1. SteeleLC2000

    Headlight Upgrade

    Hey, I'm a college student looking to continue modding my 2000 Land Cruiser and thought that set of new headlight would look great since mine are a bit old and not working as well. I was hoping if anyone knew of some headlights that would fit that car and were maybe more modern looking with halo...
  2. Y

    FJ45 Ute Retractable Roof Mod

    Hi Every one First post here. I am thinking about setting up the roof so that I can unlock it and then slide in back so it sits behind the cab between the cab and the tray. The plan would be to put some rails on the back of the cab and then have some roller-dore like things on the roof so it...
  3. N

    FJ80 Headlight Housing LEDs

    Hey everyone, I just stumbled across this picture the other day after doing an LED conversion for my '97 LX450. Even though it won't offer any more light on the road I find it an ingenious way to give an LED rig a little more character. However, I can't seem to find anything on this particular...
  4. V

    Fender Liner Trim/Movement tips?

    Goodmorning GXOR, it's your friendly neighborhood noob asking for advice from many of you experienced experts. I'm planning on staying stock height for a little while since a lift can be a bit of an investment (also the air bags are pretty comfy for day to day) but once my tires wear down I...
  5. GXONE

    GX470 Two Weeks In; a couple observations and ideas

    2006 GX470 103k mi all serviced at Westside Lexus in Houston including 90k service Feels solid. Glides over road imperfections and feels like a keeper. Love it! Seeking solutions, input, ideas: (1) the seat cushion is way too short for extended driving. I actually notice it almost...
  6. dbbowen

    For Sale  Complete Resto Mod 1987 4runner SAS Crawler. Nicest youll ever see

    OK so this is going to be a long one but bear with me. Im looking to start at $14,500. Will entertain reasonable offers. Im selling to buy an 80 series. I just built this truck using all Marlin/Allpro/toyota/yukon parts. All of the best parts brand new, no used junk yard parts. It is a perfectly...
  7. T

    For Sale  Steel 10"x15 resto mod wheels

    I have four 15x10 steel wheels for sale. Perfect for your 80'or 90's period correct Toyota build! These were top dawg when I was in high school! 6 on 5.5 lug pattern. 3.5" backspacing. Some rust that could be cleaned up, two center caps. Asking $100 obo for all 4. Text or call 3O8...2485...
  8. jfrench

    Lockable center console mod

    I've pilfered and plundered many things from this community and finally have something that is somewhat original that I can offer up. I wanted a fancy CruiserCrap console but it's too wide for the 70 series: Security Console So instead I bought this: Series II Security Console And did this...
  9. N

    Minor mod questions

    Longtime lurker first time poster. Driving a new to me 2015 LC. So far stock. What are you folks' opinion on line-x under coating? I've been quoted $599+tax. Worth it? What's the opinion on bug deflectors? Do the mounting brackets trap dirt and leave marks in the paint? I have a few rock...
  10. mjeckell

    4x4 labs rear tire carrier mod

    So I love my rear bumper set up made by Luke at 4x4 labs. I was getting a shake with the tire carrier left and right that was bothering me as I watched the tire in the rear view mirror. This was only at highway speed and at random times. I solved the issue with my high lift jack and was able to...
  11. 94lc80series

    Best mod ever??

    Removed the "footrest" on drivers floor. One 10mm bolt and it feels like I have all the legroom in the world.
  12. Dissent

    Found Local Machine Shop for 2nd Groove Birf Mod

    I just wanted to pass on a solid local business that took care of my 2nd c-clip groove machining on my birfs for the part time mod moving to Aisin locking hubs. He doesn't do much local or walk in work, most of his work comes from accounts in Ohio but he was referred to me by @Spamcheese...
  13. T

    Tojo 64 resto mod build

    I guess it's time to start a build. I've been absorbing information from this forum for two years now and am extremely greatful for the wealth of knowledge here! I knew nothing of Fj40's prior to getting mine. I've been a huge fan of Toyota for many years now. I've owned a 2011 Tacoma, 2012...
  14. sleepycruiser

    My latest MOD.....

    2000 LC, 219k, tons of maintenance. I picked it up in Irma, SC. I forgot what it is like to have a V8. I have missed that.
  15. ewillis

    ARB Front Bumper Mod

    Who's cut the lip off their ARB? Did you use a grinder or Sawz-All or what? I've heard about boxing it..etc. but can't find a thread through google/mud search. Post up some pics and info regarding cutting/strengthening. :beer:
  16. MoabChris

    no mod goes unpunished - electrical issues again

    here we go again. This week end - I thought, instead of just fixing some broken part of the Fj - that I would add a functional upgrade, in the form of sound. I found the NOAM n4 speaker, and micro marine amp, with just a simple aux in port. Nothing fancy, just plug the phone in and get some...
  17. Calgary40

    A little more mod than resto...

    Took my trailer in yesterday to a local shop and found this on display... Used to be an 81 based on painted over frame stamp...
  18. cruiseroutfit

    Fog lamp mod - Anyone figured out a low/high/independent option?

    With the 100 Series a single wire in the master light switch can be modified to allow use of the fog lamps in expanded scenarios, i.e. run them in park, low beam or high beam. Has anyone figured out such a thing with the 200?
  19. White Stripe

    The worst mod to a fj40

    After clogging one radiator, and loosing another due to excessive corrosion, I finally got smart and put in high quality premix toyota pink coolant. No further issues. I used to think using distilled water was for over paranoid crazies and tap water would be fine. I guess they aren't crazy. My...
  20. Riflman

    Lexus GX470 Lift & Fender Liner Mod How To Video

    If anyone is interested. Here is a quick video on how to do the fender mod (at least my version) and what the vehicle looks like when ramped slightly with a mild lift and 285/70R17 Cooper STT Pro's and stock wheels.
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