1. torpedo51

    Wanted  FJ62 "check engine" lens

    Looks like someone stuck a pencil through the check engine lens on my dashboard. Its badly cracked. Looking for a replacement please.
  2. cruiserkreutz

    Wanted  Reverse Light Lens For 1974 FJ55

    Looking for a reverse light lens for my 1974 FJ55. Right (passenger) side if that matters.
  3. cppilot

    Wanted  FJ45 LPB Red/Red tail light lens

    I have several Red/Amber FJ45 LPB tail light lenses but I am looking for a Red/Red lens. I am also willing to trade.
  4. cppilot

    Trade  Early FJ45 LPB tail light lens

    looking to trade a early FJ45 LPB "Red/Amber" tail light lens for a Red/Red lens.
  5. zgarre

    For Sale  OEM FJ60 / FJ62 Tail Light Lens w/new gaskets

    Used OEM tail light lens w/new aftermarket gaskets from Cruiser Corps (paid $8 per gasket). Very good shape with minor scuff marks on the side of the right lens (photos to follow). $50+sh for the pair.
  6. Luke77

    Wanted  HJ60 Taillight Lens Gasket Set

    Is there a source for NEW HJ60 tail lens gaskets. My ones are crumbling….
  7. bryson

    Wanted  LX450 front corner marker lenses

    Looking to pick up a pair of clean OEM LX450 corner marker lights - the ones next to the headlights. They are clear with a small amber reflector, NOT all amber like the 'Cruiser versions. Shipped to West Jordan, UT 84081 Thanks! Bryson 801-949-5326
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