1. SoCal FZJ80

    100 Series to 60 Series Front Fascia Conversion Flex Dream LC100 to LC60 Grille & Headlights

    This is the Flex Dream conversion for the 100 Series if you want to make your cruiser look more traditional. Radical change over the way the UZJ100 looks in the USA. Toyota should have made a version of the 100 series like this from the factory, but currently only concentrates on sending Luxury...
  2. P

    Wanted  100 Series Front Torsion Bars

    Looking for torsion bars from a 100 series Land Cruiser. Please PM me if you have a set. Located in 20653. Thanks.
  3. ap100

    LC100 / LX470 17" tire

    Hi all! I'm new around here, having just recently picked up an LX470. Disgusted by the stock, pitted chrome wheels, I purchased a set of TRD Rock Warriors over the weekend. They came with a serviceable set of BFG 285/70/17 KO that will buy me some time to figure out which tire I want to run. I...
  4. O

    oxygen sensor "extender" for LC100 - rear sensor for bank one

    I ordered these from Amazon: Universal O2 Sensor Spacer Adapter Isolator (Pack of 2): Automotive and my mechanic said that I need one with a flange for 04 Landcruiser rear O2 sensor. Was anybody able to find one with a flange which would fit rear O2 sensor for bank 1?
  5. Silencedj

    Hidraulic suspension question

    Hi guys, I have some problem and Maybe you can help me. I have stock suspension (hidraulic) and when I raise it up, remain there if I run under some speed (20km/h ) I guess.... But....When I'm in off-road and the suspension is up....and I need pedal to the metal to go out from some...
  6. H

    For Sale  LC100 OEM Running Boards

    OEM Running Boards. Removed from 2000 LC100. $100.00
  7. H

    For Sale  3rd Row Seats LC100

    3rd Row Seats, removed from 2000 LC100. Leather's in great shape. $450.00 Located in Denver.
  8. F

    Lc100 vs Gx470

    This will be my wife's daily driver with our two boys, 2/5 years old. Light off road, lake, wash roads and snow. I would prefer a 100 series for the looks and size, but in searching the last two months getting frustrated with the poor selection. Near by a local Toyota dealer has a 2000 LC with...
  9. R

    Wanted  Stock LC100 Rear Spring Coils

    Im looking for a pair of stock lc100 rear coils please let me know if you have a pair you'd like to part with.
  10. D

    For Sale  [IL] Doug Thorley catback exhaust for LC100

    I purchased the catback system last summer (June/July 2016 - paid $550) for my 2000 LC100. Nothing wrong with it but maybe I am getting too old for the exhaust rumble - went back to stock. I also had welded a Hemholtz resonator (paid $125) near the tail pipe to get rid of droning at about 2200...
  11. IceStorm

    LC100 Ignition Coil OHM's

    My LC100 started running oddly. After taking it to a friend to have it looked at we arrived at the conclusion that one cylinder was not firing. I Took it to the dealer to have the conputer read, but there where no codes (In Iceland the older LC100 models have the ODBI not the ODBII) so I...
  12. Southfork999

    Audio/Video shop in Fort Worth?

    7 years ago when we moved to Austin, the first night after we moved in to our new home someone broke in and vandalized our 2004 LC and tore off the flip-down DVD display. (Nothing against the town, still love to visit!) With countless road trips between then and now and years of nagging from the...
  13. gndm93

    Wanted  Lc100 LX470 AHC Lines

    Hi, I am looking for used lines. Cut or uncut. I am only interested in the block that mounts to the top of the shocks and the ends to the globes. Thank you! Andy
  14. Ali M

    LC 100 w/Odometer off

    Found this 2000 LC100 w/Ironman foam cell shocks front and rear and OME 865 rear coils that were put 2 months ago. When the owner bough it, the odo was showing 75K. Now it is at 85K but carfax says odo is saying it is off and supposed to be at 283K. That said, the owner (4th owner according to...
  15. Ali M

    LC100 cost of rebuilding engine w/high mileage

    I am seeing a more and more trucks in those years with over 200K mileage. I am seeing many classifieds where trucks are lifted with nice tires and possibly front bumpers but high mileage. Say I decide to buy LC100 with high miles but is lifted with tires and bumpers, if and when the time the...
  16. S

    For Sale  2001 Toyota Land Cruiser- Parts/Project Car: Virginia, USA

    Up for sale is my 2001 uzj100 with 273,800 miles. Recent service discovered a detached sway bar, with nothing more than a hole in the frame where the bracket used to mount. Further inspection found a lot of rot on the frame and suspension components. The dealer deemed the vehicle unsafe to...
  17. Lotarp100

    Third Row Seat Removal Question - Broken Latch "A"

    Hi all- Did forum search and didn't find anything on this subject. We are getting ready for a trip across country to Burning man, and went to remove the third row seats and I seem to have a broken latch "A", which is making releasing the catches impossible. Either the cable snapped, or i'm...
  18. Lotarp100

    A night in the Green Swamp: Lotarp 100 busted front diff in Richloam Wildlife Management District

    On her second voyage out, the Lotarp100 took us on a 35-mile journey on fire roads through the Richloam Wildlife area, about a half-hour from home. We picked her up about a month ago. Somebody gave her a $200 maaco paintjob complete with runs. It looks great as a background for mud spray...
  19. sum4all

    Wanted  LC 100 tan seat belt

    Looking for a rear passenger seat belt. Not for 3rd row seat. Let me know. Thanks Chad
  20. Y

    Brake Master Cylinder Issues

    Hello everyone, I am currently having problems with the MC on my 2000 LC100. It started with the VSC and ABS lighting up when I was stopped for a while and culminated with a VERY annoying beep. The brakes are working perfectly but there is some fluid leaking. My mechanic got the whole assembly...
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