1. P

    Door lock cylinders

    Curious as to what any of you guys have used to replace the front door locks, the market for them seems vague. Was wondering if any bnb other Toyota models from 96 would work for my LC. Thanks!
  2. E

    hood issues

    hello let me know if any thoughts on this pleasse thanks
  3. suxel 450

    eBay 97 40th with diff locks 188k SoCal

    This is my rig. I was planning on a mild build on this one and enjoying for a while. But my wife is really enjoying our 100 series and prefers it for now over an 80. I have a 62 as well and currently that's been a blast to have around. Here's the link: eBay - Page Not Found Reserve is fairly...
  4. marcerrin

    Alarm/power locks problems

    I have a 2000 LC that Ive owned for 12 years. I don't have the keyless remote anymore, so I just use the standard key to lock and unlock my doors. Yesterday I went to unlock the door in the morning and the alarm went off (stock alarm, Ive never set it before). I hopped in and started it up...
  5. norcalsvx

    Selling my 94 cruiser with diff locks $2900

    I'm in grass valley ...more info 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser ( diff locks ) Sold sold
  6. norcalsvx

    For Sale 1994 Landcruiser Diff locks runs/drives $3000

    Trying to sell my cruiser ...more info here 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser ( diff locks )
  7. GaryN

    For Sale [CA] wheel locks

    A set of (likely) used wheel locks. $8 + shipping
  8. landtoy80

    For Sale 94 FZJ80 Diff Locks 460,000 mi

    1994 Toyota Land Cruiser. Front, Rear and Center Diff Locks (Transfer-case). Rear factory diff lock is cable driven. Slee Rock Sliders w/ T-case Skid Plate ARB Front Bumper (winch type) Good 285x75x16 Mud Claw tires (lots of tread) OME 2.5 Lift Runs Great! 460,000 mi. Its being sold as a...
  9. benjrblant

    For Sale Toyota Wheel Locks for 6-lug Aluminum wheels | Denver, CO

    This set of wheel locks (plus key!) came from my '97 80 series. This should fit most Toyotas up to '97 that take a 21mm lug nut socket. For alloy/aluminum wheels. $25 and send me a PDF shipping label or $30 shipped.
  10. SimplyTanner

    My steering locks up! 2nd gen Runner

    Hey guys, here's a fun one... Yesterday while in my '93 4Runner I drove through a 6" deep puddle in a parking lot. The usual big splash occurred and then my steering instantly locked up. Meaning, I could barely force my steering wheel to turn in either direction. After 15 seconds or so of...
  11. FullyLitLED

    Wheel locks for tundra steelies

    Has anyone here installed wheel locks on their steel wheels? I know not a lot of people run them but after having a set of wheels stolen off of my other car, I always made it a point to run wheel locks

    Replaced ARB drawer locks with Medeco locks

    Got a set of ARB drawers about a month ago and slowly going through and changing the thinks I don't like about them. One of the first thing that needed to go were the super basic locks that came with the drawers. Since I have been using Medeco on all of my products it made sense to swap out the...
  13. T

    Where to buy door lock actuator motor?

    alright, I'm done searching. I took apart the actuator and know that I need a new motor. Can anyone point me in the direction to buy JUST the motor? The motors are cheap, I just need to know where to find them and exactly which one works. Amazon and eBay have some, but I'm not sure about the...
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