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Mar 8, 2015
Elverta, CA 95626
E-Locked Toyota FJ80 / FZJ80 / 80 Series Landcruiser rear axle

9¼" diff (chunk/drop out also compatible with FJ60/FJ40 axles)

Full Floater (I was told from a 1993)

Complete MINUS all brake hydraulics (no calipers, hoses, hard brake lines) - I got it this way. If you've got a 93-97 Landcruiser/LX450 that DOESN'T have the locker, you can pull all the brake hydraulics from your axle, tie up to your frame, then roll out your old axle & roll this right in, and reattach your brake hydraulics; WITHOUT having to deal with bleeding your brakes.

NO E-Brake cable (but if you're just swapping on an FZJ, yours will work)

I picked this up for my 91 with the intention of building a custom Ruff Stuff or Diamond front axle, using the beefier 9¼" rear differential up front.

Now, I do not have any actual history with this axle or the e-locker. I bought it & that portion of my build got put on hold. I've, since, been convinced a stock e-locked 80 front axle is a better choice for my use.

I was TOLD everything was in good working order, when I bought this from another iH8Mud member. He was about to have it installed when he sold the Cruiser, but the buyer didn't want to shell out the extra $$ for the locked axle.

Trying to do a little late spring cleaning & get rid of the extra stuff I don't need.

Pick-up in Elverta (North side of Sacramento, CA), near Gibson Ranch. Not really interested in shipping at this time.

Feel free to ask any pertinent questions (call or text), but I think I've covered just about everything you'd wanna know. my

'Mud price $750 OBO, but NO lowballers. Cross-Posted, but at a higher price elsewhere.

Replacement brake components would run $150 - $200

A complete e-locked Landcruiser axle runs $1000 - $1200 IF you can even source one locally.

Yes, they may be cheaper in other parts of the country, but THIS is what they cost in Nor-Cal.


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