knock sensor

  1. K

    Knock Sensor 2016 GX460

    Got the FU light on my GX this morning. The code reads P0333 Knock Sensor 2 Circuit High Bank 2. Does anyone know an estimate cost for the dealer to fix this? I know the sensors are located under the manifold. I am debating on trying to tackle this myself.
  2. RFB

    SOLD  NEW IN PACKAGING 1FZE OEM Engine wiring harness and 2 NEW knock sensors NEW 575.00 shipped

    I bought 2 of these new in OEM packaging with 2 knock sensors( as they will likely break in harness swap) this is brand new, not pulled form another truck. 575.00 for harness and 2 new in package knock sensors shipped CONUS text me ONLY is serious please. Richie 508-718-8253
  3. NSBG

    Replacing Knock Sensor Circuit 1 in 97 LX450 With Video!

    Hey guys; i know this topic has been beat to death already, but i thought maybe a video could help people in the process of replacing the KS#1 for those who have the P0325 code. Here is a short step by step and i also made a video, which is here. Tools Needed Ratchet Various Extensions...
  4. T

    1999 Toyota LC 2UZ-FE Knock sensor location

    I bought 99 LC this past summer. it has a check engine light on- for knock sensor. I have searched all IH8MUD site and internet for sensor's location. I looked on the driver side of the motor under the manifold and block. but didn't find it. does anyone know where exactly in the motor the...
  5. A

    Knock Sensor CEL Woes, Running like crap

    I have been at this for a week and a half and still can't get my truck running right. Here's what I did: 1. PHH 2. While I was doing that I accidentally broke off knock sensor entire connection 3. Installed new knock sensor, but sketchy old connector, Code 55 and no power 4. I soldered in a new...
  6. G

    Wanted  Knock sensor for 1993 1FZ

    Looking for good used functional one. Thanks,
  7. CAW16

    Knock Sensor Re-wiring guide?

    Does anyone have a pictures or a how to for re-wiring a 3vze Knock sensor circuit? I'm thinking about doing this soon to turn Code 52 off. Thanks, Chad
  8. 1973Guppie

    Knock sensor connector and ? connector

    Hi folks, working on an 80 series, I believe the black connector is the knock sensor connector, correct? what about the green one? If anyone has any of these used or has proper part #s for a 95 I would appreciate it. I need the 2 knock sensor connectors and the green one but not sure on what...
  9. P

    Denso 89615-30050 knock sensors for 1FZ-FE

    Hi guys, I want to share my experience with the Denso 89615-30050 knock sensors I bought from China. Please see here : Buy Original Denso Knock Sensor 89615 30050 for TOYOTA Land Cruiser FZJ80 from Reliable sensor body suppliers on Your Beautiful store Well...I bought them...
  10. mosalf

    knock sensor and CEL

    I got a code 52 on my 80 and it mentioned the following 1] Left Knock Sensor Signal abnormal. 2] Knock sensor circuit fault 3] Senor to be tighten too close or too loose to the cylinder body 4] Ignition timing error 5] securing seat of generator or compressor loose 6] too large clearance noise...
  11. Tommy Argh

    Another Knock Sensor Thread

    Good morning everyone. I have had a knock sensor issue now for a few weeks that I cant seem to get rid. I searched and read almost every thread that has the key words "knock sensor" and "code 52" tied to it and none of said threads seem to have a solution. To make a long story short I was...
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