fuel system

  1. mudgudgeon


    FYI 1PZ, 1HZ, 1HD-T ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL now available in the resources section. https://forum.ih8mud.com/resources/1pz-1hz-1hd-t-engine-repair-manual.144/
  2. S

    Having issues with fuel system

    What's up guys, Just got my FJ60 as somewhat of an heirloom from my uncle since he passed. Im only 18, but I have a decent knowledge of how to work on cars, but this has me and my dad(a much better mechanic) stumped. When we first got it and put some new fuel in it, started and ran fine. My dad...
  3. Ten4GoodBuddy

    HELP...1992 jf80 went swimming

    Hey guys, first off I am not a mechanic or really anything close, but I’m willing and able to try... I just need some direction. So last week my twin 16 year old boys decided to take my 1992 fj80(259k miles) for a swim through a huge pond/small lake and got her stuck in the middle. She sat...
  4. T

    FJ75 fuel system (3F engine)

    Does anyone have a schematic diagram of the fuel system on a FJ75 Troopcarrier (3F petrol), that they could post up please? I've inherited one in bits, and am putting it back together. Cheers.
  5. Arcticredleg

    Starting issue related to fuel system. Fuel system diagram?

    Hey all, had to replace the flex hoses (to fuel filter, overflow from pump) coming from the fuel tank to the hard lines. One had sprung a leak, replaced both truck ran fine prior to replacement, minus the leak. She started right up and then ran out of fuel. Switched hoses to make sure that...
  6. RhinoRig

    HDJ81 gas gauge half working

    I am at my wits end. I have replaced the sending unit twice, one used and the latest is brand new. I have pulled the instrument cluster and measured the gauge per the FSM. It all checks out, but the gauge will only go to half full. Once the tank is about half full, the gauge starts working...
  7. cruiserhound

    Fuel system question...

    Let me first say that my newly acquired 80 was running like a three legged pig from the get go. I've been slowly doing some tune up maintenance/repairs when the weather allows. I got to the point where it seemed like some of these tune-up items were paying off (fuel filter, air filter, oil and...
  8. cruizerbuddy

    Air in fuel system

    Hey there. Was hoping someone could shed some light on what's wrong with my whacky canukee (bj60). Installed an aftermarket sedimenter or water seperator. Tore out the old one. Primed everything. Truck runs for 10-15 minutes fine and then dies. Whenever i check the bleeder it has has in it...
  9. YendraBuilt

    Stuck in Summit County, FJ80 won't start!

    Packed up this morning in Frisco, planned on heading out to do some wheeling for the day in my '91 FJ80, cranks and cranks, doesn't fire. Definitely seems like fuel delivery. Before we left Ft. Collins on Sunday, I dumped some fuel system cleaner in the full tank. I imagine I broke up enough...
  10. T

    2H fuel supply/bleeding issues

    Hi all, A year or so ago I got my 2h rebuilt. Since putting it back in the car I have had no end of issues trying to get thing damned thing bled properly. I have not even been able to keep it running for longer than 20 minutes. I've been reading a lot of posts on here about bleeding and read...
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