H55f thud sound in third gear (1 Viewer)

Apr 23, 2020
San Diego, CA
So few weeks ago, I noticed a sound while in third which resembled a "ring spinning around a metal bar", at least that is how I describe the sound. Obviously, any odd sound isn't good but I haven't had time to really inspect it. This sound has lessened, or not nearly as noticeable, but now when I am take my foot off the accelerator there is a sound of a repeating thud. It doesn't sound like metal hitting metal which is good. This sounds like taking a rubber mallet and hitting something. I notice no obvious vibrations. When I press in the clutch (which in third) then the sounds goes away. This thud is not experienced in any other gear (1,2,4 or 5th)

During my investigation, I noticed a little play in the driveshaft(s) and will replace the u-joints but that should be felt in any gear. There isn't anything which seems obvious to me as for what this could be other than something inside.

Worth noting, I don't drive that much. I take her out every other week, at best, and between 5-10 miles total (over 2 weeks) running an errand or getting kids donuts on Saturday.

Has anyone experienced this before or have a better idea of what the issue may be?

89 FJ62 w/H55f

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