1. John in Utah

    For Sale  Non-US FJ40 Front Drums, wheel cylinders, 3" shoes

    I have the front drum brake assemblies off my 83 Middle East spec 40. $20 plus shipppng for the shoes and cylinders. Wheel hubs, backing plates and hardware, and large pattern knuckles are free if someone wants to pay to ship them. I will probably scrap all this but want to see if someone...
  2. FJ40GURU

    Vendor  40 series NOS OEM DASH LAMP

    Genuin new discontinued part Some scratches exist. $119 shipped.
  3. B

    Wanted  Wanted FJ45 Troop Project

    Hello all, I am new around here and am looking to start an FJ45 project in CA next year. I'm not looking for a basket case but something that could be stripped down, equipped with some modern amenities (disc, upgraded suspension, stereo, etc.) and sent out for paint. Minimal rust would be...

    Crew Cab Soft Top Bandeirante has arrived!

    Hello All... Our soft top crew cab Bandeirante has finally arrived, and we were able to get in a quick cleaning in for some initials photos. Now for tire, and onto the trim shop for custom doors and top. Ill try to keep you all posted. This truck will be for sale once everything is complete.
  5. Ghostrider I

    Ever notice....

    I thought that I should post this here, as it is all encompassing. As I said, ever notice.... that lately there have been quite a few Cruisers posted up for auction on Bring A Trailer (BAT). Wonder why that is so....
  6. M

    For Sale  1979 Toyota FJ45 RHD $35500 OBO

    1979 Toyota FJ-45 RHD Land Cruiser Pickup Please follow the link above for more information and photos. Thanks for looking!
  7. HJ47

    HJ47/FJ45 Rear Jump Seats - Seat Bottom/Back Plywood Measurements?

    Hello, I finally have a line on some OEM troopy seat frames. Does anyone have the measurements for the plywood seat bottoms, as well as the plywood for the long backrests? (see pic). I could estimate, but if someone knows... Thanks!
  8. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - FJ40/Troopy Forward Facing Rear Bench Seat and Mount Frame - Toyota 70 Series

    (Now Sold) MN - FJ40/Troopy Forward Facing Rear Bench Seat and Mount Frame - Toyota 70 Series Seat and frame are sold. Toyota 70 Series Bench Seat (very similar to the 60 Series bench) with heavy duty frame to mount to the tub (drill just four tub holes for your grade 8 hardware as the two...
  9. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - Price Drop FJ40 '65-'71 Long Jump Seat Pair, Excellent Condition

    ***Now sold*** FJ40 '65-'71 Long Jump Seat Pair, Excellent Condition Update: March 15 - $600 plus shipping Update: Jan 9, Price drop from $850 to $750 local pickup (or add actual shipping) Although for the FJ40, these also fit in the troopys with existing weld nut holes (one hole on each of...
  10. Matt1260

    For Sale  1977 HJ45 - Oregon

    I'm selling this for a friend. Costa Rica import. Lots of work done on it. It was frame off "restored" by a hobbyist/enthusiast in Costa Rica with a couple of hundred pictures showing his work. It's a decent job, but some things could have been done better. LOTS of new stuff. Clutch, pressure...
  11. Devon

    USA Bullbar/Grill Guard Question

    Hello Americans In a few years after I skill up and get a lot of $$$ I will be Immigrating to the USA, I have done alot of research about moving and which cities to live, long story short I have picked two states Alaska - Anchorage or Eagle River Texas - Dallas, Fort Worth ( Leaning more...
  12. Devon

    383 Chevy FJ45

    Hi all new to this Forum Anyway I am currently in the process of rebuilding my FJ45 which has a longer tray than today's Land cruisers Anyway It had as follows 1974 F motor H41 4 speed 4.11 Gears 33 inch tyres It now has 383 Chevy V8 Rebuilt H41 4 speed Orion TC with lower low ranger gears...
  13. Fuentesfranko

    Fj45LV Weatherstripping?

    What are people doing nowadays for weatherstrips/seals on the LVs? I'm about to restore a 67' FJ45LV and I can't seem to figure out weatherstripping. I've only been able to source the little triangle front window seals and taillight seals from I need: Windshield Side windows...
  14. C

    For Sale  1978 FJ45/ BJ45

    I have a really nice solid Fj45 with a 3B and 5spd out of a bj60 for sale. Here is a link to my craigslist add. Let me know if you have any questions. Sorry in advance for the lack of pics. Email me and I can send them directly. Thanks, Jed 1978 FJ45 Diesel Landcruiser
  15. FJ45 pick up

    FJ45 pick up

  16. FJ40GURU

    Vendor  FJ40, FJ45 throttle boot reproduction

    Excellent quality reproduction of throttle boot. These are made out of heat resistant rubber. $45 shipped Bulk order is available as well. PM me if interested. Cheers
  17. nykyly

    For Sale  1964 FJ45 - Idaho, USA

    1964 Toyota Landcruiser Pickup FJ45 - project pickup. This is a great collectors piece once restored. I am slowly doing little things to get it fully operational. The engine is an original straight 6, F-type; it runs and has that great cruiser sound. The lights and speedometer and gas gauges...
  18. musemech

    For Sale  2/75 Four Speed Transfer Case 16 Spline/29T SoCal

    Selling a 2/75 4 speed t-case from an FJ40. Rebuilt and shelved as a spare, never installed. Has 16 Pline / 29 tooth input gear. Includes steel case saver, full gasket set, and seals. Asking $600 + Shipping. Moving and this isn't going with, make an offer. 22"x22"x15" 77lbs. FEDEX Ground approx...
  19. EgyptOffroad

    For Sale  NOS 40 Series Fog Lamps in original box Part # 81210 60010

    Hello, I have a few sets of NOS 40 Series Fog Lamps. Old stock forgotten for 40+ years. Fogs include bulbs. Price 160 $ for the pair of Fog Lamps including bulbs. I am located in Cairo, Egypt. Shipping costs will depend on buyers location.
  20. R

    For Sale  1974 FJ55 F1 Motor - Rebuilt and Running - late model production

    Hello - I am selling a running F1 motor that has very little miles on it since a rebuild a number of years ago. The engine is still in the Land Cruiser and running - Long story short - the only reason we are selling it is because we are rebuilding the original motor at this time. It can also...
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