1. mccaleb77

    SOLD  Utah - 63-67 door handle assemblies

    Set of door handles. Passenger inside handle has a twist on it. Working condition. $60.00 + shipping (84124) thanks, Mike
  2. mccaleb77

    SOLD  Utah - Vader light

    Vader light and switch. OEM parts. $450 thanks, Mike
  3. mccaleb77

    SOLD  Utah - early door pull set

    74 and earlier door pull set with screws $75.00 + shipping thanks, Mike
  4. grantmccaleb

    SOLD  Utah: FJ40 Bib, Bezel and Grille - $400

    I have a bib, bezel, grille and emblem for a Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser. All parts in good shape with no rust. Bezel does need to be sandblasted and chrome removed which is under the white paint. Located in Utah and will ship as long as you cover the shipping cost.
  5. DCAlbarran

    For Sale  So Cal. - 1964 FJ45 SWB

    Our FJ45 didn't sell on BaT in November, but we are still interested in selling/trading and moving into something for family friendly (we are 6 now). All the information I could think of is in the BaT ad linked here , but if anyone has more specific questions that weren't there, I can dig them...
  6. grantmccaleb

    SOLD  Utah: Early 76 FJ40 Tire Carrier Latch Hook

    I'm in need of an early 76 FJ40 tire carrier latch hook. See image below for the hook that I'm in need of (image with red background). I also have a early FJ40 tire carrier hook that I can trade if you're interested (see second image).
  7. O

    For Sale  1980 Toyota BJ44 FOR SALE - was previous auction announcement.

    This 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ44 is a right-hand-drive wagon that was sold new in Japan and imported into the US during previous ownership. It is finished in red with a white roof over a two-tone interior and is powered by a 3.2-liter diesel inline-four paired with a four-speed manual...
  8. sportinglife

    Any FJ45 Troopy build threads?

    Hey everyone. I have looked around and cannot find any Troopy build threads. Maybe I'm missing something but would like to see what mods folks have done to their Troopys. Also, does anyone make rock sliders/steps for a FJ45 Troopy? Thanks!
  9. 40FOX

    FJ45 1965 Body Mounts?

    I have started a new project, a 1965 FJ45, but I have having some trouble finding body mounts, can any one time me if they are the same as the later models 1967 on? Thanks
  10. 40FOX

    40 Channel GIVEAWAY!

    Hi guys I am doing a give away on Channel and my Instagram , but time is running out!
  11. FJ40 that green thing

    Trade  Wyoming 1982 Toyota FJ45 LWB Pickup LHD

    I have lovingly restored this Land Cruiser over the last 2-3 years as a lifelong fan of the 40 series, this is one of a few that I have restored/owned just as a hobby and appreciator of vintage 4x4's. I am kind of open to the idea of trading it for something else equally or more awesome. I'm...
  12. maxofarabia

    Barnfind Fj45 pickup - from Saudi with love

    It’s been a while but I’m back. After selling my Fj45 a few years ago I’ve slowly been playing the Toyota game and have bought and sold a few cruisers. Currently I’m sitting on a 1973 hilux, two fj45s, abs two Fj60s. I have learned my lesson on full restorations so now do my best to avoid...
  13. W

    HJ45 Power steering

    G'day guys. New to the forum. I've recently purchased a 1979 HJ45 Troop Carrier and I'm keen to put power steering in it. Does anyone know where to find a kit/what I can use from another car/How I can do it? Thanks!
  14. grantmccaleb

    SOLD  UT: OEM Hood and Windshield hooks/latches

    I have a set of oem latches that are stripped and ready for paint. $80 plus shipping.
  15. A

    Help identifying FJ45 Headlight bezel

    Can someone please shed some light on which is the correct Headlight Bezel for my 08/1978, FJ45 (Australian market) - Round or Square?
  16. grantmccaleb

    SOLD  UT: FJ40 parts

    Fj40 parts for sale, prices listed on photo. Buyer pays shipping. Located just outside SLC Utah
  17. grantmccaleb

    SOLD  UT - FJ40 Parts - Updated Pricing

    I have a few parts that I’m getting rid of. Wiper covers, wiper motors, frame bump stops, cowl vents, hinges etc. Let me know what item you want, first come first serve. Buyer pays shipping costs. Venmo only. DM me for questions.
  18. jmphilion

    For Sale  FJ40 / FJ45 AM Radio unit with speaker (86120-35025) working

    Hi, i'm selling this unit.. Toyota FJ40 / FJ45 AM Radio unit with speaker (86120-35025) CR-261 working. Condition is Used, speaker is shot (paper has tears), Buttons and knobs works fine. No AM broadcast up here anymore, but it produces tuning sound. I have a auction still going, it ends soon...
  19. RisingSunLCS

    For Sale  ON,Canada, Used left & right side 45 series cab corner glass

    Used Left and Right cab corner glass out of a ’78 removable top FJ45. Window seals have tears but, will be included in the sale for added protection during shipping. $500USD for the pair + shipping on your dime. I will pay for the added shipping insurance and materials. Payment via PayPal, no...
  20. M

    For Sale  nissan patrol G60 pickup

    I have a Fairly rare for theUSmarket G60 patrol pickup cab and chassis with some pretty trick motors and a bunch of new old stock parts for sale. Tones of documentation, ARB air lockers/compressor, spare body panels seats steering wheels, turbo manifolds, injectors, multiple PTO winches, and...
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