1. R

    For Sale  Brand new FJ40 Power Steering Housing Sub Assembly

    Have a brand new in the box PS housing ready to be built with a mini truck components to outfit your 40 with factory power steering. Toyota PN 44107-26030 $500.00 shipped in the lower 48.
  2. jpoole

    For Sale  FZJ80 Front Axle Housing, unlocked, Chattanooga TN

    Later FZJ80, straight and solid unlocked axle housing available. Can include knuckles, relay rod and a few other bits and pieces still on the housing. Does not include shafts or birfields. Have third with carrier but without ring and pinion. Ideally can sell this to a local to avoid the...
  3. S

    Wanted  '91-'92 FJ80 3FE Upper and Lower Thermostat Housing

    Need a thermostat housing pair (upper and lower) with no rust or corrosion issues. Thanks!
  4. NelsWels

    Wanted  HJ45 H-1 lower thermostat housing for H diesel 1980's landcruiser

    Looking for a housing for HJ45 - the lower thermostat housing for H1 diesel 1980's Australian Landcruiser. NOT for H2 diesel. Will paypal, venmo, bitcoin, card, overnight, whatever i need to. Not the upper. I have that and the thermostat itself.
  5. tls3601

    Air cleaner housing to top of carb orientation..................

    So my intake on my '78 is bone stock, but I have noticed that there is more of a gap on the back side of my carb/air cleaner housing than there is on the front where the top of the housing meets the gasket. I do not believe my housing is tweaked but with this extra gap on the backside I have...
  6. SuperDuperCruizer

    FREE  Pickup Power Steering Gearbox Housing

    Used pickup power steering gearbox housing, free + shipping from 20912. I used the innards for a 40-series ps gearbox rebuild & didn't want to toss this out if someone could use it. There was some crud in the bottom (see pictures) but everything looked okay.
  7. Tank5

    Full Float build using early centered fj40 housing

    I thought this might be the best place for this but if not let me know. In the back of my mind I have been planning on building a full float rear axle for my 2001 tacoma. This would be the first time I have tried to build an axle like this, so I am hoping to get some advice from those that...
  8. cims1970fj40

    Wanted  4speed bell housing

    Looking for a 4speed bell housing for a fj40. Perfer in Atlanta,Ga area. Thanks
  9. mtweller

    Quick ? on thermostat housing plumbing

    Redoing the plumbing on my 2FE and trying to decide which housing I'm going to run for the thermostat. I have a question about the 2F with oil cooler: In this photo, cool water is flowing FROM the water pump -> oil cooler -> thermostat upper housing, correct? I don't really get that...
  10. pandasfj

    For Sale  fj62 lower thermostat housing So.Cal

    Lower t stat housing with temp sensor. Front right threads have been rethreaded but still in good condition. $25 paypal fnds n fam. plus shipping .
  11. Calgary40

    Any tricks to transmission or bell housing removal? & water in gear oil.

    Trying to get through to change the clutch on a 77. I removed the two top bolts and 3 per side on the bell housing then with trans and t case (and engine) supported tried to wobble/force/move everything back. When I got frustrated with that, I disconnected the four bolts around the trans and...
  12. Catfish28

    Front turn signal housing color?

    I've looked on the forum but can't find an answer. I have the 2 sets of front turn signals shown in the pic. I'm trying to figure out if the Grey or black housing color is correct for my 78. I see them both for sale new here and there but can't seem to find info on when the switch was from...
  13. TractorDoc

    Wanted  Heater Blower Motor Housing

    1978 FJ40 The lower portion of my heater blower unit (that bolts to the passenger side firewall) is broken and missing a good chunk where it meets the louvers on the cowl. My fan motor works fine, not sure if anyone would part with/sell just the housing? Of course Id like one that is not...
  14. beecherjeeper

    Lower Thermostat Housing

    Did a search and came up empty. Anyone know of a source for the lower thermostat housing for a B engine, 2-hole base plate? There are none that I can find in the Philippines. Thanks.
  15. Feastmode206

    Front Headlight Housing LC200

    Hi All, I recently new to the LC200 family, picked up a 2010 LC. I am wanting to switch out the front headlight housing to the look of the 13' - 15' with the running LED and projector lens. (Apologies if this is cover already somewhere) But I am wondering if I buy the OEM housing for a 13' if...
  16. NYIronPig

    Wanted  FJ40 4-Speed Bell Housing

    I am doing a swap from my old 3-speed to a 4-speed with matching T-Case. I need to find a bell housing to help make this install complete. Anyone have one for me? would love all the bolts if possible too. I am located in NY
  17. Guu

    Axle housing

    Hey Guys, I've found a 60 series out bush with only a 159k Kms on it. Will this axle housing fit my 1985 FJ73 ?? I'd swap my diff and axles & everything from the fj73 into the 60 series axle cause the one on my 70 is bent.
  18. ntsaint

    XFer case to Speedo housing seal (leaks)

    Got a question...have had zero luck with this on two previous attempts. I have a leak between the transfer case and speedo housing. I have gotten a new speedo housing that's machined out and double oil sealed. But I can't make this connection seal up. Get a drip from the seam. Both...
  19. pandasfj

    Wanted  fj62 lower thermostat housing

    Need a good lower housing in clean condition. Thanks.
  20. M

    Wanted  NEED - 3 spd transfer case housing

    Specifically, the front output housing - managed to drop mine off the bench, hit the concrete perfectly and took a chunk out of the seal area. Please please PM if you've got parts laying around.
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