SOLD 1997 Lexus LX450

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX450
Tuxedo Park, New York 10987 United States
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I bought this truck in 2019 from Florida (The frame is so clean you can eat off it!) with the goal of turning it into an overland vehicle. It is now in Orange County New York. It is running like new. Maintains oil level, and drives and shifts beautifully. It has been an awesome rig, and it was going to be long term ownership (why I have done so much mechanical work) but something came up in our family, and unfortunately, I need to sell it. Right now there is 220k miles, but this is a daily driver, so they will be accumulating slowly. Only serious inquiries please.

Below you will see all the work that I have done to the truck (not including oil changes every 3000 miles).

• Removed plastic body panels and repaired body
• Factory color paint and clearcoat on the entire vehicle
• Escape Gear seat covers (front, bench and dash cover)
• Sony XAV-AX5000 double-din radio with CarPlay
• Old Man Emu 2.5” Suspension lift
• 305/70/R17 Mud Terrain tires
• Custom drawer system installed in trunk (removable/anchored with turnbuckles)
o 3 drawers, one with table surface
o Hinged panel that lays on top of reclined seats
• After market MaxTrax mounted on Thule roof rails.
• ARB 2000x2500 (6.5’x8’) awning
• Pelican Vault V700 rifle case mounted on roof

12/12/2019 / 210,000mi
Services Performed
• Four tires replaced (305/70/R17)
• Old Man Emu 2.5” Lift kit installed

11/19/2020 / 210,000mi
Services Performed
• Battery cable terminal end(s) replaced
• Battery replaced
• Battery tray/cover/hold-down replaced
• Mirror replaced

• Registration issued or renewed
• Titled or registered as personal vehicle
• Passed safety inspection

03/20/2021 / 215,500mi
• Undercoating/rustproofing applied

03/25/2021 / 215,587mi
• Passed safety inspection

07/03/2021 / 216,000mi
• Body work and paint job

08/12/2021 / 216,100mi
• Antifreeze/coolant flushed/changed
• Heater control valve replaced
• Heater hose(s) replaced
• Thermostat replaced

11/06/2021 / 217,820mi
• Differential fluid flushed/changed
• Oil and filter changed
• Transfer case fluid flushed/changed

02/23/2022 / 219,856mi
• Air filter replaced
• Antifreeze/coolant flushed/changed
• Brake fluid flushed/changed
• Distributor cap replaced
• Distributor rotor replaced
• Fuel filter replaced
• Oil and filter changed
• PCV valve replaced
• Power steering fluid flushed/changed
• Rear brake caliper(s) replaced
• Spark plug wires replaced
• Spark plug(s) replaced
• Tires rotated
• Valve cover gasket(s) replaced

02/24/2022 / 219,856mi
• Passed safety inspection






Was it two tone originally and been repainted?
Sorry......I forgot to add that!

Asking $20,950

It had plastic body armor on it that was a lighter color. I removed all of it around the whole truck, filled the holes, and repainted the whole truck "Cashmere Beige Metallic"....stock paint color so that it matched the door jams.
You will get a million Qs on this. Mention if this is triple locked or not.

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