1. RisingSunLCS

    For Sale  ON,Canada, Used left & right side 45 series cab corner glass

    Used Left and Right cab corner glass out of a ’78 removable top FJ45. Window seals have tears but, will be included in the sale for added protection during shipping. $500USD for the pair + shipping on your dime. I will pay for the added shipping insurance and materials. Payment via PayPal, no...
  2. M

    For Sale  nissan patrol G60 pickup

    I have a Fairly rare for theUSmarket G60 patrol pickup cab and chassis with some pretty trick motors and a bunch of new old stock parts for sale. Tones of documentation, ARB air lockers/compressor, spare body panels seats steering wheels, turbo manifolds, injectors, multiple PTO winches, and...
  3. MES

    For Sale  FJ40 OEM Radiator. Used. #16400-49356 Portland, OR

    Up for sale is a used OEM brass radiator. Part number #16400-49356 Was "jerry rigged" temporarily in a 70 series for a few months so I can drive the car around for parts. Realistically it has less than 100 miles on it. It was brand new from the dealer. Its been in storage for 2 months. Its...
  4. holeshot haeger

    For Sale  FJ45 14" Drum Brakes Complete. Sacramento, CA

    14" drum brake set complete and great condition pulled off of 1978 Toyota FJ45 1 ton full floater Canadian axle. Heavy! Located in Sacramento. $200
  5. seth

    For Sale  Los Angeles: FJ45 Rear Bumper

    Hey guys, selling a hefty rear bumper off of my 1967 FJ45. It’s built quite well, and was tied in to the frame in a few spots. Has a slight bend on the passenger side that I tried heating up and pounding out. I figure someone that has been looking for one of these will be willing to fix it. $500...
  6. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  Blower motor for 65’ fj45

    As title says I’m looking for a blower motor for my 65 Fj45. Id love as clean and period correct as I can find. Pics are of what I pulled out. Thanks
  7. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  SD40 Carb

    Would like to find a large window sd40 that would be correct for my 65’ 45. If someone has one laying around let me know. Thanks
  8. syeterian

    Importing a 1982 FJ45 Troopy to SOCAL

    Hey all, I had decided to fully frame restore my dad's 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Troopy (gasoline 2F engine). I will be getting the car from Aleppo, Syria as it is just sitting there like a duck and getting coated with dust. So I decided to do a project out of it while being in San Diego...
  9. Dustin Messina

    Wanted  65' Fj45 Tailgate Hinge (1) and Chrome Heater Panel Plug

    I am looking for some parts for my 65 fj45. Rear reflectors must be correct ones Chrome plug for fan panel Center tail gate hinge I would be open to a factory spec large window single barrel, I have the small window after market window that was available from 70' on as a dealer replacement...
  10. G

    Builds  FInally starting FJ-45 LPB Restomod.

    I have had this FJ-45 in storage for many years, and am finally starting on the rebuild. We have had the frame blasted, primed, and painted, and the body goes to media blasting later this week. It is a 67 LPB, original US truck. The motor was swapped some time ago to a Toyota Diesel, but the...
  11. bkfj40

    SOLD  VA: 1965 fj45 removable top pickup

    I have a brass tagged 1965 fj45 pickup. I bought this five years or so ago from @shmukster after he put a used 1972 f engine in it . My brother in law “helped” me adjust the distributor....but it didn’t get seated all the way. Ended up locking up the motor due to lack of oil flow - happens...
  12. R

    For Sale  1983 Toyota FJ45 LandCruiser Troop Carrier imported from Australia 1983 Toyota FJ45 LandCruiser Troop Carrier imported from Australia I am Selling my Iconic company vehicle to support the needs of another business. It is a 1983 Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier, that...
  13. J

    77 FJ45 Restoration advice required for the best sale price

    Hi everyone, A friend of mine would like me to restore his 1977 FJ45. He originally bought it to keep but has lost interest. He had a guy "restore" it for $2000. Besides taking nearly a year the job was 'what he paid for'. I told him that I will restore it properly so that he can get the best...
  14. ExpatResto

    1983 FJ45 Build

    Ok , so I’ve always been after a shorty 40 or a 45 series and when one popped up I quickly jumped on the chance to buy it! It’s been heavily modify already (not the way I would of gone but beggars can’t be choosers!). It’s currently sporting an EFI ford 302 v8 (presumably Windsor) , t700...
  15. Y

    FJ45 Ute Retractable Roof Mod

    Hi Every one First post here. I am thinking about setting up the roof so that I can unlock it and then slide in back so it sits behind the cab between the cab and the tray. The plan would be to put some rails on the back of the cab and then have some roller-dore like things on the roof so it...
  16. kylenine

    SOLD  Billings: 1965 LWB FJ45

    First and foremost, this is not a project for the faint of heart. With that said, I am selling my 1965 lwb fj45 removable hard top. I am the third owner. The first owner had it on a farm in Northeastern Wyoming. He passed away and the cruiser sat in a field until it was purchased by the second...
  17. DSC00455.JPG


    Shop truck & shop dawg. Both need washed.
  18. DSC00452.JPG


  19. F

    SOLD  Orange County, CA FJ45 Rear Windows Curved Glass

    Hello -- I have new old stock driver's side glass AND passenger side glass, both of them are curved rear windows (corner glass). These were spares for my 1965 FJ45 truck but I sold the rig years ago and completely forgot about these part that were sitting in a cabinet in the garage -- not sure...
  20. houstonfj40

    Builds  “Big City”, 1981 FJ45 LPB

    Well, now that baseball is over, time to let the adventures begin. Big City after the Merle Haggard song, man I cant wait to let the city go and end up n the middle of Montana. Yes, I had the truck built. Turned 50 this year and wanted a truck that wasn’t a project, one I could just enjoy. I...
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