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  1. J

    For Sale New member

    Hey guys and ladies I am a new member to the Fj family and so far it’s been pretty exciting. I just bought a 1978 fj40 with a Chevy 5.7 vortec, 4 inch spring over lift, and running all stock running gear and on 37s. Now to buisiness I have a question on the sequence of how to strip down the...
  2. C

    New Member - 2005 LX470

    First post from a long time lurker. Picked up a 2005 LX470 after 6 months of searching. Set up Autotrader text alerts and was able to purchase this Truck within 12hrs of it going online (after a 4hr pre-dawn drive to Bakersfield). Truck has 73k miles, single owner (doctors wife), garage kept...
  3. BisonCruiser

    OPERATION BUILD UP/Vehicles for Veterans Non-Profit

    Hi all, my name is Tyler Linn. I am 23 from South Carolina and soon to be a soldier in the US Army. I just wanted to share this non-profit a service member informed me of. Worthy of support. I'm not yet a TLC owner, but am searching for the right vehicle for a project. Land Cruisers are my dream...
  4. Q

    New Member Here with 78 FJ40

    Hi Everyone, I live in St. Louis and have my grandfather's 1978 FJ40. He bought it brand new and put a 350 in it almost immediately. Him and my grandmother drove it all over Colorado and Utah. It has/had dual gas tanks, dual batteries, air conditioning, factory warn-winch, roof rack, an old...
  5. Nichostiles

    Advice for new member.

    Hi all - I should start by saying, I know very little about cruisers. I've made the decision to sell my 08 tacoma and get into a fj62 because of my enjoyment of everything old. I've been starting to browse, but am unsure of major red flags to keep an eye out for. I'm looking for a fj62...

    New member

    Hello All, Just joined. I recently picked up this 40th Anniversary edition Cruiser. I previously owned an 03 4Runner and always regretted selling. This truck has some issues and money is tight. I have new suspension coming in along with front bearings, seals and Birfield. I am hoping that will...
  7. L

    New member

    Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself. Very new to the land cruiser world but have always wanted one. Finally made a pretty penny off of a super cheap xj Cherokee and was able to get myself into a "ok" mileage 92 fj80. Has about 200k on it but body is straight minus the peeling paint on...
  8. dugsgms

    New member intro

    Just wanted to say hello to the forum as a new member. Bought a 95 over the weekend, after looking for a couple of months finally found a nice one. Original owner, 125k miles and full on soccer mom duty. well maintained mechanically but looked as if it hadn't been thoroughly washed in about 10...
  9. K

    New Member here with 2001 LX470 107,000 miles

    I wanted to introduce myself to the group. I just purchased a 2001 Lexus LX 470 with 107,000 miles and are looking for upgrade ideas and any advice. I have found the following problems with the LX 470: 1.) The plastic piece that runs up the A-Pillar on the passenger side is loose and...
  10. edg7

    New member hello

    Very happy owner of a new to me 2003 LX470 saying thanks for all of the helpful info I've found here... and dammit you guys are going to make me go broke.
  11. C

    New LC owner in CO

    Hello Everyone, New member. I live in Lakewood, CO. I used to four wheel a lot when I was younger and in college but have not been able to lately. Started looking into purchasing something about 2 years ago after going in my friends lifted explorer. I was in the market for a Jeep Cherokee...
  12. B

    New member with 2017 Blizzard Pearl Southern OR

    While I was waiting for my 2017 4runner TRD PRO cement arrive at my dealer in mid March. I saw this is on sale... So the wife agreed to get it. Bought it on February 23rd with 8 miles. Over the weekend took a trip to Sacramento Ca and back, now it is around 800 miles :-) Waiting for license...
  13. Rudster

    New member Brent (az draht)

    Please welcome new member # 403 Mr Brent M Jacobs (@az draht). Brent owns a 2006 GX470. Welcome to the club Brent. Please tell us more about yourself and post up some pictures of your. 2006 GX470
  14. F

    New member intro

    So I finally got an fj60. Had my eye on it for a few years. After 16 yrs with previous owner he bought a new fj and offered mr Blue to me. Timing is never right, but I new how nice and cared for this one was so I pulled the trigger. Most everything is fresh in the past few years, engine, and...
  15. R

    New member looking for first LC

    Hey folks, First post here after lurking for the past 6 months. I'm looking to buy my first LC and have learned a ton about these trucks from this forum, so thanks for all the great info! I believe that I've done my research, and I know there've been a lot of these posts lately, but I saw what...
  16. mdcrabbe

    New Member Post- FJ80 TRD Pro Homage FN Five Star Wheels

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser (not locked), 416,xxx miles, Weekend Beach Cruiser and Light Off Roading Hello, I have been browsing this forum for the past three years and in April of 2016 I purchased my first Land Cruiser, it is a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser- white with gray interior and is one of...
  17. airforce1

    New member and 1st post!

    Hi Guys and gals, I am new to the forum and thought I would say hello. I've been a big LC fan for awhile but never bought. I have one I am eyeing on offered here locally and wondered if you think it is a good deal: 2006 LC 165K miles 1 owner, no accidents Black exterior with grey leather...
  18. J

    New Member

    Aloha everyone, I bought a 02 LX470 with about 150k miles on it back in November (I've always wanted one)--I have a 02 Tundra with about 215k on it and the 2UZ-FE engine has treated me really well so I hope this one does too. I used this forum to do quite a bit of research before I bought...
  19. Toffe

    New member from Finland

    Hi guys! My "new member post"... Ok here goes. I'm from Finland but was born in Tanzania East Africa because my parents worked there as missionaries for a very long time. So I was raised up with 4x4:s, Land Rovers in the beginning and later Land Cruisers. I will never forget spending 17 hours...
  20. Cincygolfer09

    New Member 2009 Land Cruiser

    Hey Guys, I've been lurking around this site for a while. With a growing family, I had to get rid of the two door sports car and move back into the full size SUV market. I've owned multiple Tahoe's in the past, but the lack of power when leaving the sports car market made me look else where...
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