1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Computer 4 wheel drive Control for factory Lockers FJ80 and LX450

    SoCal; can ship same day: This is the factory, Denso, mini ECU for locker control on USA 12V factory locker systems. No water damage, No dirt, No issues. The front and rear lockers are already sold. The buyer has this ECU. This module fits in the Passenger Side Kick Panel. This module is...
  2. S

    For Sale  Florida 100 Series e locker rear diff with switch plug and play

    I have a 98-02 (4speed) 100Series rear E-Locker for sale. It Comes with a new 12v guy actuator harness and switch and has been tested. Here is a video $900 Freight Shipping Hub to Hub should be around 250. Let me know you zip and I can get a quote for you
  3. krs2fur

    For Sale  SOLD - E-Locked rear axle - Sacramento, CA

    E-Locked Toyota FJ80 / FZJ80 / 80 Series Landcruiser rear axle 9¼" diff (chunk/drop out also compatible with FJ60/FJ40 axles) Full Floater (I was told from a 1993) Complete MINUS all brake hydraulics (no calipers, hoses, hard brake lines) - I got it this way. If you've got a 93-97...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Complete Rear E Locked Axle with Nitro 4.88 gears

    SoCal This is complete with wiring harness, brakes and all. Ready to bolt in. Full Float from a 1996. The wiring harness is a simplified harness built by the 12Vguy.com for easy installation into a non locker FJ80. (The axle is out of Mud member "Zapata"'s awesome FJ80). Price is $1,000...
  5. KLF

    SOLD  TRD 8" e-locker, ready for regear

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a TRD rear electric locker, not sure if it's from a Tacoma or 4Runner, can't remember the age either. I bought it as a spare years ago in case anything ever went wrong with the one I had in the back of my mini, but never needed it. The front pinion bearing was bad when I...
  6. Bluetribal

    Axle - Gears - Lockers GX470 Upgrade Thread

    Most info I have come across searching for rear axle upgrades, re-gearing, & lockers is located in build threads and it's difficult to piece it all together. So I would like to make this a comprehensive thread with all the info you could need in one location. In this thread I would like to...
  7. firewalker

    Front E-locker will not engage question

    hello all, My front e-locker will not engage. I use them regularly and both axles have always quickly locked and unlocked. A week ago when I turned the lockers off the front would not unlock. I turned off the center diff lock and drove in circles forward and backward until it finally...
  8. O

    For Sale  98 LC w/ E-Locker @ 175k near Baltimore, MD

    1998 Land Cruiser w/ 175,000 miles. Purchased spring of 2015 at ~155,000 miles. Exterior and interior both in good shape - no damage to clear coat and no tears in the leather. Some rust underneath - has spent its life in the northeast. Oil changed with Mobil 1 synthetic oil and filter every 5k...
  9. D

    E-Locker Lights don't come on

    Hi everyone, I have a 95 fj80 with e-lockers. I had to go out of town and had a shop change the oil, replace the differential gear fluid, they checked out the e-brake and the checked out the EGR. I got it back tonight and as I'm prepping for Toyota Jamboree I decided to engage the lockers to...
  10. OREGON85

    e-Locker third stuck

    I'm trying to get my e-locker third to come out of the axle housing, but I can't get it out. I slide out out on the studs about 1/2 inch and then 'clunk' it hits something. What do I need to do? Thanks!
  11. BMThiker

    FJC Harrop e-locker clamshell install

    I've been slowly rebuilding my front end drive train since last August when I had an unfortunate incident on a gravel road. I won't go into that in detail here, but one of the results was a blown front differential. A few months ago I was made aware of Harrop's option for the FJC through...
  12. J

    rear e-locker wire run

    I did all the interior wiring/relay stuff for my rear e-locker before I turned it over to the pros for installation. I ran the power wire under the RH rocker cover or threshold plate. It popped out again under the carpet to the right of the rear seat. This is how the mechanic finished the...
  13. Bassumarus

    E-Locker Axle Swap Info Quest

    Hey all, I've got a line on a 93 Cruiser with e-lockers for about $2.5k. It has a bunch of other parts I'm interested in grabbing for my current rig - a 97 Cruiser, so I'm not considering this price for the lockers alone. For the fairly light trails I do a few times per year, there is no...
  14. hoser

    For Sale  FZJ80 Rear Full Floater E-locker Axle (NorCal)

    For Sale, FZJ80 Full Floater E-locker Rear Axle. Complete, except for brake calipers. 4.10 gears. Tested the e-locker with 12V but no movement. I have not had the chance to troubleshoot it. I don't think it has been used in a long, long time. $650/obo Pick up near Auburn, CA. Shipping is...
  15. Stoshu

    For Sale  1994 FZJ80 E-locker rear harness, switch, ECM -NE PA - SOLD

    Selling the following parts from a 1994 factory 3X locked FZJ80. Rear electrical harness including actuator vent tube, factory locker dash switch, and Toyota ECM for lockers. SOLD for all, plus shipping. Will fit in a flat rate box. Rear harness: Dash switch and ECM:
  16. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  Clearing out the garage, bunch of stuff + e-locker. Grand Junction, CO

    Hey all, First, lets wish Woody good luck at Hammer '17 tomorrow. There is a entire community wishing he will be victorious. I am clearing out my garage of all unused parts. Items are listed with all pictures. As stuff gets sold the details will go away. Buy pays shipping cost also if needed...
  17. N

    For Sale  93-97 Fj80 rear E-locker 3rd member 550.00 Ky.

    Looking to sell a rear fj80 e-locker with factory 411 gears. Decided to go ARB's with my project. I don't know how to post picks but can text pictures if needed. Price is 500.00 Cant edit the post title.
  18. clownmidget

    For Sale  SOLD

  19. V

    FZJ-80 Rear E-Locker stopped working

    97' LC With the ignition in accessory mode: 1. Lock the CDL. GOOD! 2. Rotate dash button to lock the RR. I hear a click in the passenger dashboard but nothing at the rear actuator 3. Rotate dash button to lock FR. I hear a click in the passenger dash and then hear the locker actuator move...
  20. sokoji

    For Sale  E-locker Switch and ECU (IL)

    I have a E-locker switch and ECU that I bought out of a 96 FZJ80 for a locked axle swap that will probably never happen since I am so busy at work. Not sure what to ask but I would like to get $130 for both plus the ride. ECU and switch locker by sokoji posted Jan 15, 2017 at 6:55 PM
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