1. D

    Checklist to prepare 1999 LC100 for road trip in DRC / Angola

    Hi All I'm new to the forum - have just signed up. I live in Kinshasa DRC and have a 1999 LC 100 (petrol engine, automatic transmission) which I bought about a year ago. One of the front stabiliser links is broken and is soon to be replaced, but apart from that the car runs beautifully and has...
  2. Kyle Currell

    For Sale  Land Cruiser 100 16" wheels (4) Cedar Rapids, IA

    I have a set of (4) 16 inch wheels in used but excellent condition for sale. I took them off my stock 2001 LC. Caps are included. $500 Cash on pickup or Paypal for shipping. I will pack and ship if your willing to pay for it. Or I can pack it and you have it picked up using either way...
  3. M

    No heat!

    Purchased my first LC 100, 2003 model, last year around the beginning of winter here in Florida. Early mornings got cold and I might have turned the heat on twice. When I had the heat set on full blast it was blowing cool air and never got hot. I didn't think it was a big deal at the time as...
  4. K

    landcruiser 100 ahc suspension fluid change

    dear all , i recently bleeded the accumulator with all the ahc fluid and replaced it with the original toyota suspension fluid , the fluid that came out of the accumulators was white foamy liquid. however even after using 2 jericans 2.5 litres of the fluid the liquid that comes out is still...
  5. B

    80 vs 100 series LC

    Looking at both of these and curious as to feedback on which model is preferable? Any insight greatly appreciated. I would ultimately love a diesel motor
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