1. MontereyHZJ77

    Sudden high speed shift

    Hey everyone! Long time viewer, but just signed up as I recently took possession of a 94 HZJ77. The truck has been amazing so far, but recently and suddenly developed what I think is an issue. About three weeks ago, while cruising around 60-70 kph the truck started to shift odd. A/C was on and...
  2. JDM Journeys

    Builds  OL'BETSY ZX: Rust-o-mod (1991 HZJ77)

    After years of wanting a 70 Series, I finally found one locally. It had been imported to Canada 14 years or so ago. The seller I got it from bought it from the original importers, friends of his, 5 years ago. He was in the process of restoring it when I convinced him to sell it to me. Had he...
  3. PDXadvokat

    LC-curious about a daily driver

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for a change to a more capable daily driver, cruising around various sites getting wild ideas and thought you lot seemed open and helpful for a newb with questions. Don't want to jump off a cliff before checking with the experts! Thanks for putting up with the...
  4. P

    Container coming from Japan

    Hello everyone, I'm making a move from mainland Japan back to South Carolina at the end of February/beginning of March 2020. I'm going to be shipping a 20ft container of household goods that I won't be able fill. As such, is there anything (particularly heavy items) anyone wants from Japan...
  5. athensrep

    For Sale  Atlanta: new 70 series wide body kit

    Here's almost everything you need to convert a narrow into a wide. A few modifications to your inner fenders and radiator support, and you'll be off the races. These parts are new take-offs from a white 2018 HZJ79 and they're in great shape. The clip kit contains: • Snorkel upper and lower...
  6. Shangaan

    SOLD  Victoria, BC: 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ77 ZX RHD - SOLD

    I am selling my beloved Land Cruiser, originally purchased and outfitted for a trip from Alaska to South America that was derailed by the economic meltdown in 2008. I have owned her since March 2008 (second owner) and have used it mainly for camping trips. Occasional gravel roads but no rough...
  7. JDM Journeys

    JDM Journeys

  8. R

    For Sale  1992 HZJ 77 ZX Toyota Land Cruiser

    Greetings all, I am selling my 1992 HZJ77 Land Cruiser. I have owned it for about two years. I purchased it while stationed in Japan. It has been incredibly reliable from the time I have owned it. It was a dream car of mine, but my family is outgrowing it so it is time to let someone else...
  9. SnipeTracks

    Wanted  Owners manual

    Does anyone know of a owners manual for a 1991 HZJ77, or one similar to a Chilton's manual?
  10. P

    Builds  1995 HZJ77 wagon build - Japan sourced

    This build is about my recently (November 2018) purchased HZJ77 70 Series Wagon and the modifications I'm working on. I bought it nearly sight unseen (other than 4-5 photos) off of Yahoo Auctions here in Japan (I'm currently located in Nagoya) for 1,100,000yen (about $9500) and had it shipped...
  11. SnipeTracks

    70 series suspension

    Hello everyone, I own a 1991 HZJ77. I’ve been trying to find aftermarket suspension and it has proven difficult. I wanted Old Man Emu but according to their website they only offer suspension as far back as ‘99 for the 70 series. Does any know of suspension made for the 77? Will suspension for...
  12. fitzy

    HZJ77 lift

    I've got OME heavy/heavy on my FJ62 and like it a lot. For my HZJ77, not sure whether to go heavy/medium, or heavy/ heavy. I don't want to be putting more leafs in later if I can avoid it. I don't run a winch, and it's on 33" BFGs. Thanks for any thoughts.
  13. fitzy

    For Sale  ISO Diesel 4 door 70 series (HZJ77?)

    Hi All, I just cleared room in the garage for another car, and want to find another Land Cruiser (current DD is an FJ62). I'm look for a 4 door 70 series. The perfect find would be: Diesel Turbo 4 Door White or sand/beige color (Open to black, grey, two toned, etc...) HZJ77 seems like the...
  14. Loober

    HZJ77 door dome light issue

    Hoping someone could help me diagnose my dome light issue. My dome lights work when in the on position, but when in door, only the passenger front comes on with the door open, the other three do not. The indicator light on the dash also only works for the one door. I've determined it is not the...
  15. broth9640

    For Sale  1991 HZJ77 Root Beer Float, Denver CO. $28,500

    I am pretty sure I am going to regret this, but here she is. My buddy at Glen Shelly Auto Brokers is handling the sale for me, but feel free to send me a PM if you have specific questions. $28,500 Here is the Ebay Listing: 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ77 | eBay Bring a Trailer: Diesel HZJ77...
  16. PbnFJ

    Wanted  HZJ77 center console cup holder

    This thread could be deleted, I found the parts I need used from Japan.
  17. bulletsmith

    1991 HZJ77

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