1. Bardiya

    Help with getting rid of dark spots-LED Cluster

    I’ve just changed my 6 cluster illumation bulbs to 3 sided LED’s and I’m getting dark spots between the tach and speedometer but also the speedometer needle. I’ve found that some have found solutions to this while searching the forum but no explanations on how they fixed it. I’d appreciate any...
  2. E

    Wanted Early 1980 FJ40 Instrument Cluster

    I am looking for a working early 1980 FJ40 instrument cluster. Anyone got one for sale?
  3. pardion

    For Sale Pigtail for Late Instrument Cluster 40/45 Camino, Ca.

    Once in a while people are looking for one of these, about 10" of wire. $30.00 shipped. Thanks, John
  4. igotta40

    Instrument cluster- needles wandering-need advice

    I've had my 1974 FJ40 since 1980 but this issue is new to me. First the temp needle started moving back and forth while driving, now the fuel needle is doing the same thing. Could it be voltage fluctuation? Faulty voltage regulator? Otherwise it runs great. Can you guys advise? Poser?
  5. L

    Instrument Cluster removal 1993

    Trying to get the instrument panel out, need to replace some lights and fix a broken odometer(stopped working a few days ago when I pressed the trip reset) in a '93. I've watched some videos and searched around on this forum but I the resources I found had me stuck at the removal of the second...
  6. Hollowman

    Digital Instrument Cluster FZJ80 ?

    Em Looking For " Digital Instrument Cluster " For My Devil's Den (FZJ80) Does Anyone have seen yet any aftermarket " Instrument Cluster " For Auto Gear - 80 Series So Far ? I saw many of cluster's lights are changed to red, blue etc but that is not em looking for ... Your All Input Is...
  7. goranvolvo

    For Sale 80 series instrument cluster 91-92 and 93-94

    i have for sale instrument cluster for 91-91 80 series with 152491 miles 130 $ shipped i also have bunch smaler interior parts so best just ask what you may need and i can let you know if i have it image sharing sites
  8. martymart

    For Sale FJ40 Instrument Cluster - SoCal

    I am selling a new FJ40 OEM instrument cluster (kilometers, not mph) 83100-60180 with a new barrel connector with high beam 3-prong plug and a new speedometer cable. The barrel connector wires are labeled to help with install. I believe it fits 1980 and later FJ40s. no picture of new cable, but...
  9. martymart

    Instrument Cluster Change Ammeter

    I purchased a new non-US 60180 kilometer instrument cluster to install in my stock 1971 FJ40 US model. Can I replace the 50 ammeter with an older 30 ammeter inside the cluster?
  10. cbmontgo

    Who makes an FJ40 instrument cluster kit these days?

    From what I gather, the old vendors are MIA. I'm looking for the kits that clean up the gauges with oem decals. Anyone making one these days?
  11. Bardiya

    White Instrument Cluster Background?

    Aftermarket cluster that came on my cruiser
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