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  1. R

    New here and new buyer

    Hey everyone, Needed some advise. I am going to look at a 2002 LX 470 with 190k miles, clean record. No problems for $10.5k. I only spoke to the owner briefly on the phone. Obviously need more info to make a decision so what questions should I ask and what should I look out for while checking...
  2. AustinKordell

    Very Bad oil leak popped up fast. Help needed

    Alright well I hate to be here but here I am. Today i started noticing large amount of oil under my 97 lx450. The truck has always leaked a here and there but never this bad, seems to be spraying oil all over the axle and shocks and even after only being parked less then 20 minutes considering...
  3. iliketomakestuff

    Help needed: 3FE rebuild problems

    Hey everyone, so I'm looking for anyones recommendations based on experience with a 3FE. Here's the situation: 92 FJ80, 3FE, engine seized, I got a replacement and it's been rebuilt by a shop, installed by another shop. Pressure test when cold is good, but once it heats up, it starts dumping...
  4. Vulkyn

    Wiper problems, help needed!

    So carelessly took out the motor (it was not working) fudging the alignment of the wiper mechanism in the process. The motor had a lose wire so soldiered it (More like butchered) and got the motor working again. I also flipped the carbon connectors as wires coming out had become too close to...
  5. S

    Washer jets/steering box (help needed)

    Hey everyone I have a 1989 Toyota Landcruiser HJ61 12ht sitting at 410000 km I still have a whole lot to learn and a lot of work to do, but here is an introduction to the work thats been done so far for those interested: The cruiser has fully reconditioned gearbox new exedy heavy duty clutch...

    AHC help needed on 2006 LC

    Hello Mudders, I need some AHC advice for wife's 2006 LC. When we purchased it back in 2021 I did all 4 globes with OEM replacements and Flushed/Filled with OEM AHC fluid. Suspension has been pretty good, however the AHC off light sometimes flashed. Today I went to adjust the torsion bars...
  7. thetoyotaman

    Real Time Help Needed with 2000LC Gauge Cluster Dead following bulb replacement

    So, went to replace burned out illumination bulbs with LED for the display and some drive indicator lights and now no gauges. I've installed/removed half a dozen times or more, inspected the threads on the plugs and scoured all kinds of mud threads checking the 15A gauge fuse but nothing works...
  8. Malleus

    What is it?

    Anyone seen something like this before and know what it is used for?
  9. LostInMyLX

    Misfire has me stumped - help needed!

    Hey y’all, hope everyone is good on this fine Oct day. So I have a misfire that has me stumped, I’ve chewed through every misfire post mostly on here and even some others with vehicles that share my engine (2uz in a 2000 lx470). I’ve got a rough idle, regular throwing of a p0304. Weirdly it...
  10. DieselFJ

    Emissions Help Needed

    Hopefully a quick question, my 84 FJ60 has high CO‘s at high idle test. I’ve rebuilt the carb, adjusted the valves and timing repaired the AI system, new plugs, wire, cap and rotor, verified no intake leaks. Adjusted the carb while on the sniffer. I was able to get HC’s and CO’s in spec at idle...
  11. J

    Help needed: Identifying slow jets on FJ40

    I screwed up. Rebuilding my 83 FJ40 carb and didn't record the numbers on the long slow jets. One is #65 & other is #90. Need to know which is Primary and which is Secondary. Don't know if it matters but I'm at 5000' elevation. Thanks, Jim
  12. J

    Asheville help needed

    Hey guys - we have a 2003 LX470 that my wife drove to Asheville to visit family. I am worried the catalytic converter on it may be toast. Is there somewhere in town that she could get it looked at on the weekend? I'm worried about her potentially driving it home - two kids with her too.
  13. jordancollard97

    HELP NEEDED- Horrible grinding/ rattle when accelerating!

    Hey y’all- new to the Landcruiser life. Picked up a triple locked 80 Series yesterday (‘94) anticipating a project. After driving for about 10 minutes, I noticed a whining sound when hitting around 25mph. It took no time for this to turn into a horrible grinding/ rattling sound. Sounds...
  14. Peppy

    Help Needed FJ40 Build

    Beach n Toys group I reached out to Frank? And he suggested that I post this here. I am reaching out to this group because your the experts in San Diego and I have a FJ40 build in my garage and need help getting it finished. It’s close but I need help wiring the rig and getting correctly setup...
  15. dajojo1

    Help needed to find small missing part

    Hey everyone, I am putting my Instrument cluster back together and I can't find the small part that holds the needle of the temp gauge. I must have dropped it before it made it in to my ziplock but now I cant find it. Any ideas on how I could make something that will do the same thing or where...
  16. rtong1234

    Where do these go?

    I found these 2 plastic covers in the back of the LC200 when I bought them but have no idea what they do or where they go. Help, please.
  17. 1mtomselleck

    Help Needed - undoing this retrofit hack job

    Hey gang. I paid someone to retrofit some HID projectors into my 2002 headlamps, and they didn't do a great job. In fact, they did a really, really bad job. Aside from a half-melted tab and scratched shrouds, the headlight housings no longer adjust up and down, OR right and left. I suspect it's...
  18. ICY80

    Help needed. 80 won’t start out on the trail

    for some reason my 80 randomly died out on the trail. Miles out of town in the back country in Kentucky. Thing has been doing great all day. Randomly died and won’t start back. Alternator is good. Tried to start back and then just lost it. Could use some pointers. I wonder if it’s the fuel...
  19. C

    2007 LC 100 Grill replacement help needed

    Will any other LC models and years front grill replacements fit? including this one FRONT GRILLE FOR TOYOTA PRADO J120 2003-2009? or do I have to go with an LC100 OEM and powder coat it black? TY
  20. residualboulders

    Coil & Distributor Help Needed

    Looking for help from the Land Cruiser think tank. I have a 1979 FJ40 I am restoring. When I bought it years ago the carb had been swapped out for a rochester, it had been desmogged. It had a coil only - no ignitor that I can tell. There is a chance I removed it an misplaced it last year when I...
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