fj80 1997

  1. LesChao

    Mechanics Special

    I have a 97 FZJ 80 for sale but as you can see, it’s going to need to be towed or delivered to or by you. This 80 is unique, as it is a diesel conversion. The engine is an AM General 6.5L Turbo Diesel from a HMMWV (mechanical injection), but it threw a rod. So needs an engine rebuild or...
  2. C

    Advice on a 97' FJ80 purchase

    Good evening y'all, new to the forums and looking into stepping into the world of LC's. I apologize in advance because I'm sure there have been a million threads on this exact topic. Don't need many specifics at this point, I've done my share of research on some good and bad things to look for...
  3. francis1540

    FJ80 Caster Bushing Press Tool in SF Bay Area?

    Installed the OME 2 1/2" lift, now it's time to change the caster bushings. Anyone have the Slee bushing press tool or an equivalent that I can borrow or buy?
  4. Nick Thomsen

    Remove motor in FJ80 seats to make make manual?

    So currently having to replace the gears inside the motorized seats in my FJ80 and I started to think.. If it is possible to just remove all the motors and such and just have a manual seat with an adjustable bar? I feel like this would be so much better than the hassle of possibly fixing the...
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