1. teambell

    Washer fluid leaking - how to access headlight nozzle supply hose?

    I have had a persistent washer fluid leak coming from my front left fender. Today I inspected through a few of the holes at the bottom of the bumper and it appears the leak is coming from a supply hose to the left headlight washer. What is the best way to access that hose? BTW - this link is...
  2. aaronrules

    "Aftermarket" washer nozzles

    I searched, but I could find anybody talking about "upgrading" the windshield washer nozzles. This may sound trivial, and it probably is, but while I haven't been diagnosed with OCD and ADHD I am both. I am VERY particular about my windshield being clean. This is something that is hard to do in...
  3. lethal1

    Rear Window Spray Nozzle

    Does anyone know how to remove the rear spray nozzle for the back window? Mine has been working intermittenly and the paperclip cleanings don't seem to help. The pump is working great and no busted hose that I can tell. Thanks for any help in advance.

    FJ60/ Fj62 rear hatch washer nozzle replacement

    Since the rear hatch washer nozzle is NLA, I found this part that is a true plug and play no hassle intsall. Half a bananna and 20 minutes you have a functional nozzle for under $20. Part is from a 2007-11 Honda CRV, this is listed as an upgrade part and includes the adjustable spray head, a...
  5. M

    HDJ81 Injector nozzle source?

    Does anyone out there know if I can acquire 1-HDT nozzles in the US? The shop I am looking at that has rebuilt 1-HDT injectors before said they have bought them from Toyota previously. After doing some calling around and searching forever online it doesn't seem that they can be sourced from...
  6. Lo2aY

    Injection Nozzle Pressure 1HD-FT

    Hello, I've searched and searched without any luck. Long story short, I'm wrapping up my 1HD-FT engine refresh. Need the specs for the correct amount of pressure the fuel nozzles should have. The FSM does not show what pressure it should be. It mentions a start to spray pressure of 2000+ PSI...
  7. J

    Wanted Miscellaneous 1991 FJ80 parts

    I'm located in Canada, looking for parts for my 1991 FJ80- random stuff mostly that I don't really care where it comes from. - rear washer nozzle (rubber bulb above the rear glass) - 4x seat bolts - fender flare hardware for the rear 4 fender flares. (Cage nuts and bolts, about 8 of each) - 1x...
  8. SgtChase

    FJ60 Head Light squirter repair

    (REVISITED 2/1/16) My headlight squirter had broken (like most everybodys) so i just threw a buncha parts together to make it work. I bought a radiator reservoir that was universal and mounted it where my old reservoir was. I bought a water pump for windshield squirters and attached it at the...
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