melbourne, Australia) and had strict 5km limits on where we could travel to. We have since relocated 200km to the...
  14. L

    F engine oil brass nut going to head

    Hi I’m looking to buy the two compression fitting nuts that go from the block to the head. I lost mine and can’t find a place where buy, I already looked in SOR but they only have the pipe and ferrules. Also order some from McMaster but they don’t fit, according to my measurement they are...
  15. C

    FJ80 Rebuild

    This car drips oil from the red circle spot, it seems to be collecting at that location based on the picture. I don't know what the source would be based on the collection/drip point but my first step is to degrease and clean the engine compartment. Based on some research, it could be from the...
  16. ChaserFJ60

    Oil PSI / Coolant temp Ohm values

    I'm doing a little pet project and I need to be able to calculate the Coolant temp per Ohm and Oil Psi per Ohm of resistance and im having a hard time finding values for the stock FJ60 sending units. I found the water temp sensor values to as such WATER TEMP CELSIUS RESISTANCE OHMS 50 226...
  17. D

    1KZ-TE oil

    I've been told that mineral/semi-synthetic is better than full synthetic for a 94 1kz. With EGR deleted would JASO DH-1 be better than JASO DH-2, as with the EGR removed there isn't any other exhaust treatment device? Also, I'm having a tough time finding JASO certified mineral oil in Canada...
  18. S

    Oil pressure gauge not working

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the oil pressure sensor wiring, I have recently purchased a 100- series landcruiser and noticed that the oil pressure gauge is maxed out, upon inspection I noticed that there were no wires connected to the oil pressure sensor located on the engine, i have...
  19. Spino

    Oil change rookie mistake

    I changed the oil on my ‘84 Fj60 yesterday. Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever changed the oil in any car. Not to pass the buck or anything but the Haynes manual neglected to say anything about replacing the drain plug crush washer (same in FSM, FWIW). So I reused the crush...
  20. ch26

    What Gear Oil is everyone running in 2020

    I can not seem to find a recent thread on what gear oil and ATF fellow 80 series owners are running in the recent years. Thanks in advance for everyone's suggestions. --Chase
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