1. Alexh85

    Builds 1978 BJ40 Restoration

    I bought a 1978 40 series land cruiser that I am going to restore. It has a B engine. So it will probably end up with a V8 I started by getting the axles sand blasted and painted, replaced all the bearings. And bought new 2" lift leaf springs, shocks, steering arms, brake cylinders and brake...
  2. merbesfield

    LS into my FJ45 LV thread

    Dont get too excited, I'm on a fact finding and recommendation mission. I am a looong way from being ready to move forward with the actual install, but I figured I should start to formulate a game plan. There is not a lot of info on installing V8's into LV's. Jonathan Ward, of course being the...
  3. F

    Best cheapo V8 to use?

    This topic is beaten to death, but I figured why not throw you guys another thread! :D I bought an 84 FJ60 as my first car a few months ago for a good price, and as the de-smogged engine is not legal in California I plan to throw a diesel in it. In the mean time through, I'm thinking about...
  4. L

    Ls1 fj62 build

    Started with a one owner pretty clean cruiser has one rust spot on drivers rear quarter panel. And drivers seat has a small tear in not bad for a 300k truck. Started by pulling body off so we could get motor trans and transfer out and back in easier.
  5. Big Sass

    Ls1 Regrets...

    Hi everyone, I would like to hear from people who have converted to the LS or vortec engine. Did you regret using the H55f over the 4l60e?? have you had problems with the h55f behind the v8? I just bought a donor car and with and ls1 and the 4l60e, i was planning on using the whole GM drive...
  6. HemiAlex

    LS (5.3) vs Turbo Diesel (4BD1T, B3.3): Which is the better compromise?

    I'm working away from home with a good bit of free time, so while I'm bored in the mean time I like to think about ways to spend money that I've not made yet :bang: I've just refreshed the top end of my 2F. The previous compression test numbers were in the 140 range. I know at 280,000 its got...
  7. jkdowty

    For your LS swapping pleasure

    Found this site and it has several FSM links on it for free in terms of LS motors and GM power plants Need service manuals? Get them here!
  8. BananaBuggy12

    1985 pickup ls1 swap (got some questions)

    I've got my 22re out and in the process of removing everything I don't need. This is the first engine swap I've ever done so bare with me... Been researching for a few weeks and I have a pretty good list of what I need to do and buy for this to work. But I Had some questions. Is there anything...
  9. Big Sass

    Help needed in NSW Australia. Fj62 Ls1/2 swap.

    Hi everyone, I have a 180k'km Fj62 that I would like to upgrade with a Ls V8. I live in Newcastle NSW and I need recommendations for a garage to complete the conversion. Willing to travel for the right place. Any help would be fantastic! Cheers, Bart
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