glove box

  1. PabloCruise

    For Sale  Glove Box Handles - Reproduction

    Hi All, I am working on another round of glove box (or is it glove box?) handles. These will most likely look a little different than the last batches I have sold. No samples yet for pictures. Wondering how many to make? Let me know what you think, non-binding of course. I think these will...
  2. FJ40 glove box cover (used)

    FJ40 glove box cover (used)

    for sale, $40
  3. alohamade

    For Sale  FJ40 Glove Box Cover w 3 Speed Info Plate

    FJ40 Glove Box Cover, Not sure the Year, think 70's $30 + Shipping Message for details Ships from Hawaii

    Wits’ End 60 Series Glove Box Insert design- input needed

    As if I don't have WAY too many things going on right now... @woytovich last year sometime brought up a potential project. It was something I had kinda, sorta considered but was waaaaaay down on the list. Well, my own 60 Series needed a solution so it go moved up in the priority list. Other...
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