1. C

    SOLD  Miami, FL 1972 FJ40 White Hard Top for Sale - Original Liner - great condition

    Guys, Im buying a soft top for My Fj40 and need some Cash so I'm selling my Original Hard top and its lateral panels with back door included. Located in Miami, Fl Want $1400 for it. Great condition. Inside Original liner in great condition.
  2. C

    Wanted  Fj40 full hardtop

    Looking for a hardtop for 1974 fj40.
  3. F

    For Sale  Hard top and matching doors

    Located near Fresno, ca. I have a hardtop and doors I am looking to sell. Doors have all hardware. Top has a few small dings on the sides fiberglass needs redone and missing rear window. Rain gutter needs repairs or replace. No head liner. Original white paint.
  4. C

    For Sale  Fj40 hard top sides with glass- Yuba City ca

    Fj40 hard top sides with glass asking $600 for set
  5. SchnooderValve

    For Sale  FJ40 Hard Top 1974 for sale $1,100

    Selling the hard top that came with my 1974 Land Cruiser FJ40. Message me for more detailed photos The sides shown in the photos and included with the hardtop do not have the rounded rear glass. However I do have a pair of rounded rear windows available in another extra hardtop that I own, if...
  6. alohamade

    1964 FJ40 hard top confusion

    My 1964 fj40 does not have holes to attach the Hard Top Windshield Cap, has anyone seen this before, there are no holes to bolt down the windshield cap
  7. tweek99

    For Sale  Hard top for 1974 and earlier FJ40 South Central Nebraska

    I am looking to part ways with the hard top that I got with my 1974 fj40. The fiberglass is pretty much toasted from being stored upside down. Sides are good. One of the rear quarter glass is missing but I have a new one but it is green tint. The lift hatch is pretty rusty rehind the hinges...
  8. Matt1260

    For Sale  FJ40 hardtop parts and doors

    Hardtop parts off of 1981 BJ40. In PDX. Oregon. All look restorable and are straight with no dents or cracks. All glass is in great shape. Mostly surface rust! Fiberglass top $300 Right panel $100 Left panel $100 Left ambulance door $100 Right ambulance door $100 These are worth a lot...
  9. killer1954

    For Sale  1974 FJ40 Hard Top - SF Bay Area, CA

    I have a 1974 FJ40 Hard Top for sale. Dune Beige, sorta. All glass intact. It's been sitting outside for many years. No shipping. Local pickup only. Marin County, California $150 SOLD!!!
  10. tpscruisers

    SOLD  43/44 series hardtop and rear door in CT Sold

    I have a 43/44 complete Hardtop, rear door and any hardware attached for $1500 Will fit FJ43/FJ44/BJ43/BJ44. I included 5 pics here but you can see it installed (inside and out) on the TerraCruisers website from their restoration (81 FJ43 Freeborn Red in the inventory section). Owner...
  11. James Madigan

    Wanted  FJ40 Hardtop

    I just got a 1973 FJ40.I intend to restore it but all the frame and tub has been redone.Im new on here.Hello everybody.Im old and this may be my last resto project. I need the fiberglass hardtop and preferably any attachment hard ware.I have the window panels already.Im gonna do ambulance...
  12. Borrego

    Wanted  FJ40 Driver Side Door Bow

    I'm looking for a driver side door bow (inner and outer) that goes over the door for the hard top to connect to the windshield frame. It's the last piece I need to get a hardtop back on before winter... Thanks! Eric
  13. DIRTY72FJ40

    Wanted  Hardtop inner and outer door bows

    I'm looking for both driver and passenger hardtop door bows. Putting the hardtop on for the first time from pieces and I have two passenger side inners. Thanks
  14. troxymyfoxy

    Wanted  FJ-40 hardtop

    Seeking out a hardtop for my 71...Trying to avoid rebuilding my current hard top. I am located in Utah. Thanks.
  15. alohamade

    Wanted  FJ40 Raingutter for Fiberglass HT

    My Fiberglass Raingutter has rusted out
  16. U

    For Sale  New FJ40 OEM Headliner for hardtop 63311-90302

    I am selling a new, unused genuine Toyota OEM headliner for the FJ40 hardtop. This is part 63311-90302. It fits years 1969-1984. New, unopened and in perfect condition. Perfect for builds when you want to only use genuine Toyota parts. I am selling for $689 with free shipping CONUSA. I...
  17. Dirty Harry

    Wanted  Wanted fj40 hardtop

    looking for a fj40 hard top. Located in lehi Utah. Let me know what you have Thanks Zach 8016888697
  18. C

    For Sale  FJ40 Hardtop in NC

    I am selling a 90% complete hardtop off of my '74 FJ40. I have the fiberglass top, top sides, door headers, rear hatch, and all of the glass except for the corner glass. I also have 2 ambulance door headers that I was going to use to make a hatch header out of. The fiberglass could use a good...
  19. Splangy

    Wanted  1958-1965 Hardtop Fiberglass Roof Cap

    Looking for a 1958-1965 25 or 40 series fiberglass roof cap. Willing to ship. Thanks
  20. H

    FJ40 Hardtop fitment question

    Will a 1971 complete hardtop (white top, sides with windows, rear hatch) fit right onto my 1975 FJ40? Any fitment issues I need to know about?
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