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  1. I

    Found gear teeth during front diff fluid change

    Hi All, I've searched the forums and found lots about what to do once you've blown the front diff. I am hoping that's not the case. I bought my LX470 at ~200k, I'm at 230k and currently going through the PM's found here: 200k Service & PM - Suggestions? (Thanks a ton). I decided to save the...
  2. 0tterPop

    Budget front diff replacement?

    Well I threw a holy hand grenade into my front diff of my 2003 lx470 last year at rush springs Off road park in MO. Been running around in 2wd for about 4 to 6 months and I finally have some funds to replace the front diff. I intend on R&R the front assembly myself so what are your thoughts my...
  3. Duc13

    For Sale ARB Front Locker 100 Series $500 - San Francisco, CA

    I have an ARB Front Locker for sale for a 100 series. Located in San Francisco, CA $500.
  4. J

    Did something stupid

    Feel free to skip this backstory to get to the nitty gritty. So went for what I was hoping was a routine weekend camping getaway and came back with a leaking front axle/diff. Headed for Great Sand Dunes National Park in CO and all the recent posts regarding the 4x4 trail said the creek crossing...
  5. kelly saad

    For Sale 98 LC front differential carrier

    Just installed an air locker. If someone needs the guts from my front diff let me know. Its in perfect condition. off a 98 landcruiser, make offer.
  6. N

    Front differential slipping in 4 low under strain.

    This past weekend I did some light off-roading here in Virginia in my new to me 87' FJ60. It is bone stock which is the way I like it. So whenever I was going up a steep incline where I needed 4 low once the vehicle came under strain the front dif sounded like it was slipping and not sending...
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