1. eikelben

    Rear auxiliary heat blows hot; dash vents only just warm

    The temperature has been dropping around here and it's my first winter with the Land Cruiser. I had always enjoyed the blazing heat that my 2003 Tacoma produced and from what I've read, the FZJ80s produce the same sort of temps when functioning correctly. Mine, however, does not. I adjusted...
  2. K

    AC system working but no cold air in cabin

    I have searched around and cannot find a thread that addresses my specific issue with my new-to-me 2003 100LC. The climate controls and AC worked great for the first 2,000 miles or so (that I have owned it) but now I am having issues. I do not have cold air in the cabin. I have confirmed...
  3. 4runnin2

    For Sale  Cincinnati 80 series shield for frame over exhaust

    $60 shipped to lower 48. Cleaning out the garage.
  4. Sherman Tank

    Heater hose routing and parts

    I have a 1984 HJ60 with the 2H motor. I drove it up from Panama, where someone removed the heater hoses under the hood as heat is not needed down there. Does anyone know where I can get that tower looking part on the back of the head that hose hooks to - or what that thing is or does? I now...
  5. P

    80 series ac/heat trouble

    Hey guys, This is my first thread so here it goes. I bought a 1997 FZJ80 land cruiser a little over two years ago, and it was totaled when i found it and hadn't moved in 6 years. I've got it back to stock and more to where it's becoming an expedition vehicle now. One thing that hasn't worked...
  6. traillme

    Near overheat and no hot air -Troubleshooting

    On my morning commute I my 96 80 started heating up for the 2nd time in the past 2 weeks. Mostly, i do short trips (less than 10 miles) and have never experienced this before. Also the heat has been working intermittently for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes it blows hot - then just mild air. I...
  7. L

    Engine heatup on gaining height

    Hi everyone. Acquired a LC100 2003 amazon spec 1HDFTE with the 4 speed auto tranny( my hunch is its a 442f) Used the vehicle for a vacation last month ran into some overheating issues Before leaving all fluids incuding radiator fluid,transmission fluid.diff fluids etc were replaced.A new fan...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Heater under Second Row Heater (Heats cargo area and Third Row)

    SoCal, this is located under second row in addition to the one under the first row passenger area. From a 1997 Toyota FJ80. $40. Local pickup preferred but it could be shipped at your cost. This is a California car and i am not used to and do not need to have three heaters in the car.
  9. KUpchu9702

    Hard starting in extreme heat conditions

    I have been having an issue with my 2006 100 now that the heat of summer is here in Arizona. After driving at slow speeds off-road on hot days I am getting fuel coming out of the fuel fill area causing fumes. If I turn off the engine it will crank strong, but won't start until it has cooled off...
  10. thebus

    Wanted  1993 FZJ heat sheild

    Need a good condition heat shield above where the cats go (i have the dual side by side cats)
  11. G

    Does this rattling noise mean by cat is shot?

    A couple of weeks after replacing the O2 sensors and an AFR valve on my 1995 LC (FJZ80), I noticed a rattling noise coming from the area near the front of the cat. It sounds like nuts and bolts rattling around in a tin can. The vehicle has 248k miles, and the cat was never replaced. (I attached...
  12. 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine

    Best location for louvers in hood for heat egress (w/pics)

    I've kind of got a bee in the bonnet--no pun intended--about adding louvers to the Ugly Duckling 1970 FJ40 we are building for heat egress. Might get louvers punched locally, but more likely will add louver panels. Something like the attached photo--just not so huge! Maybe two panels of 7 or 11...
  13. rocfrk

    Correct Year Carburetor Insulator Plate / Heat Shield

    I am trying to put in a Carb for my '77 FJ40. But it is sitting too low. Looks like I need a Carburetor Insulator Plate / Heat Shield. Looking around the net I get conflicting years/months for a correct fit. Any Idea on what will fit my rig? Which parts cover my 01/77. (and maybe a good...
  14. seventysixers

    For Sale  (UT) fj40 bj42 heat shields mud guards etc

    I have various heat shields mud guards and exhaust hangers for 79-84 fj and bj models. Most have been powder coated. Pricing is plus shipping Text if interested 801-209-7396 Large side exhaust shield 50$ Black fuel hose protector 25$ Small rectangle black mud guard 15$ Larger odd shaped mud...
  15. ccasteel

    Vintage Air - Heat

    I bought my 40 with a vintage air unit already installed. I think I found out why the heat didn't work so well. It appears it was never hooked up. At first I just thought it was because the hose is kinked, but then I realized the hose just connects the bottom pipe to the top pipe. It doesn't...
  16. Comet

    Heat when the powers out, your experience.

    So I awake this morning to my wife saying "It's cold!". Yes honey, It's 19 degrees outside. No, its actually cold inside. My set up eventually will include a generator wired up to run only the gas boiler, refrigerator, and freezer (lights optional). I completely forgot about the programmable...
  17. Delrod

    Wanted  Help me find a used heat adjustment lever FJ40!

    Howdy, I'm looking for a heat adjustment lever for my 1976 FJ40. Photo of what I'm looking for below. Preferably with the nylon bushings and clip. I can manufacture one if need be but would rather put my energy into the plethora of other work on the rig. Thank you.
  18. Jay-

    Low heat from FJ60

    Also there is a duck tape job and the metal tube is loose. Id like to figure it out, where to start. It "Warms up" but not hot. assuming the metal tube needs to be refreshed. And the duct tape on the air intake is bad.

    For Sale  12 vdc powered heat exchangers

    I have 4-6 of these 4x4 heat exchangers with 57.9 CFM 12 vdc 3 watt puck fans. They would make great spot heaters or even ps oil coolers. Some have bent fins. Brass and aluminum. Let's say $40.00 each, 2 for $75 + postage.
  20. WildernessRimFab

    Heat Cracks in Flywheel

    Stock 72 FJ40 with 1F and 3 spd trans +tcase. I'm in the middle of a clutch/rear main/oil pan gasket job. Below is the picture of my flywheel after getting it resurfaced. There are small heat cracks all over it which didn't fully machine out. You cant feel the cracks with a fingernail. Any...
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