1. thunderhog

    OEM exhaust converter retainer melting?

    Hi mud h8ers, I have a really stupid question. I am trying to close a leak in my exhaust system at the flange where the catalytic converter meets the muffler. Can the converter retainer on the exhaust system melt? My 1997 has a pretty rusty exhaust system, and I replaced the gasket, bolts, nuts...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  96 Y pipe complete with cats and 02 sensor, + rest of exhaust system

    SoCal From a 96 with 250K, no check engine lights. $225 Local pickup please, otherwise expect expensive shipping which I have no control over. Headpipe Tailpipe Muffler Exhaust manifolds Heat shields (for exhaust manifolds) have small cracks Complete system
  3. CruiserTrash

    Exhaust donut burned again?

    I’ve replaced the gasket/donut between the manifold and downpipe four times in the past year, and every time I open up that flange the donut is burned up. The one picture below was in for three weeks. This one was a Japanese made Felpro. Stock 2Fmotor with a Jim C carb. Compression ranges...
  4. Wrencher93

    Exhaust fabrication questions

    Ok so I've done some reading off and on relating to this subject. Most of the information on this forum is about exhaust routing, aftermarket brands, exhaust leaks, repairs, etc. It's all good stuff but I have some specific questions about exhaust fabrication in terms of joints. I want to know...
  5. mrjordann

    Any suggestions for a Quiet, High-Flow Muffler?

    Hi, I've got 6-into-1 headers on my 1973 F motor. I want a muffler relatively quiet but something I can hear at idle. Preferably quiet at high RPMs. But I also would like something High-Flow if possible. Or at least, I don't want a muffler to add backpressure as a compromise for being quiet. I...
  6. Talon Patt

    Muffler for 1985 FJ73 3F

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding a muffler for my 1985 FJ73 with a 3F engine in it. Recently a hole appeared in the factory muffler. I have been wanting to upgrade to a new muffler to give it a nastier sound. I have been looking at a Flowmaster series 44 muffler, similar to one...
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal FJ80 A Variety of Exhaust Parts 93-97 available now, 91-92 exhaust parts available in mid January

    All Parts as pictured: 95-97 Muffler and Flanged Pipe (aftermarket, FRESH) see picture $75- no shipping 93-94 Downpipes (Go from Exhaust Manfolds to front of twin cats) $125 for both, $65 each, ready to weld to cats. 93-94 Y pipe, goes from rear of twin cats over the frame. This connects to...
  8. D

    Egr exhaust to J Pipe stud sizes

    Hey all - it looks like the last yokel in here broke off or did away with the exhaust manifold to egr mating stud on one side. I’d really prefer not to wait days for a replacement — anyoneknow the thread and size spec of those things?
  9. RyanJMU

    SOLD  Central Coast, CA 1998-05 Land Cruiser/Lexus LX470 Doug Thorley Cat Back Exhaust Kit

    Hi there, I have a pretty much brand new 98-05 Doug Thorley Cat Back Exhaust kit for sale. I installed this exhaust on my 100 series to test it out, I drove around for about 2 weeks (maybe 300 miles) then decided to take it off. It's in great shape and is ready for a new home. I'd like...
  10. Drake2

    SOLD  WI - F header, 2 Piece - Price drop

    From a running 73 F engine that locked up. Unsure of the brand but there are a couple of part numbers 2302A & 2302B. They are also labeled F and R and can only assume they had planned on putting them back on. Good condition and I do not see any holes or other issues. $50.00 plus shipping
  11. N

    For Sale  Los Angeles 2006 gx470 OEM exhaust 140k miles

    I’ve got the manifold tick, so I’m replacing with doug Thorley shorty headers. Figured I’d save on shipping and grab a Gibson exhaust as well so while it’s in the shop I’ll slap that on too. This will leave me with some spare parts. The old manifold(s) are trash but the exhaust/muffler from the...
  12. G

    SOLD  Borla 14590 exhaust

    I did the exhaust on my 80 and didn’t use this. brand new in box parts, rear hanger bracket on mid section will need to be flipped as they welded them on backwards it seems to happen pretty often with Borla. Asking 400.00 plus shipping. I can drop off at fedex or ups. Will come in original...
  13. 60ranchero

    Wanted  F Exhaust Manifold or 2F Down Pipe

    Looking for a 1971 F exhaust manifold or down pipe for 1984 2F manifold - entire down pipe or flanged section that mounts to a 2F manifold. Thanks.
  14. soreneagle

    GX470 CatBack exhaust video

    Hey friends. I finally got around to finishing this video and wanted to share it with you all. I hope this will help you guys decide if you want to do the same or similar. Enjoy!
  15. batthewmrown


    Well, it's official. The carb cleaner spray test has confirmed my suspicions, so it looks like I'm planning on replacing my IN/EX manifold gasket and all the bits and bobs associated with that. What I'm really looking for is some feedback on my parts list. I'm hoping I can get everything in one...
  16. gregnash

    Custom exhaust question...

    Looking for a little welding project for myself when I am done messing with the axles. Previously when I did the exhaust on BeBe, my FJ60, I used a converter/adapter to go from the stock 2.25" exhaust up to the 2.5" from the down pipe back. Basically this was stock exhaust manifold until just...
  17. DesertRose

    1988 FJ62 Exhaust Manifold Leak and Parts Issue

    Fine people of the IH8MUD community I need your help! I've been a member of this site since 2009 but have never really posted as my FJ has had no issues! [In advance - I already tried searching for the answer to this on the website but was unable to find my answers.] I have an 88 FJ62 -...
  18. Torquen

    LX470 02 sensor CEL post exhaust install

    Hi all, I recently installed an aftermarket exhaust and headers package on my '03 LX470. Within 15 mins of picking up the vehicle, the CEL has come on (along with the VSC and VTC lights). Now, I haven't checked the code as yet but I'd bet my house on the 02 sensor after the cat being the issue...
  19. notquitebushy

    Intro Thread: My Hundy, with Unichip, Pacemakers Extractors, Hi Flo Cats and twin system.

    Hi All, been lurking for a couple of months but didnt have anything to add until my FIL decided he'd offload his surplus GoPro. So I slapped it to the back of the hundy and did a 5 min trip around my house. As the title suggests the car has pacemaker extractors, hi flow cats, unichip and custom...
  20. Runnin On Empty

    Best Manifold Sealing Options?

    Ok LC Gurus, Here’s the deal, I’m putting my freshly rebuilt 1975 2F back together and I need my headers to seal up right this time. I’ve always had trouble getting a correct seal on the intake and headers (at least since my dad put headers on it when he owned it). At the advice of my mechanic...
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