1. F

    For Sale  TN: 1982/FJ45/Troopy

    1982 FJ45 Troopy. Super cool truck, original paint and about as solid as you will find. Runs and drives excellent. Factory AC truck. 2F 4spd, RHD from Australia. Working on a set of FJ60 wheels and 33’s to go on it. Hope to have back from powdercoat this week. Would consider a trade on a 40, but...
  2. chubbybunny

    Wanted  Wanted: FJ45 roof

    Looking for a roof, any condition, preferably in the southwestern region of the US. Thanks!
  3. Wadesters

    Wanted  Hand Throttle and bracket for 1965 FJ45 (I know it will be hard to find)

    Hand Throttle and bracket for 1965 FJ45 (I know it will be hard to find)
  4. Wadesters

    Wanted  Hand Throttle and bracket for 1965 FJ45 (I know it will be hard to find)

    Hand Throttle and bracket for 1965 FJ45 (I know it will be hard to find)
  5. cruisermatt

    Wanted  LPB Tailgate

    Looking to buy a OEM tailgate for an LPB, later 4-hinge version.
  6. FJ40 MATT

    For Sale  FJ40 / FJ45 Hood Spear in NJ

    Selling a hood spear off a 69 FJ40 Sold
  7. N

    Winch PTO on 1977 FJ45 - Wonder what this might this be?

    This new to me 1977 FJ45 has a PTO and PTO driveshaft to the front, but no winch. Judging by the shifter mount, I doubt that the FJ originally came with a PTO winch - I could be wrong though. The shifter pivots forwards and backwards on a mount fastened to the top of the tunnel. The PTO...
  8. Wadesters

    Wanted  E-Brake Stud for drive shaft M8 needed (1965 FJ45 LPB) ** see picture

    I need one stud for my emergency brake. Size is an M8. It is for a 1965 FJ45 LPB. I have not checked with Napa etc... but if someone can tell me if they might have it that is what I will do. Just thought someone might have an extra or can point me where to get one. I am located in Newnan...
  9. Wadesters

    Documentary on Netflix titled: Buried. (cool original FJ45LPB driving around in the snow)

    Anyone ever see this documentary: BURIED on Netflix: A feature length documentary based on the events and circumstances surrounding the 1982 avalanche in Alpine Meadows, CA. Cool FJ45 Truck driving through the snow in it.
  10. Lifelong40Fan

    SOLD  U bolts for FJ45 front axle

    I'm swapping a disc brake front axle into my FJ45 and need new ubolts. Anyone have a set of 4 they're not needing? Thank you, Mike
  11. cppilot

    For Sale  Southern Oregon: FJ45 piece of hand made art

    I have a hand made piece of FJ45 artwork Up for grabs. $20 includes shipping. Mark
  12. Terrax

    Engine rebuilt my baby is back!!

    After 5.5 long months (engine rebuilt), my baby is back!! Runs like new, need to break it in.
  13. owensexport

    FJ45 SWB 4WD cable broken!

    I am preparing my 1965 FJ45 SWB for sale and The 4wd vacuum control cable broke. Has any come up with a way to remove the unique Toyota cable from the handle and replace it? I can't tell if the wire is soldered or leaded into the barrel of the handle or is just press fit. Anyone have suggestions?
  14. Wadesters

    Wanted  1965 FJ45 LPB License Plate Light Lens ** see picture

    Lens is built into tailight. I have the one that came out but looks like it is melted / misshapen. It does not have a normal part number. It had a lot of strip caulk around it and seems too small so I am thinking it is not original. My parts book says it should be part # 81270-36010 Anyone...
  15. N

    Wanted  FJ45 - Western Canada - Need body parts

    1978 FJ45 body parts needed. New or good used OK. Need box sides, box floor, patch panels for both doors, inner and outer rockers for both sides, torpedo lateral both sides, patch panels for rear of floor, patch panels for rear cab corners or complete lower back cab panel. Individual parts or...
  16. Samuridave

    For Sale  Houston,TX/1977 FJ45

    Selling my 1977 FJ45 that I’ve owned 15 years. Purchased in Alberta, Canada in 2008 while I was living there. Imported her when I was transferred back to Houston,TX in 2014. These are the things I’ve done since owning her: OME suspension, rebuilt alternator, brake job and tie rods. Was...
  17. knuckle47

    FJ45 Floor Mat

    I have seen several FJ45’s with good looking 1 piece floor mats… I would think the City Racer mat looks like it would fit but that is only a simple observation…does anyone know of a source for this mat? Rubber or otherwise Thank you in Advance
  18. red66toy

    SOLD  Pre-1965 FJ40 shorty running boards- reproductions

    Hey all, I recently purchased a great pair of reproduction shorty running boards from a skilled cruiserhead in Australia. Since they are hard to get, I brought in an extra pair for efficiency. Available for cost plus shipping within the US. $317 + shipping. Comes with trim screws. Pics from...
  19. M

    New to me

    Not technically a 45 but close enough and not sure where else to post. 83 hj47 from Nicaragua.
  20. hyhpe

    Wanted  FJ45 SWB Bed

    Looking for solid OEM FJ45 SWB bed. No shipping is necessary. I’ll pick it up. Thank you.
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