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  1. T

    1992 surf 2lte

    I’m new to Toyota and my surf has been awesome so far, however: when starting cold in the morning or after sitting all day at work the engine runs real Rough and misfires. Once it’s warmer and I’m driving. It runs flawlessly. supposedly it has: new injectors, glow plugs( I will be checking...
  2. Chibu

    (Solved!!) 2000 LX470 Grinding noise when in D or R. Car won't move unless central diff lock is enabled. Help!

    Okay, I know this has been covered in hella other threads (and please don't flame my newbie ass) but I have no idea what those say, so please hold my hand super tightly (I mean really effing tightly) through this process. I got a 2000 LX470. When I put the car in drive or reverse with central...
  3. Chibu

    AHC does not exist but was never deleted?? Help?!

    Ok, first post on this site. I (my dad) have a first-hand, dealership-bought 2000 LX470 with 113k miles on it, everything is all well and good until we get to a speed bump in the road, if I drive over it going anything above 10 miles per hour, the car bounces HARD and you can hear the front...
  4. J

    2000 Lx470 Timing HELP!

    Hey guys, the fan pulley recently was toasted and I decided to do the timing belt and water pump as well. I am unsure what to do at my current step and want to make sure before I mess something up. I have turned the crank to where the cams align, but you can see the balancer is advanced. Should...
  5. MiguelDelgado20

    transmission oil leak lx 470

    Today I decided to repair some things and I found this transmission oil leak, someone knows how to repair it. that is one of the pipes leading to the front of the vehicle
  6. jzilla

    Help in Idaho

    Someone suggested I post this here as I had posted it in the chit chat thread. Hey guys not sure where to post this but I thought I would post here. A couple years ago I found a rolling chassis FJ60 down in Idaho that I plan to use for a diesel swap. Being that I live in Canada I was not able...
  7. D

    2LTE injection pump correction resistor pigtail part number

    Hi everyone! I have a LJ70 with a 2LTE engine. The connector for the brown correction resistor on the injection pump body has cracked and the wires are broken off due to old age, causing my engine to surge badly during idle. The idle surge issue goes away when the wire temporary connects back...
  8. ndoak

    Looking to Join the 100 community.

    Hello all! I am looking to buy a new FJ. I sold my '89 a few years back, and want to own a truck again. I am looking for some insight regarding 100-series cruisers and what to look for when buying one. I've looked through the Classifieds here, but most of the trucks are in too good of condition...
  9. russj

    Anyone in Madison is available?

    Hello! I'm interested in a 96 80 series cruiser located in Middleton WI. I live in Minneapolis and had no experience with these vehicles. I talked to one of my friends who's very knowledgeable and he didn't find any deal killer. I'm wondering if anyone local is willing to do me a favor before I...
  10. Matmac22

    ‘98 LX Ignition Lock Cylinder Barrel Rod

    Hey guys, I know there are plenty of threads about this issue, but I am really just trying to source the right part. I have a 1998 LX470. Ebay sells a ton of them but they all seem to be stamped “7853B.” My understanding is that this part will not work and that it is for the LC with the manual...
  11. Stevenmjones144

    Wont start when at operating temp!

    I have a 1991 FJ80 with the 3FE engine. The car will easily start cold, and run flawlessly. But when it gets to operating temp, and I shut it off, then it will crank but wont start. When it does not start, it the tach doesn't even wiggle like it does when it does start. the only solution I have...
  12. crusiersteve62

    Knuckle surprise. Need help asap

    So on this nice bright beautiful Saturday I finally had time to do the front knuckle rebuild on my 62. i start tearing it down and jamming out to some music and taking my time and putting parts in aside in order so I reinstall everything in reverse order with ease. Well that's when 💩 hit the...
  13. M

    Wanted  Looking for passenger side fender w/molding 1999 land cruiser green

    Hi all, I'm driving from Virginia to SoCal. I'm looking for a passenger side fender w/molding for my green (preferably, any color will do) 1999 land cruiser. I'll be driving through TN I-40, AR I-30, Tx I-20 & I-10, Az I-10, does nobody has one for sale that I can pick up in my way home? Or...
  14. S

    i wanna go V8

    hello all, i wanna go a v8. Im thinking of an LS, not sure which one but i have to daily this car so id like to try go something with alright economy. I have a few questions if could help me out that would be unreal. 1. what type of fuel economy would i roughly get with a LS 1,2,3? (running...
  15. 100landcruiser

    Quarter panel/under door repair

    Hey i own a 2000 LC. The piece above the running boards is all bubbled rusted and wondering best option about fixing it. Should I take it to a body shop and spend all the money to get new piece welded on. Or should I strip the paint sand it down and spray a bed Liner paint or a rustproof paint?
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