1. notquitebushy

    Intro Thread: My Hundy, with Unichip, Pacemakers Extractors, Hi Flo Cats and twin system.

    Hi All, been lurking for a couple of months but didnt have anything to add until my FIL decided he'd offload his surplus GoPro. So I slapped it to the back of the hundy and did a 5 min trip around my house. As the title suggests the car has pacemaker extractors, hi flow cats, unichip and custom...
  2. Runnin On Empty

    Best Manifold Sealing Options?

    Ok LC Gurus, Here’s the deal, I’m putting my freshly rebuilt 1975 2F back together and I need my headers to seal up right this time. I’ve always had trouble getting a correct seal on the intake and headers (at least since my dad put headers on it when he owned it). At the advice of my mechanic...
  3. RedComet

    91-92 FJ80 Y Pipe Options

    Hi all, I'm going to be tackling my exhaust soon. While most of the parts seem to be easy to source, I cannot for the life of me find a supplier of an aftermarket Y-Pipe. My question is, are their really any options left for replacing the Y section besides Toyota OEM? Or is this something that...
  4. 4runnin2

    For Sale  Cincinnati 80 series shield for frame over exhaust

    $60 shipped to lower 48. Cleaning out the garage.
  5. LandCruiczar

    Thoughts on what to upgrade first?

    Howdy! Relatively new to the LC community. Got my UZJ100 around a year and a half ago at 188k. It's now at 201k. Here's a small breakdown of what I've done since. Don't get excited, it's all maintenance, no upgrades: odometer job, parts, fluids, etc. 188.1 CV & Tierod (L), rear axel seal...
  6. RyanTomorrow

    New exhaust, new CEL

    Hi y’all, So I finally got around to installing a full exhaust replacement for my 1997. On the recommendation from @beno I went with a Magnaflow y-pipe and cats, with a Borla cat-back and brand new Denso O2 sensors. Since install, I’ve been getting a CEL with a code P0125, insufficient...
  7. nmcbride89

    For Sale  FJ 62 exhaust downpipes, nuts and gaskets (Baton Rouge, LA)

    I sold my FJ62, so I have no need for the downpipes that I purchased awhile back. These are the pipes that connect to the headers and include mounting locations for O2 sensors. I also have OEM gaskets and locknuts that are included in the sale. The pipes are in good shape, except for one...
  8. Ebike toter

    Looking for donation- cracked 2L-TE Head

    Hi all.. I am starting to design a new 2L-TE inake & exhaust package complete with 3"exhaust & intercooler.. I need an old "useless" head to 3D laser scan & knit into my completed engine bay laser scans. So if you've got a cracked head reach out to me... I can put your "junk" to good use... Cheers
  9. Memphisau79

    BJ40 Exhaust smoke

    Howdy! First time posting... I have a 78 BJ40 that I’ve been rebuilding, and when firing it up for the first time, exhaust smoke was excessive, sometimes grey, sometimes darker and would calm to almost normal when bringing RPMs up. Attached are a few photos illustrating the changes as I start...
  10. HDJdreams

    2.5, 2.75, or 3” Exhaust for new 95-97 Wit’s End Turbo?

    The exhaust on my 97 is shot. Especially where the pipe goes over the crossmember by the rear axle, that has pounded itself almost flat after the exhaust mounts wore out. (Mounts have been repaired) When @NLXTACY turbo arrives :clap:, I will need a new exhaust. I was hoping to use @OTRAMM SS...
  11. T

    2011 LC with 60K miles exhaust issues

    Loud from forward aspect of exhaust, had dealer look and guy tells me 50% chance of a catalytic converter problem as well but won't know til looks -- seems odd for 60K cat failure but wondered if anyone had an opinon
  12. Empty room

    My 1995 300ZX Magnaflow EXHAUST sound, my other interest!

    Hello here’s my 1995 300ZX SS Magnaflow exhaust! Video below Nissan 300Z Magnaflow best exhaust no Flowmaster Borla MagnaFlow #14805 stainless steel dual tip mufflers -stainless X-pipe -drone branch resonators -magnaflow High flow 200 CEL cats -Jim Wolf Technology POP Velocity stack cold...
  13. paulzak

    Fix 4 Exhaust Pipe Banging on Rear X-Member

    Forgive me if this is obvious or has been suggested before but I haven't run across it. For whatever reason, the spacing between the exhaust pipe and my '92 FJ80 rear cross member was tight enough to bang when driven on my 3/4 mi gravel driveway. After confirming that the mounting cushions...
  14. J

    Exhaust rubbing on u-joint due to unknown broken part (pictures incl.)

    Does anyone know what this part is? The exhaust pipe in the middle is grinding against the u-joint. And noticed the exhaust was sagging lower than it should. Then noticed that this piece was broken. Anyone know the name of it and how to replace?
  15. AussieRedneck

    For Sale  FZJ80 MagnaFlow 23120 Y-pipe with cat, SOLD!!!

    Bought this and sold my FZJ80. Mine was a 95. Check MagnaFlow for your year fitment. $300 + shipping.
  16. AaKnight

    needing a little exhaust advice

    got a little problem and looking for some advice. the P.O. had apparently added this accordion after the Y. appears to be a vibrant 3" accordion bellows. When I look at stock exhaust pics I don't see any sort of flex joints in the exhaust, so is this is a necessary addition? when I look...
  17. greekest

    New FJ40 304SS exhaust - interest?

    Hello everyone, I’ve had my 40 since October and have slowly been working through the list of items to get it running. The previous owner replaced the stock exhaust at some point and it is now currently hanging beneath the frame rail. It also has 3-4 holes in it. I did some research and i was...
  18. Grade D Angel

    SOLD  Doug Thorley Exhaust, 100 series, Bellevue WA

    Doug Thorley catback stainless steel exhaust system for 1999-2005 Land Cruiser / LX470. I ran it for a little over a year, but realized I'm an old man and wanted a quiet stock exhaust system. Overall in really good shape. You'll need two new clamps (any generic brand clamp would work) and you'll...
  19. Chachi254

    1996 1FZ-FE with 200k started billowing thick white smoke when accelerating from stoplight

    So, a couple days ago I cleaned my TB and intake with TB cleaner and Seafoam. Everything has been fine but today, after driving all day without issue, I accelerated from a stoplight and white smoke began billowing out of my exhaust for a good 50yds. It was thick white smoke and it hung around...
  20. Ohthetrees

    How hard to check manifold bolts?

    Hi there, I have a mild/moderate exhaust leak on the left side that goes away when warmed up. I've been reading doug thorley header threads, and noticed a couple that just turned out to be loose bolts, not cracked manifold. How involved is it to check the bolts, or is it one of those things...
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