1. Brother BONES

    1987 HJ60 RHD Part Availability

    Hyd everyone. I am new to the forum and looking at buying a 1987 HJ60 that is RHD. Talking to the seller, he says it needs new sway arms (confirmed during the test drive). I am just cautious based on not know the part availability for a JDM RHD truck. Are the LHD parts such as sway arms...
  2. fj40cruising

    For Sale  1985 BJ60, DFW area, $26,000

    I’ve been working on this BJ60 diesel land cruiser for many years now. We spent about 8 months on body and paint to make sure it's rust free. I have all of the original paperwork from Ontario, Canada and receipts on the build. Lots of work has been done on this cruiser. Clear Texas title in...
  3. grayjs

    For Sale  Calgary AB - 60 Series Parts

    Hi everyone I have a bunch of spare cruiser parts for sale, everything is located in Calgary Alberta Canada. All prices are in USD and does not include shipping. I base all my prices on other comparable ads on this site. If I am out of line feel free to make an offer. I am going to start with...
  4. lo0p5

    First Car

    Hi Everyone! I'm a teen looking at buying a Toyota Landcruiser hj60 series for my first car (quite soon) when I get my license and I was wondering if anyone has any info that they would be willing to share? By this time I should have a budget of around $15000 that I would be willing to spend...
  5. K

    HELP!! 12HT into HJ60 2H Chassis mounting

    Currently in the process of planting my 12ht from an 1988 HJ61 into a 1988 HJ60 Chassis that had a 2H in it. The mounts on the engine block are at a far steeper angle to the mounts located on the chassis. They line up okay, but when we tighten them down they stretch the rubber mounts out... the...
  6. TLC Norway

    Toyo Open Country MT 285/85r16 on a 60

    Decided to put this thread in here, as i've been looking for exactly this kind of intel. So, i was interested in roughly a "true" 33x10,5 size for my HJ61, and been looking at what i could find locally, not much available. In the range of 255/85r16, there was not a lot to be found, and had to...
  7. B

    Test driving BJ/HJ60 What should I look at?

    Hi all, I’m fairly new here(but I’ve been lurking hard) and I’m looking to get a cruiser - I’ve been enamoured by them forever and it looks like I’ll be needing a vehicle sooner than later so... What would y’all recommend I look at specifically when test driving? Thanks Jackson
  8. gdg11

    60 series with square headlights

    found this on amazon japan maybe some one can shed some light, did he cut his or was it a option
  9. DesRochers

    My first landcruiser; bj60 or hj60 ?

    Hello, my name is Antoine DesRochers and I am in the process of buying my first landcruiser. I am very very new to this forum. Right now I am hesitating between a bj60 and a Hj60, I want to chose right and I got told this is the best place to ask questions so here am I... Before I get down to...
  10. Fast Eddy

    SOLD  Norcal: Oct '84 Chassis & Body Repair Manual

    Cover is fair to good, inside is about perfect. Electrical diagrams in the back are in good condition. FJ, BJ and HJ 60 & 75. $50 shipped obo
  11. B

    A440f Tranny + Transfer Fluid Capacity

    I'll be flushing and changing the ATF in the A440f this weekend in my hj61, but can't find how much fluid the transfer case needs. I have read the gear box itself needs 6ltrs, but I'm not sure if it is more with a complete flush. I will be using Gulf Western Dextron III ATF for both. Also, how...
  12. 1

    please help me identify my gearbox

    Greetings, I bought this gearbox from a local scrapyard along with the whole drivetrain, I need help to identify what gearbox and transfer case this is. Here is what i know. It was mated to a Toyota 2h engine. Looking forward to some help regards -nikunj
  13. H

    For Sale  1986 HJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60 - Washington State

    Time to let our Forever Rig continue on some great new adventures with a new owner. Decent Landcruiser from the 80’s are already rare and Diesel Land Cruiser are even harder to find. I spent over a year looking to find the right Diesel for us to turn into our families’ forever rig. This land...
  14. cuwallace2

    88 HJ60 Power Window Relay Help!!!!

    I have a 1988 HJ60 and my power window relay, part number 85930-90A01 is toast. These are no longer available from Toyota and I'm beginning to think they are the rainbow farting unicorns of the LC world, impossible to find. Anyone have one, know where I can get one or know of a fix? As you can...
  15. Dizerucruiser

    For Sale  SoCal: 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60

    I have an 89’ Land Cruiser RHD with a 2H Diesel Motor and 5 speed H55F transmission for sale. It was legally registered in California and went through lab testing and emissions modification to get certified. It is now smog exempt in California and would be a perfect truck to modify. Has roughly...
  16. Akella

    Parting Out  Parting out 60 series HJ60 BJ60 parts in Ontario

    Parting out few HJ60, BJ60 and FJ62 Have a lot of small parts in great condition. Also have some big items. Have pictures for all parts so ask if interested BIG ITEMS: Front seats: great condition, no rips, holes or any damage. Some stains on the cloth cushions. Full front clip: Fenders: no...
  17. H

    SOLD  Kalispell, MT: 1985 HJ60, JDM RHD 2H

    (Sale Pending) Priced to sell as my situation has changed. About to relocate and don’t have the time to begin a full rebuild or time to part it out; I could make far more than asking price even if I parted it but I hope someone wants a new project. I imported this truck from Japan 5 years ago...
  18. zgarre

    For Sale  HJ60 / FJ62 Fog Lamp Switch

    Bought this a few months back, but it does not fit any dash cutouts in my FJ60. It is originally from an HJ60. Possibly could fit an FJ62 blank? I’m not sure. It is in excellent condition. ***UPDATE - This WILL fit an FJ62 (scroll down to see more info from the community)*** I paid $90 for it...
  19. L

    2H stalling when overheating and engaging clutch

    Hi guys, First post here. Have looked and looked but can't find my answer. I have a 82 HJ60 with a diesel 2H in it. It's overheating slightly - working on that - have bought a new radiator, just trying to find time to install it. But, when it's hot, and I've been driving a while - highway for...
  20. Sherman Tank

    Heater hose routing and parts

    I have a 1984 HJ60 with the 2H motor. I drove it up from Panama, where someone removed the heater hoses under the hood as heat is not needed down there. Does anyone know where I can get that tower looking part on the back of the head that hose hooks to - or what that thing is or does? I now...
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