1. P

    Moving front diff forward 4 inches (100mm)

    Hi, just an introduction, I bought a 1991 1HZ 75 Series Cab Chassis Ute last year, been loving it Then busted a front spring and the only cheap replacement I could find at a wrecker was a 60 series rear spring, so on it goes with a two inch extended shackle and all is bingo 👍 Except my...
  2. SnipeTracks

    70 series suspension

    Hello everyone, I own a 1991 HZJ77. I’ve been trying to find aftermarket suspension and it has proven difficult. I wanted Old Man Emu but according to their website they only offer suspension as far back as ‘99 for the 70 series. Does any know of suspension made for the 77? Will suspension for...
  3. Paulrotterdam

    HZJ75 rattle/whine in 3rd gear deceleration engine braking

    Yesterday I noticed a slight rattle/whine when I 'engine brake' in 3rd gear. None of the other gears give this sound when engine braking. On acceleration all gears sound fine. The sound stops when the clutch is disengaged during 3rd gear engine braking. Any ideas? Linkage, bearing, pinion?
  4. J

    SOLD HZJ75 Front Axle

    I have an HJ75 front axle for sale for $500. I am told it will also work on an FJ40. It is much thicker than the stock front axle on an FJ40. It is off a Canadian Mine Rig. Am in Portland Oregon USA.
  5. JoseR

    Lj71 tachometer on hzj75

    I buy a instrument meter frow lj71. But the tachometer and oil gauge don't works. The injection pump have revolution sensor (take from hzj80). Someone know what I need to do?
  6. J

    HZJ75 1998 blinker problem

    hey guys, New to this forum, Have been reading lots of things about this. I have a HZJ75 1998. Ute has never been roadworthy i just bought it off the farm i work and i changed all all the lights and out new ones in because the blinkers werent working. Now everything is changed to new lights and...
  7. justdifferentials

    Wanted 70 Series Gauge cluster (1hz) 12v

    Looking for a tach / gauge cluster for 70 series w 1hz 1hd 12 volt,
  8. Z

    Hzj75 4.2 fuel issue?

    Hi guys, I have bought a hzj75 4.2 from 1995 a few years ago. At that time the engine was running as a swiss watch :-) Since the toyo was stored and unused for approx 2 years. I renewed the clutch last year and since then (could be coincidence) the engine stops running after a minute or 2-3. I...
  9. Gregol

    Squeaking back doors and missing rubber? Part N# help

    Hello hello I have squeaking back doors when driving off road. It's making me nuts. One of the reason is probably because my fifth wheel is mounted directly on the door (to be able to have the second fuel tank behind the rear bumper) I discovered that I was missing a rubber part on the top of...
  10. mycophagist

    Test Drive HZJ75 Troopy

    So i've got my eyes on purchasing a Troopy, and i'll be taking a couple months off of work to head out to the Southwestern region in Feb/March, aka FARCH, my least favorite month up here in Maine. If anyone would be interested in allowing me to test drive their Troopy (with the owner riding...
  11. mycophagist

    For Sale Not Mine: 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75RV Troopy

    If only, if only...Drooling over this. Toyota Land Cruiser 1994
  12. athensrep

    For Sale HJ75 HZJ75 rear jump seats - $300

    I have two rear jumps seats from my HJ75 drivers side (US LHD) in decent shape. Both work fine and just need a cleaning. There is some tape on on corner. You can have the belts too. I don't need it as mine is now outfitted for camping. I'm in Atlanta.
  13. Gregol

    1HZ subtle power hiccups

    Hello hello from Switzerland, I just got this beautiful troopy HZJ75 from 1999 with 200'000km on a 1HZ engine 4.2 D without a turbo. My problem : I have this kind of subtle hiccup power loss that becomes very distinct just around the happy cruising rpm zone. The only way to drive is by going...
  14. josh87

    Seperating rotors from hub assembly

    Quick question: I ordered some new rotors for my 1998 HZJ75. I am currently at the stage that I have removed everything, but I have no clue how to separate the current disc from the hub. I have the 6 lug nut version and there are no additional bolts or threaded holes foreseen in my current set...
  15. SkiBum506

    Builds 1990 HZJ75 Troopy build thread.

    Well I picked my Troopy up in Bend Oregon and drove her back to Colorado. Naturally I started a list in my head of things to fix/improve on the way home. Eventually I have bigger plans but for the short term I only want to fix the little things and upkeep. Here is the list of what I'm thinking...
  16. Bleizbreizh

    HZJ75 seats into a BJ73- will they fit?

    I need a new drivers seat for my old BJ73. It has been repaired a few times and back support is pretty poor and the thing is quite uncomfortable. The roadworthiness test failed it and I don't think they will accept aftermarket seats. The only seats local to me are from an HJZ75 in good...
  17. 60toyetero

    For Sale 1990 HZJ75 UTE Bend, OR

    I was planning on building this land cruiser UTE but plans have changed. It has 140k miles which is pretty low for the 1HZ. It does have AC and dual fuel tanks, drives great. Chassis and all around looks solid with no rust. send me a PM if interested in more information. SOLD
  18. Buraddo75

    HZJ75 Rear output shaft seal

    Hi all, I am going to replace the seal in the extension housing of my transfer case. I am led to believe that it is just a case of removing tail shaft, flange and unstake the nut to access the seal. Is this correct? ive had conflicting advice, some say you must split the case in order to reach...
  19. T

    HZJ75 in Nigeria!

    Hey there! I just purchased this HZJ75. I am an American expat living in Nigeria. I grew up driving Toyotas all over Idaho mountains and got to Nigeria and discovered the 70 series and had to have one. I will be in Nigeria for the next two years and will import it back to the states when I'm...
  20. T

    Strange hzj75 dash light issues.

    Hi all. after replacing my tired alternator on my hzj75 i no longer get my dash lights ( oil pressure , alternator and timing belt) compleating there self check when you first turn the key on. this is strange because the gauge still work and the alternator still charges. i also dont get the pre...
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