front differential

  1. Lotarp100

    Wanted  Front Differential (Complete Carrier Unit) 2000 LX470/100-series - Florida

    Hey Mud. I've got quotes from 850-1200 for a front diff. I've got bad luck, this is the second one i've put in in 150K. First one was my fault; chewed the gears rocking it out of getting it stuck. This one (used part) failed on its own; by the time it started whining I knew it was done. Need...
  2. B

    Wanted  2000 up 100 series front diff

    I chewed up the spider gears in my 98 lx470 and would like to repair it with the 2000 up 4 pin setup. I think a late 99 will have it also. I'm willing to buy a complete diff or just the parts to upgrade it - spider gears, pins, etc. I know shipping will be much easier for the parts but I'll...
  3. vmi01sbc02

    Need front diff fluid or just normal AWD “feel”

    Not trying to come up with issues, but does anyone else have “drag” accelerating with a 4sp 1998-2002? I test drive a 2005 LX and don’t remember the “feeling” in the pedal accelerating that I’m getting in my 2001. Front diff is seaping fluid (not dropping in driveway) but no other grinding...
  4. GA Architect

    Wanted  (Thread Closed) FJ40 - 4.11 front Differential (Thread Closed)

    Looking for a good, used (1/74 - 12/78) FJ40 front axle 4.11 3rd Member. PM me about what you may have. Thanks!
  5. blue254

    2000 Front differential problems?

    Hello, I think that I'm having some problems that relate to the front differential. Whenever I put the truck into drive there is a loud clunk noise, this also happens when I go from drive to reverse, reverse to drive. Along with those problems I also seem to get a thunk noise when coming to a...
  6. Iceaxe

    Advise Re: Regear and Front Diff Leak

    Hey guys, My front diff is leaking oil and mount replacement is needed. I'm scheduled next week to have 4.88 gears installed. If I recall correctly (???), the front differential is not touched to regear the 80. So, I probably need to deal with the front differential separately from the...
  7. SimplyTanner

    ADD vs Non-ADD, needle bearings needed?

    Is it possible to remove the oil seal on a Non-ADD Differential and bolt up an ADD axle tube? By removing the seal, the tube and ADD system gets oiled. The only difference I see is that with the ADD system you get needle bearings, and the Non-ADD diff only has the machined in "bushing" with oil...
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