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  1. N

    For Sale  SoCal: Small Pattern Knuckles, Hubs, Birfs, & Drums

    Just finished a large pattern knuckle and disk brake conversion on my '75 FJ40. I don't have any use for the old drum brake take offs, so I figured I would post them up here in case anyone needs them. My main goal is to get rid of them and maybe get a little date money in the process for the...
  2. Lillopad

    For Sale  Hubs from '85 FJ60 ** SOLD **

    Worked fine when I pulled them last year. I will ship anywhere in the lower 48 on my dime. $80 for the pair OBO. Thanks, Kevin
  3. SteveH

    Locking hubs mis-assembled

    I suspect it's 'Tire World' - the manual hubs on an FJ62 I'm working on are both locked when in the 'free' position, and only turn 2/3s of the way toward 'lock' (and this makes no difference in their status). I jacked up the front of the truck and went through all possible combinations to...
  4. aljollano

    Wanted  Locking hubs for '81 fj40

    I'm looking for a pair of locking hubs for my 81, brand is not a concern as long as they are in working condition. Thanks. A.J
  5. drew151

    I painted my locking hubs red today. . . Not bad

    I've always wanted my locking hubs to be red so I painted them today. I don't think it turned out bad. I figured it couldn't make it look any worse. It took me about 30 mins and cost me about 50 cents.
  6. aljollano

    Wanted  Locking hubs for '78

    I need two locking hubs for '78 fj40 Please let me know what you have. Thanks. A.J
  7. 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine

    Wanted  60 or 62 series Aisin locking hubs

    Looking for a pair of good working order Aisin manual locking hubs 30 spline with associated nuts and bolts, to 98579. Thank you! Dave
  8. bwalker16527

    Any demand for 1974 front knuckles, locking hubs and trunnions?

    Any demand for 1974 front knuckles, locking hubs and trunnions?
  9. tstepp920

    Locking Hubs for 1980 FJ40

    My 5/1980 came with drive flanges. I have access to several sets of locking hubs. What do I need to look for / check to ensure they will fit and operate correctly ? Thx
  10. orangefj45

    For Sale  Coarse birfs and locking hubs $25

    We have too much of this stuff laying around collecting dust ...... Total of 3 coarse spline birfs and 2 locking hubs. $25 plus shipping. They'll fit in a medium USPS priority flat rate box. Georg @ Valley Hybrids & Cruiser Brothers
  11. E

    Wanted  6 spline hubs

    so it looks like Warn, MM and Aisin have all discontinued their 6 spline hubs, ( is that true?) anyone have any ideas on where to get new locking hubs that will fit my 72 FJ40.
  12. J

    Wanted  Warn Coarse (6) Spline Locking Hub or pair of other coarse hubs

    I stretched the springs on one of my Warn locking hubs (not the barrel/M47 type) and need a replacement because it no longer disengages. If you have one/some lying around you'd like to get rid of please let me know. I can pay via paypal and shipping would be to Northern California, 95453...
  13. georgia fj40

    6 spline locking hubs

    Had an issue that started a couple weeks ago with a hub not disengaging. Have been searching high and low for an affordable replacement. Inside of the passenger one was mangled pretty badly. As much as I try to avoid CCOT they seem to be the only source, with the AVM 6spline ($199), but they are...
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