1. R

    For Sale  1983 Toyota FJ45 LandCruiser Troop Carrier imported from Australia 1983 Toyota FJ45 LandCruiser Troop Carrier imported from Australia I am Selling my Iconic company vehicle to support the needs of another business. It is a 1983 Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier, that...
  2. J

    77 FJ45 Restoration advice required for the best sale price

    Hi everyone, A friend of mine would like me to restore his 1977 FJ45. He originally bought it to keep but has lost interest. He had a guy "restore" it for $2000. Besides taking nearly a year the job was 'what he paid for'. I told him that I will restore it properly so that he can get the best...
  3. ExpatResto

    1983 FJ45 Build

    Ok , so I’ve always been after a shorty 40 or a 45 series and when one popped up I quickly jumped on the chance to buy it! It’s been heavily modify already (not the way I would of gone but beggars can’t be choosers!). It’s currently sporting an EFI ford 302 v8 (presumably Windsor) , t700...
  4. Y

    FJ45 Ute Retractable Roof Mod

    Hi Every one First post here. I am thinking about setting up the roof so that I can unlock it and then slide in back so it sits behind the cab between the cab and the tray. The plan would be to put some rails on the back of the cab and then have some roller-dore like things on the roof so it...
  5. kylenine

    For Sale  Billings: 1965 LWB FJ45

    First and foremost, this is not a project for the faint of heart. With that said, I am selling my 1965 lwb fj45 removable hard top. I am the third owner. The first owner had it on a farm in Northeastern Wyoming. He passed away and the cruiser sat in a field until it was purchased by the second...
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    Shop truck & shop dawg. Both need washed.
  7. DSC00452.JPG


  8. F

    SOLD  Orange County, CA FJ45 Rear Windows Curved Glass

    Hello -- I have new old stock driver's side glass AND passenger side glass, both of them are curved rear windows (corner glass). These were spares for my 1965 FJ45 truck but I sold the rig years ago and completely forgot about these part that were sitting in a cabinet in the garage -- not sure...
  9. houstonfj40

    Builds  “Big City”, 1981 FJ45 LPB

    Well, now that baseball is over, time to let the adventures begin. Big City after the Merle Haggard song, man I cant wait to let the city go and end up n the middle of Montana. Yes, I had the truck built. Turned 50 this year and wanted a truck that wasn’t a project, one I could just enjoy. I...
  10. Sheppard

    SOLD  FJ40 FJ45 OEM Tailgate hinge and latches

    These are extra parts I bought for a tailgate project I was working on. Plan was to flip one latch and hook for a functioning tailgate for my 79 FJ40 since the left latch has been discontinued by Toyota. I was able to find a left latch and hook so they are no longer needed. Offering parts for...
  11. Kshennan

    SOLD  1982 FJ45 RHD

    Hi all, I'm heading off to graduate school and have decided to sell my FJ45 Land Cruiser. It is a 1982, in "breathe green". I purchased it from someone in North Carolina who told me it was originally from Indonesia, and made its way to Canada and then to North Carolina. I believe the frame may...
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    Fj45 roof
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    Fj45 roof
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    Fj45 roof
  15. IMG_20190425_081600492.jpg


    Fj45 roof
  16. C

    Fj45 VR? Electrical issue

    Ok so few days ago i pulled the dash out of my 1972 fj45 to replace the speedo cable peice of cake, but after trying to reconnect the neg side of battery i had a short worked out old radio was shorting somewhere, after that headlights stopped working shook a few wires and sorted that out, my...
  17. TeamJB

    For Sale  NOS D40 Aisan carb

    Hello I have NOS d40 aisan carbs for early F series ... Each 375$ or OBO
  18. Y

    Guatemalan 1976 FJ45 questions

    Hey guys/gals. I'm currently living in Guatemala and have found what seems to be a pretty good deal on a restored FJ45. I'm very new to the world of buying FJs but I've always loved the classic look and am excited by the possibility of getting my first one. I'm going to speak with the mechanic...
  19. mrjordann

    eBay  OEM FJ40 Soft Doors

    Factory soft doors, I assume they fit any 40-series. here is a link to the ebay post
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